Add up the salaries of the 7th pick after signing+ Looney + Paschall, Smailagic,

Mulder and GP2 the Warriors could cobble together about 19M in salary. They could get more in there with Damion Lee and JTA but let’s assume those guys are locked in as cheap rotation players.

The Pacers could view the #7 pick + Looney + salary filler as a good return for Turner or Levert.

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So here’s what I don’t get. Paul George was traded for SGA, 3FRP expected to be non lottery, and two pick swaps.

Beal is not as good as George, and I get that SGA is pretty good, but why are we expected to have to give up wiggins, wiseman, two lottery picks in a good draft, and more for Beal? I don’t see it…

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I continue to firmly believe that the Warriors can find 2 players at 7 and 14 that can help them win now at the very least by eating minutes during the regular season. They can safely jettison Smailagic, Mulder, and Paschal and fill one of those spots with a veteran at the MLE. 10 veterans (including 3 all stars), + 2 young players + Wiseman + 2 rookies doesn't strike me as a unbalanced team that is short on veteran leadership or star players. 4 stars + 11 veteran scrubs sure sounds pretty unbalanced though. You can call that a win now team, I call it a bunch of old guys one injury from disaster.

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Wiggins/mulder/7th to sas for Murray/12th/41st


14th/paschall to cle for osman/nance/future 1st


14th/paschall to sac for Wright/bagley/39th


Oubre s&t/41st to Por for Robert Covington








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The dubs can’t be happy with Marcus Thompson. All these articles that stem from his make it seem like Myers is over a barrel trying to please his big three by obtaining a star. I really don’t like any of the “star” trade ideas. The fit is poor. If we could get Smart in a sign and trade with Oubre and picks I’d be in heaven. But Boston needs a vet pg now, not another wing and picks.

I might be interested in Turner/Warren for Wiggins, Paschall and picks… if Indiana would bite. Yeah, I value our guys more than most. But mostly I’d like to see what the Warriors can do with the youngsters and FAs this year. I think they can win it all.

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> Duarte’s stock is hot. Interest has snowballed/spread, he’s become a trade-up target for teams. Unlikely here’s available at 19.


Warriors making their interest in Duarte apparent to generate a trade down opportunity?

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I think Howie Mandel should act as an intermediary in the WAS-GSW trade talks. After he shares the other team’s latest proposal, he can say “Beal, or no Beal?”

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I don’t understand the Lavine trade. Seems like we could figure out a way to match salary with Wiggins going out the door

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I like Lavine but the cost to the Warriors would be too much for them to indulge their fantasy on. No need to mortgage the future for anyone.

As far as a Wiseman trade goes, I wouldn't take any of those deals proposed. I do believe Wiseman can be traded on his own worth if needs be during the regular season or for someone in free agency. Getting a big man development coach shows me the Warriors are planning to develop him. Even with a little improvement, Wiseman will bring a player(s) without throwing in draft picks. If there weren't so many talented players in the draft, I could see the possibility of doing something but the Warriors can add real value to the team by simply using their picks. Of course, they haven't shown the best decision making in the draft for years. I'm holding my hand in this poker game. Let the sports writers fantasize all they want. It's their job, not mine.

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Like a few posters have said already, I say no to any trades that deal Wiggins and don’t return a comparable defensive wing. So it’s a no to Beal for me (I can’t see KOJ resigning here either as he wants to start, so there would likely be a defensive gap with Beal).

No to trading Wiseman as we won’t return value at this early stage…this could change between now and trade deadline, although I’m a big fan and want to keep him. So that rules out Zach etc. for now.

That leaves the SAC trade of #14. I like the idea of adding Duarte as a better version of Mulder at #14, and would prefer to have him on the squad this year rather than deferring the pick.

Hoping for no trades and we take the picks and run it back with a healthy Klay, Moody & Duarte. But happy with whatever the FO decide to do. It’s a brutal ‘choose your own adventure’ this off-season. I’m sure a championship is a Dr Strange 14 million possibilities with 1 resulting in a Larry.

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Beal is a great player and having him and Steph in the same back court is very interesting. However, I just feel this would be similar to the Dame and CJ backcourt in Portland. You need defense too. Offense only backcourts can only take you so far.

The value of Steph and Beal together may be less than the sum of the parts. Beal’s value to the Dubs is less than his value to a team like the 76ers because his skills overlaps with Steph. He would end up stealing some of Steph’s shots (Steph should be at taking 15 3’s a game). The Dubs had a really good defense last year. Replacing Wiggins with Beal could mess that up.

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I'd love the Cade or the Orlando trades suggested, so I'm thinking they're not available. It's really hard to see a superstar trade that would fit the Warriors current set up. Whereas, with draft picks, they could be anything. Once Moses Moody is Kawhi-lite in your head, it's tough to give him up for a small SG. It's gonna be a long, but fun week.

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I'm not digging all the 'trade Wiseman' talk. He was not the guy I wanted last season, but I see why GS picked him and he won me over during the season as a player who WILL develop into one of the best (maybe top 5) C in the league, especially as he grows into his body and bulks up. His raw talent is more than evident, and the excellent coaching he'll continue to get with the Dubs will transform him sooner rather than later. Remember 'Quis and 'Queese? We could do a lot worse than resigning Chriss, and whether the team utilizes it's picks to move up, down, out of the draft is anyone's guess, but there are good players out there who could/would help the team and I am optimistic that whatever tweaks are done with the team this offseason will be subtle enough to make a difference, and perhaps blockbuster enough if they do pull a trade for a super-star! I have still been reliving nightmares of the play-in games, and how much fun it would have been to see the fellas in a first rd series against the Jazz or Phx or ??? Not to be. I plan to resubscribe/subscribe to the new site as soon as able. The work you all do here (staff and contributors) is excellent, basically keeps me alive and kicking. ~Kenny Nonymous

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Warriors went 1-7 when curry was out last season. With curry they spotted a 68.4 win percentage, good for 3rd in the whole league all while having a historically bad oubre season, a negative rookie center shoved down the teams throat, a stretch where we had no player over 6'7 in the whole arena and no KLAY THOMPSON.

We have what it takes RIGHT NOW with a shit ton of future assets to sustain the dynasty, why throw that away for a single player? We are contenders right now, bring Chris's back, get a solid wing in FA, give lee, jta and loo ey the minutes they earned and deserve and let's run it back without the bullshit superteam.

Bring moody in at 7 and a high potential player at 14 and let's go fully in next season. Seems like the FO (if these rumors are true)are trying to over compensate for the shit show performance they pulled last season, we were a couple close wins away from a curry mvp season and a playoff run.

As far as the rumors of curry klay and dray wanting to trade for a star, I just dont know. Seems to me(could be wrong) its more of a reaction of wiseman being shoved down their throats, if dray is so smart he has to see how much potential the team had this season while still having the future assets to carry them into their late 30s

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Chad Ford and Marc Stein podcast discussed Warriors trade options. Basically, Dame, Beal and Ben Simmons, so nothing new to this site. They say GSW is trying hard to trade picks but no solid progress confirmed

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The Warriors are bringing back Trey Murphy and Chris Duarte for second workouts this weekend, per sources


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