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Kerr was talking about hard it is to make the puzzle pieces fit? Maybe the W’s have a film guy subscribed to LGW who can give Kerr some advice?

The answers seem like they’ve been somewhat shown, but the Warriors aren’t using the answer key for some reason.

Oubre has been consistently good with small ball Green at the 5 lineups, even without Curry.

The team is much more stable using Wiseman as an energy jolt coming in off the bench and starting Looney. Wiseman visibly went from +9 to -7 when he got tired against the Bucks, so going the last 5 of the first makes sense.

What if:

Curry, Oubre, Wiggins, Bazemore, Green start to get Oubre going early? Or start Looney to set the D depending on what’s most important.

Looney/Baze is first off the bench.

5 minutes to go in the 1st Bring Wiseman & Poole in for Dray and Oubre:

Curry, Poole, Wiggins, Loon, Wiseman

To Start the 2nd:

Poole, Oubre, Lee/Baze/JTA, Green

Sub in Wiggins when he’s ready.

Bring in Looney and Curry to give Green a rest.

Finishing lineup:

Curry, Poole, Oubre, Wiggins, Green.

If Poole doesn’t work use Bazemore.

Bottom line: we have seen who guys play well with. We have seen quality play. We’ve also seen disasters of lineups. Get Oubre more Green at the 5 time.

Pretty sure there’s a Lee&Loon combo that works too.

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Apr 7, 2021Liked by Daniel Hardee

I mean if there was ever a stretch to build up confidence, it's starting. 13 of our next 17 games are against sub .500 teams. Win 11 or 12 and you're likely guaranteeing a spot in the play-in.

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I just rewatched the game focusing on Wiseman. The dude legit had three scoring opportunities that he should have converted. If he did convert them, he would have had 19 points which would have been amazing. Some positives though, his major weaknesses regarding catching the ball/rebounding have seemingly been mitigated as he was crashing the boards with a ferocity this game.

Defensively, he is vastly improved when it comes to positioning in the pick and roll but he is still good for 2/3 possessions where his lack of rotation causes an easy score. He needs to improve there.

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Once again Dray left way wide open and refuses to take the 3 - https://youtu.be/Agweoc1cYHQ

As much as he helps the offense through being a floor general and passing, his inability to have any offensive game really makes it hard for everyone else on the court to score. Oubre is basically forced into that bad mid range cause Drays defender is playing him from the paint

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Random theoretical question - let's say clippers suck in the playoffs again this year and kawhi opts out of his contract. Would you sign and trade for him, giving up Wiggins, Wiseman, Minnesota's pick. I'm guessing that would be enough? The only downside would be this hard caps us.

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I miss klay so much :(

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Feels great to get a close win against an actual contender. Scratch another one off the list. We've now taken games off most of the best teams in the league (not Brooklyn, so obviously they'll be the champs) so that's something to be proud of.

On the other hand, this one was a super close game and the Bucks didn't even have their best player, a legit MVP candidate level guy. And after getting killed by free throws for like a month, this game was one of those ones where the refs let anything short of assault and battery off as incidental contact / no foul. (And we still ended up down on the FTA!) If we heard from an alternate universe where this game was reffed by the crew from Atlanta or Toronto(Tampa??) I would not be surprised to find out we lost this one instead.

On the positive side, I was really wowed by the off-ball movement in that 4th Q lineup that had Steph alongside Poole. It felt almost like having the Splash Bros reunited on the court in terms of how much pressure it put on the defense to cover two versatile threats both running around like madmen. It might take until mid-season before Klay can really do that again (assuming he can even recover to his full form after two devastating injuries) but the thought of a rotation or even single lineup with all three guys exhausting the defense like that? Now that sounds like something to watch!

I don't know what it was about the last few games; probably the b2b didn't help, but this game was a reminder that guys like Poole, Bazemore, and Oubre are not normally as bad as they were in those losses. They can also be a lot better than they were this game, though

Wiseman had another good game, too. There were a couple bad moments—like a defensive possession where Steph seemed like he was trying to funnel his guy toward where Wiseman should be lurking, but James was too far up so it became a layup instead—but he definitely felt like a positive contributor on more plays and less of a disruption to good own team most of the time. And, there were still bad passes from guys trying to force feed him. Steph and Dray each had one where they had a clear shot but tried to dump it off to Wiseman, who (probably correctly) figured they should take the open shot, and wasn't ready for it. But he had probably the cleanest set of actually competitive rebounds I've seen him collect and got some good rolls to the basket to boot. Looney still sets much better screens though, what a huge difference there. Steph also sets better screens, which has always been kind of a strength of his but has turned into almost a comical super-power this year with the combination of his overall body strength and the gravity his reputation creates.

Kind of amazing how the mood changes from, "this team is awful! everything is awful!" to "we can beat anyone in the playoffs and maybe make the finals if we try hard enough" based on whether the ball bounces in or out a few key times. Whatever, it's just basketball, but at least this one was fun.

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Apr 7, 2021Liked by Daniel Hardee

Curry is something you'd have to watch most of the games the last 11 years to understand, it is truly a transcendent experience, I'm sure michael jordan fans felt the same way

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There has to be at most 5 games where Wiggins and Oubre have both done well. If we get February Oubre with March Wiggins, we can beat anyone in the playoffs.

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That closing lineup is why I think it's foolish to write the Warriors off if they get into a playoff series. For all their faults, Curry/Bazemore/Wiggins/Oubre/Draymond is a very tough smallball lineup to match. And they'd have Poole as the backup PG, Lee as a backup wing, Looney as a backup big, and JTA as a backup wing/big who could potentially start at the instead of Bazemore too. There are some opponents who would definitely struggle trying to match that attack. Gotta get to the playoffs first though, anything can happen in a play-in game (or two).

And those closing minutes were also a good reminder that when properly utilized, Kelly Oubre is a very good player.

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Stephen Curry TS%, full game: 85.3%

Stephen Curry TS%, 2nd-half: 87.8%

Stephen Curry TS%, 4th quarter: 93.5%

While on a banged up tailbone and getting double and triple teamed all night, including by arguably the best perimeter defender in the league.

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Apr 7, 2021Liked by Duby Dub Dubs

P.S Shoutout to those 2 life line three pointers from Oubre. Game is over if he misses even one of those.

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Apr 7, 2021Liked by Duby Dub Dubs, Daniel Hardee

Wiggins smile makes me happy.

Gotta give props to Wiseman for a much better looking game tonight. Still did knucklehead things, but looked decidedly better. Even laughed after his missed dunk. I hated the pick, his struggles save been frustrating because of it, but I have resolved to get over it and root like hell for the man.

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That was awesome. Gotta find my shirt

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Apr 7, 2021Liked by Duby Dub Dubs, Daniel Hardee

Andrew Wiggins GSW career (62 games): 64 blocks

Harry Barnes GSW career (307 games): 63 blocks

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