Starting to feel like Suggs won’t get to us if we get wolves pick

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Agreed. There was always only a small chance Suggs would fall outside the top 3, but now...

Love his defensive mentality often trusted to guard the other teams best scorer.

Like that he if more often than looking for Gonzaga's most efficient scorers rather than doing everything himself.

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I think that’s been clear for a while. It’s been tabbed as a “five player draft” but most mocks seem to divide that five into a clear top three (Cunningham, Mobley, Suggs) and #4-5 (Green, Kuminga). Last few NCAA games have probably cemented that ranking, tho.

Could still luck into a top 3 guy with our own pick, if we lose the play-in round or miss the playins altogether...

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Suggs proved he has the “it” factor. That performance may have earned him the unanimous No. 1 pick. To me, it’s obvious. It’s so rare to find guys who relish the moment, not to mention have the NBA athleticism and fundamentals down pat. Now, maybe whomever gets the top pick blows it and picks someone else. I don’t see Suggs falling further than No. 2. Thirty NBA GMs salivated last night lol.

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No way suggs goes before cade

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Yeah we had a long discussion about this on our Discord. I actually haven’t watched much Cade or Suggs, so I’ll take a step back. Anyways, Warriors are likely not getting either. But still, this Draft is deep.

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Hawks stats:


12 in points scored (113.1)

14 in points in paint (47.1)

27 in fastbreak points (9.9)

9 in offensive efficiency!!!!

16 in shooting % (46.3%)

15 in three point % (36.8%)

19 in two point % (52.4%)

2 in off. rebound % !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (25.2%)

21 in def. rebound % (77.1%)

6 in total rebound % !!!!!!!!!! (51.6%)

20 in opponent blocks (5.2)

14 in opponent steals (7.5)

18 in assists (24.3)

12 in turnovers (13.7)


15 in points allowed (111.3)

17 in opponent points in paint (48.2)

6 in opponent fastbreak points!!!!!!!!!! (11.1)

24 in defensive efficiency

11 in opponent shooting % (46.0%)

4 in opponent three point % !!!!!!!!!!!! (34.9%)

15 in opponent two point % (52.7%)

14 in blocks (5.0)

22 in steals (6.9)

9 in opponent assists!!! (24.0)

29 in opponent turnovers (12.4)

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Wow... Bucks overpaying the heck out of Jrue. He's a very very good 2way PG but most likely he's only going to get that kind of money from a small market team desperate to keep their star players.

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What would you have liked the small market franchise to have done?

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I would have done the exact same thing. They're not drawing any premiere talent in FA. The unfortunate reality of being a small market team sometimes.

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