It's early in the morning and there are already so many good ideas for free agent targets, too many for me to track.

I want to try an experiment. I've opened up a vote at https://www.tricider.com/brainstorming/2nc9mkeOJNJ Here you can propose free agents and also vote up the proposals of others that you support. You don't need an account there (but if you want one, they are free).

I will add the top vote getters to our Free Agent Tracker if they aren't already there.

*for everyone's sanity, only reply as a normal comment, do NOT reply directly to this pin. I will delete all direct replies.*

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Warriors 2022-2023 9-man Playoff rotation. (2nd Rd Exit)

Curry, Klay, Wiggs, Dray, Loon

Poole, DDV, Moody & GP2 (tallest guy, 6'6")

Warriors 2023-2024 9-man Playoff rotation.

Curry, Klay, Wiggs, Dray, Loon (no change, one year older)

Chris Paul, Moody, GP2 and ?

If the bench is the problem as many claim, then improving the bench is the key to progressing further in the playoffs. Chris Paul, sports hate aside, is an upgrade on Jordan Poole's 'back up point guard' minutes and he is an upgrade on Poole's 'back up 2 guard minutes' because he would be pushing Curry into more off ball minutes when they share the floor. That is an improvement.

Size. It's obvious that the biggest jump the Dubs can make is adding size to the 4 man bench, something they lacked the prior year. The loss of DDV can be absorbed by Moody and GP2 (and Paul) who can replicate most aspects of DDV's game in their own minutes. I don't see a rookie getting real minutes in the playoffs, so we can scratch TJD off the list. So, this appears to be the biggest piece of the off-season puzzle. It's not making an improvement on a former player. It's filling an obvious and empty hole from the prior year. It's going from zero to something. And who this player is, this big, is in my mind, the bellwether of what direction the Dubs go in the playoffs, deeper or a quicker exit. Do we get a dynamic big that can add an element that we don't have currently, or will it end up being a placeholder big, a Kevin Love type, who will fill the backup role, but in a limited way?

Upgrades. Can the Warriors snag a guy on a vet min or via trade (JK, Moody, or GP2 headed out) that could be better than either GP2 or Moody in that 9 man unit? You're not going to beat Chris Paul as a bench player or whatever big the Warriors can land who will back up Dray and Loon in the front court. A dynamic poa and wing defender, a pump faking athlete who can hit some mid-range jumpers, who can put pressure on the rim and knock down some open 3s with a decent feel for the game would be nice. But those players are hard to come by and I can't imagine how the Warriors could find a guy like that. The Warriors finding a guy like that is like believing in Santa Claus.

Speaking of finding a guy like that, the Warriors could shop JK. Some GMs might still see potential in the former #7 pick and exchange a proven over the hill high IQ vet. Although warning to any potential JK buyers. Send a limo to pick him up at the airport. According to Curry, the kid is bus-averse.

Well, it looks like Chris Paul, Moody, GP2 and a roll of the dice on a vet big will fill out our 9-man playoff rotation. What's the confidence level out there with this group, and you get to pick a big (no Brook Lopez, c'mon people!)? I mean, we did it with Poole-GP2-OPJ-Beli. But has anyone ever believed that we would see "Chris Paul" and "Magical Season" used in the same sentence?

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We should use these last three spots to sign Bamba, Wagner and Speights.

Mo, Mo, Mo. How do you like it? How do you like it?

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Jun 30·edited Jun 30

Wait hold up, Russel Westbrook is a free agent . . . .

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We should contact both Lopez twins and offer them minimum deals and, more importantly, the chance to play together and compete for a ring.

Yeah, it’s two spots, but worth it for Brook.

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Now, we wait . . . (or alternatively, as soon I log off, the biggest trade/signing of the season happens)


TGIF tomorrow (thank god it's free agency)!

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Jun 30·edited Jun 30

Here's your fun fact for the day ...

remember Damian Jones, played for the Warriors, traded to Atlanta for Spellman, basically an afterthought on every team that's ever had him?

