'21 Season E1P Review: Steph Curry mid season, Full Carry Mode

Reports of his demise were greatly exaggerated

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To get us in the mood for next season, I’m going to run some Explain One Play highlights of 2020-21. Many of these previously were subs-only articles, but are now free as a present to our faithful off-season readers.

Explain One Play - Stephen Curry Blows Out The Wolves In One Minute

The Timberwolves had hustled and fought to stay in this game and now made a run to slice the Warriors lead to 8 points. Stephen Curry came back on the court and one minute of game time later, it was a 14 point lead and that was that.

Special focus on the Warriors HORNS set and the automatic three-man split cuts that are the basis of Kerr’s new system, and which the team has started to get the hang of.

Co-starring Kevon Looney as the passer, Draymond Green in a subdued role, Andrew Wiggins as the trigger man, Ricky Rubio as the enemy quarterback, and Klay Thompson in a tragic love story of unrequited dap.

2021.01.26. MIN-GSW.

Explain One Play Reaction - Stephen Curry Does the Detroit Smash While Messing Around

Here is a live reaction video to the second quarter of the DET-GSW game on 2021.01.30.

You get me being amused, appalled and amazed at some of Stephen Curry’s plays. Co-starring Andrew Wiggins with a butt of steel, Draymond Green pleading with the gods to not forsake him, James Wiseman shaking his head pitying the hubristic, and what seem like a large army of Plumlees roving the land.

Beginner's Guide: Stephen Curry's Cyclone

If you're a typical NBA fan, you only see the ball, the man holding the ball and the defender. This mostly works to understand simple on-ball offenses like the old Rockets James Harden 5-out isolations, or LeBron James isos, or even a lot of simple pick and roll offenses.

But you are still missing a lot of the picture, especially if you are a Warriors fan. It is impossible to appreciate even one-third of Stephen Curry’s effect on the game if you don’t watch off-ball. That’s how you get ignoramuses online who are loud and proud to not know what Steph’s gravity is.

I’m going to try something a bit different in this Explain One Play. I'm going to give you a very specific way that you can start developing the habit of watching off the ball. And that is by watching video and rewinding video.

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