A breakdown I suspect we are going to need at some point: "Jordan Poole, One Way Player." His first preseason game was outstanding on offense, but if you watch him on D, he's ball-watching and out of place a lot. I would love not to believe that, but I think his ceiling might be Lou Williams/Jamal Crawford. Instant O off the bench, poor D.

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Time To Rise !

I felt like it was written for Warriors (a brand new song by a brand new K- band ) . I couldn’t find a single video clip. Start at 8:03. (Band name : Craxilver)


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BTW love that fire graphic

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That is what i wanna hear :)

[Slater] Steve Kerr on his veteran heavy rotation: “We’re chasing wins this season” attached to a 😏 expression

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Duby: “I absolutely love this roster already.“

Also Duby: “B”

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For all the talk about Bradley, I think he’s got the best chance of being #15 here. Looking at a rotation of JTA, Dre, Bradley, Poole and oPJ or BJelly, depending on matchups, that’s a really interesting defensive lineup with sufficient offensive punch to keep the game tight while the big three rest. I know Bradley missed a bunch of shots tonight but it’s not clear to me that GP2 would be able to carry sufficient offensive weight to make a lineup like that work.

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My impressions from last night:

- Wow, Jordan Poole!

- Porter was every bit of what I was hoping for.

- The mini-Curry flurry in Q3 was lots of fun.

- Blazers are a work in progress. Still a lot of the same problems. Anfernee Simons looks like a baller, though.

- Every year, feels like there's one player I just can't see why the Ws signed and they turn out to be pretty darn good. Last year, it was JTA. This year - Chris Chiozza?

- Avery Bradley - a not good first impression.

- So nice to see Andre back on the court with the Ws. The Miami uniform just didn't suit him.

- Kuminga and Moody looked lost out there, but first game jitters.

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I’m very sad for Chriss… it seems the Strollers are considering him just as garbage-time meat, plus he doesn’t seem to fit into their team style. A sad story of a personal rebuild that won’t be what it was supposed to be.

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Lebrooooon… look what I found: https://youtu.be/2pxmC62ULrw

Do you remember the kid you mocked? We’ll see what karma is preparing for youuuuu… Remember that karma is deadlier than JP at the buzzer.

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I add a message for Andre: it’s not your fault (about Zeller’s late nose)

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* Is water combustible? Because I think I saw a Poole engulfed in flames.

* I held my breath every time OPJ went to the ground.

* Bjelica had some nice defensive plays in the interior.

* Seeing that hot potato fly around was nearly orgas... I mean, origami-like in beauty and execution. Really nice to see those assists spread out too instead of it heavily centered around Dray.

* If this is a preview of what's more to come, I can see us having a game where five players have 5 boards and 5 assists.

* I'm pretty sure Chiozza is JJ Barea

* Galloway looks like a mini-Looney (in appearance)

* Hopefully Bradley starts hitting those wide open threes...

* I'm guessing we'll see more of the rookies in later preseason games

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The good:

Poole is a star. Not just the 7 threes, but that the majority of them had high degree of difficulty.

And his burst to basket is as good as ever.

Both teams looked in mid-season form, yet with Curry out there we were better.

Draymond was fit and spry, Looney was in form.

Wiggins' shot was typical hit or miss, but he was strong inside the arc.

The ball movement was outstanding for a first preseason game.

JTA solid rebounding , defense and passing.

OPJ solid shooting, defense, and hustle. He looks a step slow but his length makes up for it.

Love Chiozza's hustle, he was consistently first to the ball.

Bjelica was exactly as advertised.

The bad:

Andre and JTA missed all their threes.

Moody was largely invisible and had the yips on his three pointer

Kuminga didn't look like a rotation player, with the exception of his nice post move late.

This team looks like a monster.

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I think your post pretty much summed up my feelings. Poole has become a man. That boy we saw 2 years ago seems to be gone. He's looking stronger, and more confident. Green looked more assured in his offense. Wiggs is very solid and Looney looked quicker and smarter. I waited with baited breath to see how Kerr was going to use the bench. It was a perfectly executed coup d'etat using Bjelica and Porter. However, Avery Bradley had me worried in his inability to score and no playmaking. He did live up to his reputation for D and he is quick. If he can find a shot, it would mean a lot to the team. Galloway left me ice cold. Chiozza has some game but I'm still hung up on GP2. I think DLee could handle the combo guard duties if they don't sign either AB or send Chiozza to the gleague. Poole could also handle these duties if he had to.

Our rookies are going to have to fight for minutes, I think, Moody more so than Kuminga. Kuminga is raw but talented. Moody seems like he will have a much harder time breaking into this rotation. I don't think his development is sufficient for a team like the Warriors who have so many talented guards that can play within this system. Personally, I will regard him as a project but I can also see him in the gleague working on his game. With Klay coming back, Poole, DLee, even Mulder, all have better chances of PT in Kerr's system than Moody. What a luxury.

With Bjelica on the team, I can now understand why the Warriors chose not to go after another big guy. Porter seems to be that lucky find that should catapult the Dubs into contending this year barring any unforeseen happenings!

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It'll be interesting to see if Kuminga and Moody keep the team first mentality as the season goes on the they're not getting as many opportunities as the other top picks. I mean just today we had

Scottie Barnes 13-9-6 in 24 min

Giddey 18-7-3 in 28 min

And while Suggs and Mitchell didn't do that good stat wise, they still got minutes.

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Who else shares my dream? JP that makes a run for both MIPOY and All Star (game, not the 3p shot contest). Do I exaggerate?

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As expected, BeElitezyah and Chamberlain Jr. looked like a match made in heaven for this team.


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