He's made more than $14 million in salary (including his upcoming, guaranteed year).

I was looking to see if Utah might waive him and we could bring him back on a min.

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"[Weitzman] Getting some draft picks and salary filler like Norman Powell and Marcus Morris from the Clippers isn't going to do — at least not until Morey has a separate deal for another star (Zach LaVine maybe?) ready to go."

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"[Stein] NBA matters are especially fluid this time of year -- as James Harden's opt-in in Philly just showed us -- and league sources say A) Indiana is a new team to watch in the pursuit of Denver's Bruce Brown and B) Indiana should NOT automatically be deemed Max Strus' landing spot."

Please, notLakers, go ahead and sign him.

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I'm not sure what's going to happen tomorrow but I can almost guarantee that at least one fanbase will be checking their phones like https://media3.giphy.com/media/13871fiv9kBfkQ/giphy.gif?cid=ecf05e47q5z1tty5tbbl5tey6jr45xzwq01r5ynem5pziq9p&ep=v1_gifs_search&rid=giphy.gif&ct=g

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Wow, great summary of today's action so far. I thought most of this would go down tomorrow, but it looks like it's already time to fire up the F5 key!

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So Slater predicts the three remaining slots will go to a Guard, a Wing, and a Big:

"My sense of the Warriors’ overarching desire entering free agency would be to fill the final three spots this way: big man who can stretch the floor, extra guard who can score it at multiple levels and an additional wing. But the market will dictate what they can actually get done."

Do you guys agree? Not agree?

The wing AS wants sounds much more like a combo guard or #2 guard rather than the playmaking 3rd PG most of the people here seem to want (and the Dubs want since they tendered Ty). My gut tells me he's assuming Podz is gonna be the 3rd PG, and so he wants a 3rd SG.

Honestly, I think having Podz on the roster, and LQ on a 2-way should be enough playmaking, so I'd prefer the Dubs sign one of the #2 guards Slater has on his list rather than Ty, assuming they only sign one more guard to the 15-man.

Also, I think of JK, Moody, and GP2 as wings, so I feel like along with Klay and Wiggs, the wings are already pretty deep, so I think I'd prefer 2 bigs and a guard signing.

Some part of me just remembers all the times last year during the regular season it felt like a big was taking the Dubs apart (or maybe it's just too much Lakers' trauma), so I feel like, in addition to a stretch 4, the Dubs need a rim-protecting 5 bruiser like Len or someone in the Bogut/ZaZa mold.

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John Gambadoro


The Suns are not going to meet with Kyrie Irving. This is absurd!



NBA star Kyrie Irving intends to meet with the Phoenix Suns when the free agency period begins on June 30, league sources tell @NBAonTNT, @BleacherReport. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/10081102-nba-intel-latest-on-kyrie-irving-free-agency-meetings-kyle-kuzmas-top-suitor-more


The quicker Chris Haynes and to an extent Shams and Woj fall off a proverbial cliff, the better the state of NBA reporting will be for it. This isn’t them having sources breaking news, this is them pushing propaganda pieces on behalf of their sources

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Sacramento Kings forward Harrison Barnes – a key part of the franchise’s rise into Western Conference contention – has agreed on a new three-year, $54 million contract extension


I'm surprised Kings kept Barnes.

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Is JK bigger than Wiggins? I know the Dubs play JK in the 4 more, but that's because he can't create his own shot like Wiggs and can't shoot the 3 like Wiggs. So he plays the 4 more than Wiggs, but is he actually bigger?

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So by extending a QO to Ty, the Dubs have committed one of the three remaining 15-man roster spots, right?

At this point, it's up to Ty - if he finds a better offer elsewhere, he can leave, or he can take the vet min (2+yrs) the Dubs made in the QO.

Can the Dubs still cut him? eg. if a better option becomes available for the vet min, can they cut Ty?

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