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An assortment of the final week of pre-training-camp comments

'21 Season E1P Review: Steph Curry mid season…

Reports of his demise were greatly exaggerated

  • Goofus (15 ♡):

    My favorite line I’ve seen about this whole Wiggins saga(forget where I saw it): “If they put the needle just inside the 3-point line, he’ll take the shot.”

  • DFiB (8 ♡):


    1. Wiggins left a justification in his initial comments.

    2. First home game is 10/21. That’s 27d away.

    3. He applied for exemption enough ahead of the season to get vaccinated in the event his exemption was denied.

    I think it’s highly likely he gets vaccinated now and this all blows over ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • belilaugh (6 ♡):

    Kerr on Kawakami's podcast talking about the starter when Klay is out. Kawakami asked if Poole starting is a foregone conclusion, here's Kerr's response.


    "It's too early to say. I do know Jordan’s going to play a ton. I mean, he’s dominating the pick-up games out here. His confidence is at an all-time high. But really whether he starts or not, it almost doesn’t matter. He’s going to be out there for big minutes. What we’ve got to figure out is the best combination...we’re going to miss some of the guys who were on that (2020-21) team. Defensively, I’m a little concerned in the backcourt before Klay gets back especially. Do we have enough size and versatility to guard across the board? Damion Lee gives us better size than Jordan. I think Damion’s a really good candidate to slide into that position. Especially because he plays so well off of other people. We’ll see how it all plays out.”

  • g8tgod (4 ♡):

    I had no idea SF was such a religious city. And yes, that's sarcasm.

    As someone who takes my faith quite seriously, I find these religious exemptions off-putting. It's one thing when a person has been ordering their lives to orient them to a higher power or truth; it's another when they use it as a convenient excuse to do whatever they want. I'm not one to talk about divine judgment a lot, but I think there will be a reckoning.

  • Captain Jack (4 ♡):

    [Jordan Bell]'s just there so JFK can dunk on him and gain confidence

  • jzalvarado (3 ♡):

    There were people on this here Al Gore's internet saying they wouldn't trade Andrew Wiggins straight up for Ben Simmons. Best (and a likely scenario) is Wiggins begrudgingly gets the JnJ this weekrnd, reports to camp, and has his solid albeit unspectacular season and I'm ok with that. Saying this, just a bad bad look considering the area of the country the Warriors play in. He'd probably be cheered as an an unofficial Honorary Member of the Jazz or Thunder for life by the fanbase if he played for them...

Honorary Warriors For Life? Vote on Alen Smailagic and Marquese Chriss…

Relax, this is just for reminiscing.

  • Emmerick (9 ♡):

    Smiley is just a Honorary Santa Cruz Warriors for life , but i will always remember his free throw line dunk attempt. :P

    Chriss just needed time, i still don’t understand why Warriors didn’t signed him.

  • Sleepy Freud (9 ♡):

    Proposed four-way deal, in light of the official news that Wiggins is, sadly, an anti-vaxx zealot.

    GSW gets: Harrison Barnes and Richaun Holmes

    SAC gets: Ben Simmons

    PHI gets: Pascal Siakam

    TOR gets: Ontario’s own Wiggins and lotsa picks

    Warriors playoff closing lineup: Curry, Thompson, Iguodala, Barnes, Green. Hmm.

    Or less nostalgically: replace Old Man Andre with Porter Jr. or Poole or even Kuminga's.

    Of course this four-way trade will occur exactly as I’m suggesting. :-)

  • Peter Hood (9 ♡):

    Vote goes to Smiley, but on a technicality. Smiley was a complete story. It had a beginning, a middle, and an end. There was a moral to the story that will have a lasting effect on the Warrior's FO moving forward. It may have been a short story, one akin to Aesop's Fables, but it is ultimately a story that belongs in the canon of Warrior's history and culture.

    Chriss, on the other hand, was an outline of a story, an idea for a story written on a napkin at a bar about a reclamation project, of one man's journey and opportunity in the NBA. It was a great idea and perhaps we got the first chapter written, but he got a season ending injury at the start of the second chapter and then we all got writer's block. So the rights to his story were sold and finally picked up by Portland. The Warriors will obviously be a part of Chriss's personal story, but sadly, as Warrior's, we let go the right to have him as a meaningful part of our story. It's too bad. I would have loved to have read the Warriors/Chriss story to it's end.

'21 Season E1P Review: Draymond Green…

He's here to be a defensive terror and chew gum and he's all out of gum

  • Mr Teal (7 ♡):

    “I have come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass... and I'm all out of bubblegum.” Rowdy Roddy Piper (They Live, 1988)

    And it's like I'm right back in high school...

