The Warriors appear to have fully shifted from playing with Joy to playing with edge. The transition seemed to have started with passing on LaMelo if not before. Dunleavy left that off his list of what he was looking for but it seems to be the number one focus of the off-season

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If you are feeling down about draft (or even otherwise), I highly recommend you to listen to Larry Harris on Dubs Talk podcast. You don't need a account or such:

It comes across as a honest assessment about rooks.

Podz - Film session was off the charts (My comment: Steve and Dray are gonna love that). His grit, his determination, his IQ, ability to make open shots; DDV-esque rebounding; Already has NBA ready body - compact, strong like Jalen Brunson.

Trayce - Big, Long, Athletic, Weak side.shot blocker, if you give him a lane, he gonna finish over top over a lot of people


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So, where is JK going? He's next on the chopping block. He remains the only vehicle the Warriors core would be willing to part with to get back a veteran NOT on a vet min, nor a FA. There are only x number of free agents available. The trade potential brings in a much larger group of players to choose from. If our current depth chart has rookies at 2 (bPod) and 5 (TJD), 6+ mil dedicated to your 3rd string PF doesn't make a lot of sense. A vet 2 & 4 ought to take precedence, since rookies slotted in the 2nd string doesn't jive with a win now approach. Not sure if JK is gonna be happy only playing when Dray or GP2 or Wiggs are out or non-meaningful minutes.

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Because I could not say my piece yet (technology acting up, smh) all I will say is that I absolutely love every bit of what happened on draft day. I feel we are - at least on paper - a much better squad now than before that day. MDJ starts his GM stint off with high grades in my book: officially ending the two-timelines nonsense, making our bench stronger even before free agency. What more could I want? Well, Draymond getting his well-deserved deal, but that'll come later.

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Danerys Targarean in Marvel’s Secret Invasion. Are we gonna see all of the main cast of Game of Thrones throughout the MCU before everything is said and done?

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Alchemy sounds like hes subscribed to the school of Joe Rogan/Andrew Tate with all the ‘Alpha Mentality’ and big hands talk describing TJD and watching that video im the worst off for it. Ill wait for the DNHQ breakdown in the coming weeks.

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Correct pronunciation?

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Damian Lillard's agent, Aaron Goodwin, chose to address the IG Live club video of the Blazers star vibing to Will Smith's "Miami" song.

"Damian’s not disrespectful. He’s not an instigator. ...The music was just a coincidence."


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A couple of interesting things I’ve heard since CP3 & draft:

1. Colin Cowherd ripping JP for disrespecting not just Draymond, but Steph and Klay. Wowza. Disrespecting either Splash Bro is not cool. Im assuming he heard this from Dray (podcast buddies), but no way he throws that out there if it’s not true.

2. GM Larry Harris on Dubs Talk - “I just want the fans to know, there’s going to be some changes, it’s going to be alright, it’s going to work itself out because change is sometimes a little scary, but I think in the end the goal is to win another championship and I think we are headed back in the right direction”…..why do I get the feeling he wasn’t referring to the CP3 trade?

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Why is TJD inspiring me to irrational exuberance about his chances next season? Is this what pro Wiseman folks felt every off-season?

Guys from IU usually do horribly in the NBA, but sons of players have a pretty good track record on the Warriors.

Way more excited about him than Podz for some reason.

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Who was the slick playmaking big we had in GLeague a couple years back?

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Not sure if posted, but Alc LOVES Trayce…


Recommended viewing for anyone depressed about the most recent round of transactions.

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BTW any breaking news about DDV? And how is Wiggins’s sternum?

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Something to consider about CP3's injury history. Of his 1214 games played, he has started all 1214 of them, averaging 34.4mpg. Dub's 6th man usually only plays 20-25mpg and only starts 20-40% of games.

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BREAKING NEWS: Crowds flock to see an Alien land in SA


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Now that we've drafted him, I'm officially a Podz Person, so I decided to take a "closer" (relatively speaking) look at his box scores from his year at Santa Clara:

Free Throws: This was cited as a relative weakness by quite a few scouts, etc. 77ish% is not good for a guard, and is downright bad for a player who shoot 43+% from 3.

It was weirdly streaky in spots:

- Beginning of the season: 22/25 over 3 games, then 2/6 in a game.

-End of the season: 1-6 last 2 regular season games.

He had 9 games with a 100% FT rate, and he did shoot well in most of the big games (except for the last 3 games of the regular season).

Considering that he had many 75% games, it's probable that he's going to miss a few here and there, but you'd think, given his 3pt shooting that he'd at least be in the 80's at the line. Given that Kuminga and Moody aren't great at them, either, Podz's FT's could be a 2nd-unit x-factor.

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