Thing is, if they know this already, it doesn't;t look like they have developed an effective counter, and it has cost them games.

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Why does everyone come back against the Ws? Because it is widely known that no lead is insurmountable against Golden State. Teams are WAITING for Golden State to fritter away the lead. And they are not often disappointed.

The team says they'll figure it out. I think that's entirely plausible. But until they prove otherwise, teams know that they are never out of a game against them, no matter how much of a lead they have.

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These situations need preparation. Should include best defensive vs offensive lineups, and advanced scouting to KYP. Who to force the ball away from in the last 30 sec, and where does he prefer to shoot from.

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Daniel, that was an interesting video of Gil's Arena. Some very salient points brought up and the hand writing on the wall. Klay is a player who is almost always defensive about himself. The outcome they seem to arrive at is it's time for a change. Big trades. Klay, Dray, Kuminga.

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For all you college football aficionados. What if Florida State beats the snot out of Georgia and lets say a 1 loss Alabama or Texas runs the table? Can the coaches

Poll make FSU the national champion and The AP obviously go with whichever 1 loss team ran the table?

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OT: Whoo hoo! Niners destroyed the Eagles in Philly!

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It seems believable that in a few years, some aspect of officiating will be turned over to machines. Do we really need a human to determine if a ball is out of bounds? They havenโ€™t needed that in tennis in forever, although thatโ€™s a cleaner call. Still with technological advances, we could see humans doing less and less. It would reduce the risk of bias, if it worked. To what extent would you be OK with that? What NBA calls should or should not be turned over to our AI overlords? Goaltending? Traveling? Fouls??

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Presented without comment: https://sports.yahoo.com/nba-fines-moses-moody-2k-223821425.html

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Well, at least it's the NBA so we have another game coming up soon to wash this one away. What's that? Next game is Wed??? Rats.

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I watch games recorded so I can fast-forward the commercials. And lately, I've started to get a really bad feeling when I get to the end of halftime and the recording is less than half over.

This one, there are no excuses. The reffing was fine, maybe even favorable for us overall. (There was a brief stretch during the comeback where some iffy ones didn't go our way, and a couple where I would've liked to have continuation or something in our favor, but we also had some big ones go our way like the clear path on PG13.) The team had a huge lead but it wasn't enough. We held most of the Clippers to pretty inefficient shooting. Podziemski had some trouble guarding Harden without fouling (go figure), which was a big part of their comeback, although Podz did get a sweet steal and breakaway once. Draymond was aggressive but under control and scored a lot while doing great work on defense. Overall it looked like it should've been a win, but the Clippers somehow managed to steal it, mostly through just solid play on both ends. Frustrating.

One consolation is that the Clippers are another team whose SRS is a lot better than their W/L record, and we split two close games against them.

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According to this:


We're STILL #1 in strength of schedule played. #2 is the Spurs, which are 0.7 above us in average opponent rank.

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I think the Warriors are better than their record. They have faced I believe the hardest schedule of any team, they have had two starters start the season ice fuckin' cold, they are integrating two key pieces in CP and Saric who don't fit their typical style, CP in particular, they are integrating a rookie in playing Podz a lot now, the are trying to figure out the relative balance of using Moody and/or Kuminga vs. Klay Wiggins etc., they are dealing with the injury to CPII, and they actually look pretty damn good lately.

In each of the last few games it really looked like they were starting to click. Every player and Kerr have all shown flashes of figuring it all out.

It's not panic time. Losing in the final seconds is not some sign of the moral collapse of the Roman Empire. It's good to win, not lose (my own personal insight, you're welcome) But sometimes the points come early and not late, rather than the other way around.

Overall: It does not take all that much effort for me to imagine this team figuring it all out and beating everyone in the West and spanking Boston in the Finals 4-1. I'll see you at the parade, look for me, I'll be the one wearing the Warriors gear and waving, you'll see me, come over. and say hi.

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Defensive efficiency:

1. Wolves

2. Celtics

3. Magic

4. Knicks

5. Rockets

6. Thunder

7. Clippers

8. Grizzlies

9. Cavaliers

10. Lakers


16. Suns

17. Warriors

18. Heat

19. Kings


26. Hawks

27. Spurs

28. Pacers

29. Wizards

30. Hornets

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Offensive efficiency:

1. Pacers

2. 76ers

3. Hawks

4. Bucks

5. Thunder

6. Nets (wait, what?!)

7. Celtics

8. Mavericks (they've regressed in the past few games)

9. Nuggets

10. Suns


13. Kings

14. Warriors

15. Pelicans

16. Clippers


25. Lakers

26. Bulls

27. Pistons

28. Spurs

29. Grizzlies

30. Blazers

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Warriors stats after 20 games:


12 in points scored (114.8)

30 in points in paint (39.7)

29 in fastbreak points (11.0)

14 in offensive efficiency

25 in shooting % (45.3%)

13 in three point % (36.9%)

25 in two point % (52.0%)

7 in off. rebound % !!!!!!! (27.3%)

14 in def. rebound % (75.5%)

8 in total rebound % !!!!! (51.3%)

4 in opponent blocks!!!!!!!!!!!!! (4.1)

19 in opponent steals (7.8)

5 in assists!!!!!!!!!!! (28.1)

25 in turnovers (15.2)


20 in points allowed (114.5)

14 in opponent points in paint (49.3)

9 in opponent fastbreak points!!!! (13.3)

17 in defensive efficiency

10 in opponent shooting % !! (46.2%)

7 in opponent three point % !!!!!!!! (34.9%)

13 in opponent two point % (53.3%)

28 in blocks (3.6)

20 in steals (7.2)

14 in opponent assists (25.3)

21 in opponent turnovers (13.3)

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