  • Airgetlam (6 ♡):

    Kendrick Perkins made a comparison between Ben Simmons and Dray (yeah, no shit Perk) and it has spawned a bit of a Dray love fest on Twitter which extends beyond the Warriors fan sphere.

    it's EXTREMELY cathartic to read, even if a lot of it is just shitting on Simmons

  • invo.k.shen (6 ♡):

    Fun fact of the day: Steph shot 50% on off the dribble threes last season. Second on the list: Luka at 38.5% LOL

  • Eric Apricot (4 ♡):

    So if Lacob says We Love Ben, it’s tampering, but if he says Ben Will Never Fit, it’s anti-tampering?

  • Goofus (3 ♡):

    I think two things might skew those assists numbers toward Dray:

    1. Dray and Steph pretty much play almost exclusively with each other, so no one has as much opportunity to assist Steph.

    2. When they’re on the court together, they’re controlling the ball the vast majority of the time (with Draymond focused on finding Steph).

    Given those two factors together, it would seem hard for anyone to approach Draymond’s big assists-to-Steph numbers.

    TL;DR: It’s kind of by design.

  • Captain Jack (3 ♡):

    For once I'm super excited about the preseason because even when we clear the bench it's going to be guys like JFK and Moody playing and not Jacob Evans

  • Backpack23 (3 ♡):

    I’m irrationally excited about JFK. Cant wait to watch him play in the NBA

Isaiah Thomas, Quinn Cook, Avery Bradley: em…

Recognizable names coming in to workout for GSW

  • Duby Dub Dubs (10 ♡):

    ehhh, Anthony Davis sat out a bunch while demanding out. Iguodala flat out said he wasn't going to play for Memphis, Fat Harden quit on the Rockets... the problem is there's a lot historical precedent that says players can definitely get away with this.

    I'm personally looking forward to a nice long slow wreck, just for the pure entertainment value of it all.

  • Emmerick (6 ♡):

    Problem solved:


    Free agent guard Quinn Cook is signing a non-guaranteed deal with the Portland Trail Blazers, sources tell @TheAthletic @Stadium.

  • mDuo13 (6 ♡):

    I really don't understand why they didn't sign Chriss either. I was super optimistic about his potential and at the very least he has the size and vertical spacing to soak up minutes at center while Wiseman gets in shape. The league hasn't been trending THAT much smaller lately. I'm really not looking forward to the team forcing Wiseman into high-pressure minutes when he's barely back from injury and still hasn't had time to make things click against easier opponents. Give the kid a summer league, a G-league, or *something* before you throw him back at the sharks, please!

    Looney and Draymond are amazing, but we really could stand to have an option at the 5 who isn't so undersized and isn't coming off an injury...

  • crusty quips (6 ♡):

    It's the one move by the FO this off-season that is really a head-scratcher for me. I'm more comfortable with our depth at G than C.

'21 Season E1P Review: Jordan Poole and Kevo…

The breakout bench player and the fragile rock

  • DraymondWantsItMore (16 ♡):

    just had to post this here since maybe some of you will care more than my non-basketball-fan friends: went to the giants game yesterday and ran into Jordan Poole on the way in (he threw the first pitch and was leaving) I said "Nice pitch!" and he said "Nice baby!" (my 5 month old was strapped to my chest). Then we fist bumped, and now I'm rooting for him extra hard this year!!!

  • Peter Hood (10 ♡):

    Kamikaze dive bomb ... BLAM!!! Been off the grid, family in 4 locations while looking for a house, good vibes people. Well, the hotel has air conditioning, so it ain't all bad. Can't comment on current or recent threads, but I have one all important thought headed into next season.

    The Warriors of old were about joy. Curry embodies joy, he is the archetype around which this dynasty was formed. But I feel like the NEED to win another Championship, to cement the Warriors Dynasty, has become a job. There is an underlying sense of seriousness and urgency about the Warriors moving forward in terms of embellishing Curry's legacy. I believe this is a mistake.

    I believe Steph-Klay-Dray need to throw away all ideas about trying to replicate the past, forget about all ideas about "they have to win another Championship BECAUSE ..... ", and just play basketball, with joy, with emotion, with resolve, and just have fun with the team they are playing with.

    They, as a group, need to rediscover the spirit of the 2014-2015 team. Stop being the returning Champion with all of its serious obligations. Just play loud music in practice, play basketball, have fun, embrace the joy of competition. Be the Warriors we all fell in love with. If their goals are just an obligation, if winning a Championship is just a job to prove something only talking heads on TV care about, who cares? I don't want a Warriors team winning a Championship because they were Hell bent on fulfilling the media narrative. I wan the Warriors to win another Chip because they love basketball, rather, they rejoice in playing basketball.

    As a fan, F the job, just play with joy.

  • stopnpop (5 ♡):

    In the HORNS Flex video, it's crazy to see the evolution of spacing in the NBA during the Curry era... first example, two bigs at the elbows and Jack zipper cuts up to maybe 2 feet above the FT line... the JP play, two wings out at the three point line, JP zipper cuts up 2 feet above the three point line.

  • Duby Dub Dubs (5 ♡):

    The Fragile Rock should be Looney's new nickname - looooove it!

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