Summer League 3. 5:00 game vs ORL with Franz Wagner and Jalen Suggs

Wagner fans can pine for what we're missing

How To Watch

Players To Watch


  • Jonathan Kuminga. Electrifying unharnessed talent. Will he continue to peg innocent bystanders with his passing?

  • Moses Moody. Subtle, smart and in the middle of winning plays. Can he improve his shot creation?

  • Justinian Jessup. Can he adjust to the speed and strength of NBA players? Can he get open, hit shots and stay with drivers?

  • Gary Payton II. Can this defensive dynamo play himself onto the roster with some gutsy driving and kicking without a jumper?

  • Ryan Taylor. Sharpshooter toiling in the G-League who may get a two-way this year. Didn’t pop out in Sacramento.

  • Jaquori McLaughlin, a huge favorite of Perks, who has an in-depth piece about him coming out here tomorrow (Aug 10). Some good flashes.

  • Kyle Guy. Don’t know much about him except he hit 7 threes and a game-winner last preseason against GSW.


  • Franz Wagner. Not sure his strategic game will pop in a summer league setting, but will he look like he can keep up athletically? Tourney Scouting Report.

  • Jalen Suggs. Will he dominate? Will GP2 lock him up?

  • Jeff Dowtin. WHAT??? They stole our Lou Williams type from last week. Is that allowed?

  • Cole Anthony and R.J. Hampton. Draft picks from last year should dominate, or it would be a red flag.

Warriors Las Vegas Roster

This is slightly different from the Sacramento California Classic roster. Schakel went to the Kings team, and Dowtin went to the Magic team.

Orlando Roster