Notes on Summer Games 3 & 4. And open thread

overreactors anonymous

Orlando, Aug 9

Here are my In-Game Notes from the ORL-GSW summer league game.

Dub Nation HQ (was Let’s Go Warriors)
Summer League 3. 5:00 game vs ORL with Franz Wagner and Jalen Suggs
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Jonathan Kuminga

  • I *think* Kuminga pushed off, but that was a GROWN MAN STRENGTH PUSHOFF

  • Kuminga a bit quick on the trigger so far today

  • Coaches need to chat with Kuminga about shot selection.

  • Kuminga has got to lean into his elite skill which is that he can ignore all melee attacks. Not the whole chucking a three with 16 on the shot clock

  • The man is just not a ranged champion right now and we have to accept it. Give him time to level up that jumper

  • Anthony drives at Kuminga and JK just takes the ball away. Then uses his knock back ability (can displace any defender by two feet) on Wagner to get the easy layup.

  • We know Kuminga reverse engineered basketball from watching Kobe highlights in Internet cafes, but I think he was watching late Kobe highlights, where he dunks without touching the rim. Saves wear and tear on the hands.

  • Kuminga dislodges 7-1 265 Teske on that drive. I TELL YOU PHYSICAL ATTACKS DO NO DAMAGE TO KUMINGA

  • Kuminga with the NASTY block, then the sweeet pass to GP2 for the huge dunk throwdown and I don’t remember what happened after that

  • Also, even if Kuminga has no 3 ball, if his defender gives space at the arc, Kuminga should be able to bully to the basket anyway. If help rotates, he will have to find the cutter. He’s shown he can see the baseline cutter, so next read is seeing the open wing if someone sags in to stop the cutter.

Moses Moody

  • Moody showing some touch on that layup.

  • Oooooo that change of pace on the Moody drive and sly finish. What is happening? Moody not known for touch around the rim.

  • Also interesting, putting Moody on Suggs

  • I guess they told Moody to show off his drive game and it’s been way nicer than last game. Dish to the baseline cutter (probably scripted though).

  • Moody really has a knack for getting fouled when there isn’t a reason to foul him.

  • Moody guards 6-9 Hogg, switches on screen onto little Cole Anthony (legit NBA player), swallows him up at the arc, goes for a fake, twists to land to avoid the cheap foul, causes brick.

  • I’m gonna want to see Moody finish 40 more layups in game before I start believe in that finish. But looking good this game.

  • I love seeing the Moody defending Suggs showdown. Suggs wants no part of it. Moody with the SWEET touch pass to Kuminga for the flush

  • Jeez, take Moody off Suggs for a play and Suggs nails a Curry distance 3.

  • Moody stopped Suggs on the counter attack Iso. Miiiight have been a foul, but by NBA standards not too bad

  • Suggs is interesting. He can completely smack players below a certain level. Like he can stuff Moody trying to finish. But I don’t think he scored on Moody on D.

Kyle Guy

  • Kyle Guy has frantic energy and is halfway to a Peter Frampton look

  • I have to admit Kyle Guy has got that irrational confidence thing going, and it’s really working for him. He also runs around in frantic hustle mode at all times

  • Kyle Guy showing some basic PNR creation??? Two mega dunks ensue

  • Wooooof, that was a fun ending with everyone leaning into their brand. Anthony drives, gets stripped by GP2, Guy and Moody run the 2 on 1 where Moody gets swallowed up by Suggs.

  • Kyle Guy looked pretty good as a weak side shooter and general hustle pest. Then coaches made Guy run PNR against the second unit. Looked good. Then coaches upgraded Guy to the closing unit to see if he could create. Nah. Couldn’t create, ended up taking super long bombs, or getting his layups stuffed. So… Guy looks like he could be a good role player, but the coaches kept upgrading him until he hit his ceiling and it looked ugly. [On this being the Peter Principle.] EXACTLY. And that’s what Summer League is for, so I thought that was great to give Guy the chances

Justinian Jessup

  • Looked like Jessup is freaking out at any run out at him, the speed… his confidence looks shaken. Can he recover if he sees a couple go in?

  • Jessup hit a shot!! The flood gates… are of indeterminate status

  • I like that Jessup had no hesitation on that catch and shoot.

  • Jessup hit another shot! A step back J… confidence returning…?

Jaquori McLaughlin

  • Jaquori with a SWEET quick pass to the baseline cutter, who got stuffed into a shopping cart. It was Puffin Rutger Hauer who stuffed him.

  • Suggs having Jaquori on him and getting a screen to force Moody to switch to him… not good offense if Suggs is just going to give it up right away. It’s taken Suggs completely out of the game

  • Just as I was getting mad at Jaquori for not passing to Kuminga posting up Anthony, he strokes the 3, so shrug

Franz Wagner

  • Wagner has not looked outmatched but hasn’t been exactly exploding off the court (except for one nice back cut and dunk.)

