Cover Bands. You can never be the real thing, but I've heard some pretty damn good cover bands in my time and it looks like the Warriors are well on their way to putting one together.

Curry-Poole. No one will ever be Curry, but Poole emulates Curry in a lot of ways. Great handle, great finish, High FT%, 3 level scorer, off ball movement, catch & shoot threat, becoming a better team defender, good passer. The Warriors (off) ball motion offense & team defensive principles remain unchanged when moving from Curry to Poole.

Moody fits the Klay archetype. Not really athletic great team defender. Klay wasn't great on ball because of athleticism, it was because of IQ. I get the feeling Moody can get much better on ball as well. Moody has good size and length for position and appears to have a reliable 3pt shot. Again, nobody is Klay, but the system remains the same.

Kuminga is a bit more interesting. He projects as the HBarnes/KD/Wiggs Small Forward who slides to the 4 in a Death Lineup. That is if he develops his shot. Let's assume he develops into an above avg shooter in this league (and defender). Add that to his skills at the rim and he won't be KD, but in the long run, will probably rate higher than Barnes or Wiggs.

Here is the interesting part. Poole has shown leadership qualities, but he is more of the cheerleader type. Moody & Wiseman are both somewhat mild mannered. That leaves Kuminga first in line to assume Draymond's "emotional leadership" and "tough guy/tough love" role. Based on his play around the rim, and his Congo to NBA life story, he may be the guy. In addition, should Kuminga never develop a good outside shot, he has a second path in front of him and that is developing into a great passer and being that 4/small ball 5 facilitator that Dray has been. Best case scenario, he becomes a combination of both.

Let's not forget, it wasn't just the combination of skills of Steph-Klay-Dray that made them great. It was also the combination of their personalities. So I am very interested to see if one of the young guys can take that torch, that burning desire to win at all cost, from the elder statesmen.

Lastly, Wiseman. We have never had a Wiseman. But what Wiseman has the potential to be is an amalgam of all their past bigs. A little bit of Bogut, a little bit of Zaza, a little bit of West, a little bit of McGee, Looney and so on. But add to that extreme athleticism, size, length and a 3pt shot. Positionally, this is the one area where the new generation can rate higher than their predecessors. Again, the system remains, but with more options as we project to have a center that has a greater toolkit of skills.

Anywho, its a cover band I would pay to see in the future and it gives me hope that, beyond Steph-Klay-Dray, the Warriors will continue to play the Warrior's Brand of basketball, because they play the way the game is supposed to be played. Rock on!

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you know what i just realized about kuminga... he’s still growing. we might end up with 2 7fters a year or two from now lol

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I don't expect either of our draft picks starting games. If anyone is to be plugged into Klay's spot, it probably will be Poole. He's paid some dues. Even sliding Wiggins over and inserting Porter would probably take preference over the rookies. I see them coming off the bench and developing their feel for the game this way and earning any extended minutes in their backup roles. Maybe on occassion, they could be plugged into the first unit for a look and see if they earn it off the bench. The bench should be an important part of the game for us this season. We finally have some scorers and players with different skillsets. I think we are looking pretty good and we haven't even seen Wiseman, Porter, and Bjelica, yet, nor Chorizo!

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As i said below in a reply and i thought I'd just throw it up top here: call me crazy, but i strongly believe Kerr can and will certainly utilize Kuminga's skill set in heavy doses right off the bat, as currently constructed, at getting to the rack. the best way to build his confidence early on in the reg season is to get those nba minutes.

No one else on this team has that euro step of his. He needs a lot of work, but so did/does JW, and because of Kerr's persistence with his minutes(sometimes to our own detriment), we were still able to see him really start to string together some very solid looking games (esp against DEN)...then of course he promptly went down for the year.

I expect a lot of heavy NBA minutes for JK and Moody both. Its the only way to really learn how to play at the NBA level...if they're both absolutely atricous? Then they'll get sent down...but I'll bet that doesn't happen.

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Klay is on Mount Rushmore of coolest NBA Players of all time, not even a debate.

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Honest question: taking the last two years into account, do you all think we undersold Kuminga as being super Raw and probably not able to contribute at all this season as a direct result of everyone (fans, media, organization) expecting Wiseman to make an impact last season (and those expectations going through the stratosphere after those first two games)?

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Now that we only have summer league games to look forward to until training camp.. I think it's time I stir the pot a little bit and cause chaos. Let's trade Draymond to Portland for CJ McCollum.. thoughts? Maybe throw in Wiseman as well and take Zach Collins so we can have a real center.

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I was wrong about nothing being wrong with Kuminga's shot, finally found the thing I watched months ago that dissected it and honestly there is quite a bit he needs to work on.


Which is good in the sense that if nothing is wrong and the shots aren't going in, maybe you just can't shoot. But bad in the sense that it'll obviously take time to fix them (and that the Warriors will need to identify them the way they identified that Wiseman was bringing the ball behind his head when he was shooting and blocking his release with his guide hand).

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Kuminga missed 3 putback dunks . . . if he made all three of them then he would have had a healthy 46% from the field.

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In two weeks, I’ve gone from “What are they doing taking Kuminga?!” to “They’d have been idiots to pass on Kuminga and they’d be even bigger idiots to trade him now!”

He’s becoming by personal Chuck Norris:

“If you think you beat JK off the dribble, it’s only because he wants you to think you beat him off the dribble.”

“The only people Jonathan Kuminga hasn’t been able to bully are people he hasn’t played.”

“Jonathan Kuminga doesn’t need to work on being a better shooter. Shooting is needs to work on being a better Jonathan Kuminga.”

“I was wrong about Jonathan Kuminga have a high ceiling; he doesn’t have a ceiling.”

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KoC of TheRinger on the Warrior's offseason: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H3nwK-P49io

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Slow news day. Does regular season start tomorrow?

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Cowbell Award:

"you know what would improve the telecast? if they shrunk the gameplay all the way down to 5% of the screen and made the interviewee McCutchen so large you could see his forehead pores"

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OT: Jordan @1:53


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This is Tangential to the actual games but 2 things:

1)I don't see any NBA players on the summer league team outside of JK,MM, &GP2. Not Jessup. Not Mclaughlin. Not Guy. Sorry Guy.

2)the 2-way contracts don't matter as much this year because if anyone on the 2-ways play very much with GS then something bad happened(with possible exception of if events transpire so Mulder is on a 2-way).

The roster is much deeper this year. Even if JW,JK,MM and whoever gets the last spot play 0 minutes you only need like like 4-5 minutes from Lee, 8-12 from André, 10-15 from Bjeliça (if that letsgowarriors clip of him shooting is reflective of his in game shooting, he'll get a lot more) to keep everyone else around Kerr's preferred minutes allotment. If you give some minutes to those guys - and you know they will - there are zero minutes for g-leaguers (yay).

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