I can't wait to see the Warriors Dynasty documentary when this run finally ends one day. Would be nice to hear more insight from guys on the B2B title runs like David West and McGee. Hopefully we get a few extra segments from future Warriors about the next 2 championships we will win before Steph retires.

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I don't even know what a hot take is. Just nice to take a break from the writing I do for other reasons most of every day

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Everyone knew he was getting paid for weeks before. You can disagree but the information was out there and accurate

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They weren't good enough this year. Morale was bad. Poole played like ass. The kids didn't come along fast enough. You can very rarely get away playing two kids at the same time and be above .500. Lamb and Ty were a way to win while they got healthy and the young guys grew. They just sucked against LA. But truth be told, they were bad against Sacto. They never jellied this year. Firing coaches is the rave. Not smart. If they had GP2 healthy all year Kuminga and Moody could have been gradually fed minutes. Lacob overpaid Poole too early which provoked Dray-right or wrong punching him. Curry just threw his mouthpiece away that one night. But the reasons were the same. Their biggest issue this season was stopping the ball. On ball backcourt defense. What does GP2 excel at. The vets begged Lacob to resign him. Myers begged. No GM stays when the owner and his idiot son take control of the roster. Maybe Lacob believes that playing in shul league qualifies him to manage an NBA roster, it doesn't. Lacob caused this train wreck of a season more than anything else. The salary cap and luxury tax shows Marx was wrong. I have no issue with a limit on what you can spend to recruit free agents. But there should be no limit on what you spend to keep guys that you draft and develop, or on guys who come in on vet minimum deals and play their asses off. As far as I am concerned the draft violates the 18th amendment and the penumbra doctrine under the 1st. But if you have a draft, you can't penalize the drafting team for being competent with their scouting and player development. That is just both wrong and stupid.

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What new tinkering has Substack done now? When I edit a message and save it, it doesn't show the updated message. I have to refresh the page. Grrr!

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"...Kerr coddles Dray.."

"...How dare Kerr say about our bench lacking winning attitude.... "

I have heard these said on 95.7, podcasts and here.Alas, Steph is so beloved by us all that we forget about him in these discussions.

On the first one - Does anyone here think that when it comes to such matters as punishment, etc, he is sitting on the sideline letting Kerr and Bob do whatever the F they want. Curry played a central role in working through that crisis. Yet no one ever says Steph enables Dray. People talk about the kind of leverage Dray wields. No - it is not Dray. It is Steph who wields that leverage (and rightly so).

On the second one - Steph said something similar but worse in some ways before SAC G7 -"If you don't want to win, don't get on the bus". Essence is the same as what Kerr is saying. No one is talking about that incident when talking about what Kerr said on this podcast and instead throwing crap at Kerr (he does deserve some crap at times for sure).

I say all this to say that these guys are a unit - (Bob), Kert, Steph, Dray, Klay who collaborate, at times stupiditly no doubt.

One more thing - guess who were the first people to say that youngsters should get less time last season?

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At the risk of oversimplifying I'm going to say that the problem was: Poole and Klay missed a ton of shots.

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Very aptly summarized, Eric. You could also add -championship leads to clash on the financial side. Not everyone is gonna get the bag.

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Qn for the masses - any players with high pedigree (HS rankings) with injuries that have fallen into our range? If so, Im going to down tools and pick that guy. The Kevon Looney/PBJ selection method.

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One of the most informative exercises is to reflect back on one's biases and mistakes. Looking at last year's version of void's Big Board ( https://dnhq.draft-vote.xyz/2022 ), why were Dalen Terry and Jake LaRavia ranked high (4 and 5, respectively), while actual impact players like Walker Kessler and Andrew Nembhard dropped to lower half of the board (11 and 18)?

Speaking for myself, I think I overrated athleticism and underrated experience and skills, which is why I put Terry at 3 and Kessler at 15.

Who are we overlooking this year?

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Are GSW and TOR the two teams in the league with the most talent that under performed this year? I know GSW got to the 2nd round, but 30 road losses is nothing to brag about. I just look at both rosters and see loads of players I like, but both groups couldn't make music together. As mentioned by another, dealing with Ujira with a new GM sounds perilous, a tad risky with him knowing the Dubs are selling out for the all in on Curry timeline. But it seems like there could be a way for a trade that benefits both teams by trading equal amounts talent, but changing personalities.

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Does a sign & trade involving a coach hard cap the receiving team?

In the immortal words of John Zoidberg: "I didn't hear a No."

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What's Toronto doing without a coach still? This is starting to intrigue me a bit. Not like they are waiting for Spoelstra or Malone. Are they waiting for a new GM at GSW to be crowned?

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[EDIT: Even more recent youtube mock draft with multiple CBS analysts has Warriors taking Lively!


New CBS mock draft (Parrish):

- Miller at 2, Scoot to Portland (but still may trade for a non-rookie)

- Thompson twins at 5 & 6

- Jett Howard to Raptors at 13

- Lively to ATL at 15

- Warriors take Bufkin over Coulibaly (20), Jaquez (21), Murray (23), Rupert (26)


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These are businessmen first and foremost. People forget Steph’s “Someone with Size” response when asked who the team was looking to draft prior to the 2020 draft. There is a core involving Kerr, Steph, Dray, and Klay and they’re all trying to maximize that core and if it means those 3 plus Wiggins, Looney and a whole bunch of complementary players until the wheels fall off so be it.

Lebron does the same thing except once you've exceeded your usefulness, he’ll look to trade you until the roster and subsequent picks have been absolutely scorched and devoid of any future then he’ll move on (like he’s potentially getting ready to do in a year or two when Bronny enters the league).

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I don't care what the Saudis do. And American business is generally corrupt. Why should golf be different. And I guess I am more irritated by American racism on an daily basis than the murderous oil pigs running Saudi Arabia. I think as an American citizen I can do something about this society. Maybe. After 69 years I wonder. But holding golf to a higher standard strikes me as disingenuous. And futile. No. I don't play or watch golf.

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