  • Wagner has left every three far short this game

Gary Payton II

  • Suggs can’t handle GP2’s first step

  • 100% respect for GP2’s attempt to stuff the defender through the hoop

  • I also like how GP2 really nails his man on screens.

Fake Rutger Hauer

  • Maaaan, first ORL throws Fake Nico at us, then Fake Rutger Hauer. Now they throw the real Jeff Dowtin at us?

  • You’ll know him when you see him. Rutger Hauer with tropical bird hair

  • In case you are still wondering who Tropical Fake Rutger Hauer is:

Toronto, Aug 11

  • I don’t think I’ll be home in time for the game start, so be sure to overreact loud to anything cool. Don't worry, it ensures JFK will dunk on Barnes and drain 3s

  • [on a Jessup dying quail layup] what you never saw an off-the-backboard alley oop before, calculated

  • I'm not sure it's confirmed, but everyone thinks McLaughlin is signed to Exhibit 10. Exhibit 10 means GSW has the option to convert contract to a Two-Way.

  • “The expectation is this is an Exhibit 10 contract, which essentially means McLaughlin will participate in Golden State's training camp and then open the 2021-22 season in the G League with the Santa Cruz Warriors.” - NBC

  • you know what would improve the telecast? if they shrunk the gameplay all the way down to 5% of the screen and made the interviewee McCutchen so large you could see his forehead pores

  • Moody getting fouled. It's seriously a skill of his

  • I thought Kuminga was going to cannon that pass off the guy's head, but it had sweet touch

  • Really funny how Kuminga has 10% more movement speed and mana when guarding Barnes. But they got Jessup on Barnes?? The disrespect.

  • Moody with the great hustle and transition and a Klay-up ending. Welp, Klay improved so

  • Jessup seems to have recovered some of his confidence. I measure his confidence as 135 milli-Kyleguys

  • This is SUCH a revenge game for JFK against Barnes.

  • JFK has been going for a lot of highlight plays and gambling on defense. Some getting out of control and throwing the ball into traffic. So I'd be kind of mad if it was the regular season but for entertainment...

  • On Kuminga path of vengeance vs Scottie: Not only did Barnes get drafted above Kuminga, but the last time they played each other was in high school, when Barnes was on the insanely stacked Montverde team (Cade, Barnes and Moody!) and they thrashed Kuminga's team, but he and Barnes had a good back and forth

  • TOR playing a 2-3 zone. In Summer League. I think GSW did it in an earlier game. That's not right. However, I believe that was what led to Kuminga sealing the middle defender, turning and almost throwing down an S-tier dunk. They could try that manouver again

  • Okay, they went with the Kuminga seal, he pump fakes thrice and gets the tough shot to go, and then yells at the ref. I think you get 10 technicals in summer league before getting ejected, right

  • uh, maybe we were all wrong about the lack of GP2 three pointer

  • Any guesses on the single-game +- leaders for the game? You'd never know it from the comments...

  • [Guess: Kyle Guy] No, don't try to out-think the game... Guy is -18 with a couple minutes left

  • GP2 at +23, Jessup +16 with a minute to go

  • [savage dunk] hahahaha GP2 making a bit of an impression

  • lol Kuminga has been, for lack of a better term, f'ing around this game except when guarding or guarded by Scottie Barnes.

  • Willing to have GP2 on the team, but only if he tries to dunk every play

  • Kuminga with a Kobe-esque 18 points on 5-17 but four of the misses were better than other people's highlights

  • [Scottie celebrating a score] I think that was the only positive offense from Scottie with Kuminga guarding him

  • haha, with 4 seconds left, Kuminga picks up Barnes with intense full court pressure, it's beyond personal

  • [Wiseman photobombs Kuminga interview] where's the water on the head? rookie mistake

  • Well, I'm not sure what we learned today in that choppy game. We learned that:

  • Kuminga has a whole enemies-to-lovers arc beginning with Barnes. For Kuminga, pettiness is an energy. Definitely coaching staff needs to weaponize pettiness

  • Kuminga has S-tier dunk misses and f'ed around on defense (when not on Barnes) gambling for highlight steals like he has nothing to prove.

  • Moody continues to be smooth, though he needs intensive Klayup therapy

  • GP2 can absolutely catch a body, but I'm not sure he can generally bend a defense. GP2 with a great small sample size of three pointers.

  • Jessup might be recovering a little confidence. No one expects him to hit threes with tough closeouts coming, but at least make the open ones and the little midrange pullups.

  • JaQuori had a damned smooth move and finish