Rookie ladder: https://www.nba.com/news/kia-rookie-ladder-march-16-2022-edition

Some interesting names I haven’t been following. Anybody know how the people drafted after Moody stack up to Moody? They only have Kuminga as number 9 overall so idk how to take their rankings.

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So if Wiseman were in the 2022 NBA draft where would he rank among the prospects? Physically Jalen Duren looks fairly similar but I can't comment on skills comparisons. Is he still top 5? Lottery?

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So with Simmons looking more and more likely out for the season, you think trading away Harden for Drummond, Seth abd a couple of picks was better than having a ‘half engaged Harden’ playing with Kyrie (away) and Kevin the rest of the year? Talking just strictly this year in regards to giving you the best chance to win a chip

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Per 95.7, Wiseman recalled by the Dubs, so practicing with the big team and then maybe some minutes on Sunday looks likely (ruled out for tonight).

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Mar 16, 2022·edited Mar 16, 2022

Last season I compared Wiseman to a young giraffe learning how to use its body. Given how little playing time and team practice he's logged since then, this still applies. The signals from his brain have yet to coordinate with his body. And yet, even if he doesn't improve much, he'll be a decent center in the league. But, over time, if his mind can catch up to his size and innate athleticism, he'll be an elite force. There's a lot for him to work on, which can be seen as a good thing given how talented he is already. But there are still some flags, things you'd hope he'd be at least a little better at by now: his hands are terrible; he gets boxed out by much smaller players, not to mention players anywhere near his size; he has zero anticipation; he tends to hunch over, often negating his height advantage; etc.

He's only 20, has barely played since high school, and bigs often take longer to develop, so I'm optimistic he can improve across the board, especially in the Warriors ecosystem. Time will tell.

For now, tho, it seems that Evan Mobley is who the Dubs wish Wiseman was. That's who I'll be measuring Wiseman against; should be a fun matchup to watch for years to come.

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Draymond on the first game back with Steph and Klay: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nzWAaoElEls

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I really wish GP2 were available tonight. Boston’s guards are the exact kind that I’d expect to give Poole and possibly even Klay trouble. Having Gp2 available to come in frustrate them and tire them out would be a huge plus.

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> @anthonyVslater

Nemanja Bjelica now joins Andrew Wiggins with a questionable tag tonight vs Celtics with general illness.

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Celtics stats:


16 in points scored (109.5)

18 in points in paint (45.5)

25 in fastbreak points (10.5)

13 in offensive efficiency

19 in shooting % (45.6%)

23 in three point % (34.3%)

14 in two point % (53.7%)

9 in off. rebound % !!! (24.2%)

15 in def. rebound % (77.2%)

13 in total rebound % (50.3%)

11 in opponent blocks (4.6)

14 in opponent steals (7.5)

16 in assists (24.0)

14 in turnovers (13.7)


3 in points allowed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (103.9)

2 in opponent points in paint!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (42.0)

6 in opponent fastbreak points!!!!!!!!!!! (11.3)

1 in defensive efficiency!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1 in opponent shooting % !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (43.1%)

3 in opponent three point % !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (33.8%)

1 in opponent two point % !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (49.3%)

2 in blocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (6.0)

19 in steals (7.2)

1 in opponent assists!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (21.5)

11 in opponent turnovers (14.0)

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On that Poole/Lavine tweet, shouldn't Steph also be there? Kyrie too if he qualifies.

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Mar 16, 2022Liked by Duby Dub Dubs

Considering the matchups, may finally get to witness the return of SBDS.

Now, which one to go for?

I always thought Curry-Klay-Wiggins-OPJ-Draymond would be the go-to playoff closing lineup.

But also got Curry-Poole-Klay-Wiggins-Draymond if they want to trade some defense/length/rebounding for offense.

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One thing I note is that the Celtics played (Iand beat) he Pistons 3 times in the last 10 games and lost badly to the Pacers. They also beat some good teams including a blowout of the Harden-less Sixers and Irving-less and KD-less Nets. It's hard to tell how much of their recent record is them playing well or just hitting a soft patch in their schedule.

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Mar 16, 2022Liked by Duby Dub Dubs

Personally, I'm looking for a repeat of our dominating game against Washington. Yes, I know that Boston is a better team but the Warriors were cruising from the get go. Draymond off the bench was like a revelation and the chemistry of Poole and Klay make for a fast starting, crazy shooting game. Add in Steph and fegeddaboutit. The energy was uplifting. JFK will have his hands full with Tatum if he is the one defending him. Slowing him down going to the basket should be enough.

Wiseman? WTF. Has there ever been a more perplexing player?

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Mar 16, 2022·edited Mar 16, 2022Liked by Duby Dub Dubs

Thanks for mentioning Don Nelson. It's weird that he's been in the news lately because his reign as WINNINGEST NBA COACH EVER has now ended, and can't get any kind of a retrospective here. Or did I miss something.

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It seems to me that Dubs have to make some key decisions before next year and cannot wait and see. They have to deal with Loony being a free agent, they have to consider a center in their drafting picture as well as their free agent picture. I think they terribly miscalculated in hyping him when they chose him and not it might be hard for the front office to back down from that and admit that Wiseman has not panned out. I am amazed that his hands are not much better, nor is apparently his free throw skill level, the two things he could have worked on last 12 months without any difficulty.

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