Warriors-Hawks morning in Atlanta: “everyone went through shootaround” (Stephen Curry, Draymond?)

Damion Lee also comments on Klay in Space Jam 2

Here are notes & quotes from Warriors-Hawks morning shootaround from Atlanta, with Damion Lee. In the interests of time, I’m going to copy/paste my editorial from the YouTube (pinned) comments on this video, which can be clicked above atop this article.

Before the smart-ass YT comments roll in:

1) as member “MJ” reported last night on our Discord server, Steph wasn’t on the 830p NBA injury report. To join: https://patreon.com/LetsGoWarriors ($1/mo),

2) Dray was listed as questionable, but then again Lee said, “everyone went through shootaround,”

3) we did our job, we stepped up and got you your pregame Steph content,

4) three regular beatwriters were not on the call,

5) would’ve asked about Draymond but you can see that Damion was antsy to get to the bus,

6) overall, super-early shootaround, we waited a long while, which goes to show you how tough it is to have an early tipoff on the East Coast, and because of that hurried state they only had Damion available (Kerr not required to speak per NBA/media rules).

7) thanks for watching and hit that Like button please (also subscribe and 🛎)

Btw I’ll try to save the Klay Thompson Space Jam 2 mention for a future compilation video. Maybe I can ask Steve Kerr about it in the pregame, we’ll see.


- mood? “First and foremost Happy Easter everybody…we are blessed…what we’re doing in our every day life…guys are motivated…flush the last game down the toilet.”

- focus? “come out with energy and effort and come ready to play…end of the day it’s basketball…teams have quote unquote laid an egg.”

- Collins? “I think he’s hurt.”

- Steph? “Everyone went through shootaround, he’s not on the injury report.”

- slippage on defense: “as I said before, it’s just about energy and effort.”

- Klay in Space Jam 2: “it’s dope…anything related to Space Jam…crazy to think that…it was ‘94 or ‘95 when Space Jam 1 came out.”

- Poole, Nico, Smiley: “just try to encourage guys…we’re a very close knit group…(“hold that bus!!!” Lol)…I’ve known Smiley the longest…small details.”