Whichever way you look at it, The warriors are Gambling. Payton is hurt, and 30 years old, Wiseman is 20 years old and has never played on a team as talented. I'd gamble on Wiseman!

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Really hoping we don't do the play-in. We are bad at OT's and play ins.


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The most important development for GPII's basketball persona last year was that TV people stopped referring to his father every time they talked about him. It's embarrassing how much that happened in his first five years.

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Missing the dubs trainers?

“He missed the first 35 games of the season due to recovery from offseason abdominal surgery. Since his return on Jan. 2 against the Detroit Pistons, he has missed four games and been a mainstay on the injury report, even on games he does play. He’s dealt with a sprained ankle, hip abductor soreness and now this calf contusion.”

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Go back in time to the Wiseman draft. The top 15 was not stacked. Beyond number 1 it was all question marks. In hindsight the Dubs should have traded the number 2 for (fill in the ideal player in the league we wanted). That would have been the low risk move. But have teams ever, ever, ever??? traded down like that? Or traded out of a top 3 pick? Speak up ye basketball historians. Dubs go their own way but really, this would have been too much. A high risk roll of the dice was in the cards.

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Anyone heard or read how this all played out in the front office?

I’m wondering if Joe had to be convinced to give up on Wiseman or looked at the escalating salary projections himself and said “Enough”.

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While you lazy-asses were sleeping, I was hard at work developing some very sophisticated algorithms for my predictive model. I ran 100,000 simulated possessions vs. each NBA team’s offense to see how a DDV-GP2-JFK-Dray-Loondawg lineup will perform defensively. Here are the results:

* 20% of the possessions ended with a steal

* 13%* ended with a block

* 7%* ended with a travel/discontinued dribble

* 8% ended with an offensive foul

* 42% of the time, the opponent failed to advance the ball across the timeline in 8 seconds

* In the remaining 10%, the opponent said “fuck it” and went home

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Kings are projected to go 16-12 at their current pace.

We have 27 games left. Need to close out at 19-8 (0.704) to catch the Kings, maybe 18-9 (0.666) to comfortably land in 4-6.

For comparison, Dallas has 26 games left and needs to go 16-10 (0.615) to end up one game behind the Kings.

Totally possible for us to catch up, but we have to be much more consistent, can't give up these narrow games anymore, and put together some solid 7-3 stretches.

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This season just got STACKED. Going to be interesting.

TBH if the Warriors still can't make it to the finals, I wouldn't be mad about a Nuggets-Bucks finals. Just no Celtics, Grizz, Suns plz.

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On the plus side, I get to start following Tankathon again. Who might be available at 13 or 14 when the Dubs get unceremoniously dispatched from the Play In?? Don't get me wrong, I love getting GP2 back, but that is not going to solve what ills the Dubs this year. You ever miss you exit on the highway, but the next exit is like another 10 minutes down the road, so you gotta back track a long long way. That's the Dubs. Kerr took a wrong turn early in the season and now, this deep into the season, we are attempting to course correct, but its too late. Thanks, Tankathon. When our Waze app fails, you are always there for us.

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Feb 10, 2023·edited Feb 10, 2023Liked by Eric Apricot

Dare ya to watch this highlight reel and not be totally fvcking stoked:


Note how many dunks, tough finishes, big shots, steals, and blocks came during huge playoff games, against our potential nemeses (Jokic, Smart, Tatum, Bane, CP3, etc.) I had totally forgotten, for example, about the (effectively) series-clinching three he hit in Game 5 v. Denver with 1:05 left and the Warriors up only 2. If that series goes back to a Game 6 in Denver, who knows how the rest of the playoffs plays out.

Warriors in last year's playoffs with Payton on court: +15.0

Warriors in last year's playoffs with Payton on the bench: +3.1

Top 10 rated players in the NBA last season by RAPTOR:

1. Jokic

2. Giannis

3. Embiid

4. Gobert

5. Curry

6. Doncic

7. (Tie) GP2 and Butler

9. Tatum

10. Jrue

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Damn I feel bad for Wiseman, but I had very little faith in him ever being good much less being good AND a fit for Kerrball. Welcome back GP2 <3.

Now please Dubs, go on a long f***ing winning streak.

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Past the great defensive ability, one hopes this might help solve whatever has made the lockerroom appear to be more of a job than an adventure this year. Payton's attitude clearly has been missed, and not just on the court.

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Feb 10, 2023Liked by Eric Apricot

DDV = 0

JFK = 00

GPII = 000?

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Bruh I missed that about Crowder going to Milwaukee. That's a badass team. Might have been the most elegant trade deadline move, a team with so-called identity that knows exactly what it needs, and goes and gets it. Perfect fit and good luck beating them.

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