Here's a piece on Chris Chiozza from NetsDaily. My take is that he's a player you have to see to appreciate. A small JJ-Barea-esque energetic guard who plays with a lot of speed and chutzpah.


I remember hearing about him late last year (19-20) because when he got a chance to play he really opened some eyes. They had a stretch in March and then the bubble where they had a few players hurt, but he stepped into a 20+ mpg role and played a pretty big role in them winning the majority of those games. There was some buzz of "the Nets have done it again" in finding an off the street guy who can really play.

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>Nico Mannion is the main player that Virtus Bologna is targeting at guard position after Chris Chiozza agreed on a two-way deal with Warriors, sources tell @Sportando. Jaleen Smith is another player on the list.

>Nico Mannion and Virtus Bologna are discussing the length of the contract, I am told


I guess Nico straight leaving the NBA for the Italian league?

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Sorry, contractual stuff is not my ‘forte’, so please tell me if I got it right. Nico got a qualyfing offer, right? So, if he accepts, that spot belongs to him, doesn’t it?

Plus, if you can, watch his match against Serbia: I don’t think to be lunatic when I say that that’s lightskinned-ChrisPaul stuff. I will be looking for those highlights for you.

On the matter of Chriss, I wonder, with JP3, Lee, Moody, OPJ and Nemanja on the bench, do we need another shooter? ( i.e. Mulder). Isn’t it better to add depth to the frontcourt, since that’s where we came up short last year with injuries?

I bet on this Roster:

Curry, Poole, Iguodala

Thompson, Moody, Lee

Wiggins, Porter, Kuminga

Green, JTA, Bjelica

Looney, Wiseman, Chriss


Nico, Chiozza

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I guess with this signing that'll rule out Mannion on a 2 way.. so that means Nico takes the final roster spot and no Chriss or any other FA. Is Chriss even eligible for a 2 way at this point in his career? Either way I'm not a huge fan of this signing even if the chances of him actually playing with the Warriors are very low.

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Chris Chiozza in 2 years in the G-League (per36):

14.1 pts / 7.7 ast / 5.2 reb / 3.1 tov / 2.2 stl / .527 TS% (37.0 3pt)

In his 57 NBA games over 2 years:

12.8 pts / 8.2 ast / 4.4 reb / 2.6 tov / 1.6 stl / .480 TS% (35.3 3pt%)

So....an older (25yo) and shorter (5'11") Nico Mannion?

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Okay, who is Chris Chiozza?!

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"Free agent G Chris Chiozza has agreed to a one-year deal with the Golden State Warriors, source tells ESPN. There’s some opportunity for backup point guard minutes on Warriors roster."

- Woj

Guess we have our backup point guard.

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That last Kuminga play where he bullied his defender (forget who) so far under the basket that he couldn't reach far enough back to put the shot up. I feel like he still gets Summer League points for that.

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Does anyone know why Nico isn't on the Summer League roster? This squad could really use someone who can actually handle the ball right about now.

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In case you are still wondering who Tropical Fake Rutger Hauer is: https://twitter.com/thom_not_tom/status/1424897541284405251?s=21

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One thing that just occurred to me, Kuminga has taken virtually no midrange shots. Part of his efficiency issues in the G League were because he took those too often. I'm fine with him taking as many threes as he wants in Summer League, especially since he seems to have improved his feel around the rim already in the time between the G League and Summer League. It's nice that he's cut the midrange stuff out and is usually trying to get to the rim or drive and kick instead.

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Didnt know wagner was 0-6 from 3 only saw him shoot 3, but he did look big and lengthy out there, it was impressive that kuminga was still able to bully him

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Wagner: (-14, 28:43)

5 points 2/8 FGs 0/6 threes 1/2 FTs

6 rebounds 2 assists 3 turnovers 1 steal

Suggs: (-18, 28:07)

24 points 9/22 FGs 3/6 FGs 3/4 FTs

9 rebounds (2 off.) 1 assist 2 turnovers 2 steals 3 blocks

Kuminga: (+15, 29:16)

16 points 6/16 FGs 0/4 three pointers 4/7 FTs

6 rebounds 1 assist 1 turnover 3 steals 1 block

Moody: (+19, 25:52)

15 points 6/13 FGs 2/5 three pointers 1/2 FTs

4 rebounds 2 assists 1 turnover 1 steal

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Jalen Suggs -18

Kuminga +15

Moody +19

"Suggs looks so impressive"

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