It's funny - I loved Giannis' comments yesterday when I first heard them. But after waking up today, I realized that I didn't actually agree. In professional sports, as in life, there is success and failure. If you set a common goal (e.g., win the championship), and you miss the mark so badly (e.g., get gentleman-swept in the first round to the 8th seed, after blowing back-to-back double digit 4th quarter leads), it's hard to see how that's not failure. You can learn and grow and come back stronger next year, but you still failed this time.

Love Giannis, but imagine if KD or Lebron or even Steph had said the same thing. I think they would be torn to shreds by the media and general public.

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big steph love even from Max K here: https://youtu.be/9mXe-OFlKlg

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ICYMI: The no-call Flagrant 1, Monk hits Draymond in face, unnecessary contact to head/neck while player is in the air. 5 points swing at a crucial moment. Draymond would have been ejected for this. Are there other angles of this? It's hard to find, NBA probably trying to bury it.


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Wow, just found out Bud didn't take a timeout at the end of regulation with 0.5 seconds left. That's mental.

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Net on-off per 100 possessions this series (min. 50 minutes played)


1. Len +23.2

2. Monk +19.2

3. Lyles +18.3

4. Huerter +3.2

5. Mitchell -2.8

6. Murray -7.5

7. Fox -11.9

8. Barnes -28.3

9. Sabonis -29.6



1. Curry +46.6

2. Looney +21.4

3. Thompson +15.1

4. Wiggins +7.3

5. Green +6.0

6. Poole -1.0

7. Payton -12.7

8. DiVincenzo -24.5

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Being ever a worrier, I am worried about G6 😀. Besides Shaq, RJ also thinks this is going 7 games.

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I just saw this: Kevon Looney: Only $3,000,000 guaranteed in 2024/25, HoopsHype has learned. Guarantee increases to full if his team wins the 2023 or 2024 NBA championship or if not waived by the day that is seven days before the 2024/25 moratorium period.


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Five things worry me about G6.

- How Curry's injury (Monk running through screen) looks in 48 hours? Hopefully not a big deal

- How much pain Fox feels on his injured finger in 48 hours? Given it is a fracture, I doubt any change will be there.

- We come out sloppy and lacaidiscal because we think we got them. If Dray still comes off the bench (I think he will), that won't be an issue.

- Kings playing frantic and super physical leading some injury to our guys or Dray getting another Flagrant.

- Steph surving Q4 unscathed given high minutes he has been playing. Even beyond that, couple of days extra restt would be nice. Hopefully Grizz win G6 (yuck).

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Episode V: The Empire's streak is back!

Episode VI...

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When Kings get eliminated (hopefully G6), Sabonis and Mike Brown better point the finger at themselves. Dubs especially Loon. deserve all the credit for getting us G3 but if Dray hadn't been suspended, I don't think Dray sees the value in coming off the bench. That adjustment changed the series.

So Sa-get-boned-is, thank you.

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In other news, this was a HELL of a postgame presser from Giannis. His answer to the first reporter's question, about whether the season was a failure, couldn't have been more eloquent and genuine. The Bucks are lucky to have him (at least until he joins GS!).


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I noticed this game, Davion Mitchell is not only remarkably good at staying with Steph in 1-on-1 situations, the way the Kings position themselves when they trap Steph makes it really hard for him to get his signature pass through to Draymond for the 4-on-3. Hoping other teams don't take notice because that's going to make life harder overall if it happens more consistently.

GP2 and Moody both had some great stretches of play this game. Wiggins was good throughout but especially in the clutch. Klay's foul trouble was kind of BS (I thought at least one of them was an excellent vertical contest) but somehow nobody fouled out. re:GP2, I feel pretty vindicated about my comments earlier in the season that we needed a roster move to push us over the top and I even called out that GP2's and Wiseman's salaries matched back in like Nov.

I hope the narrative after the game doesn't commit too hard to "the series is over, the Kings lost" because it feels like the more confident the Dubs get the sloppier they'll be to start game 6, and I do not want to see Sacramento fans in a game 7. (Nor do I want us to risk an injury in any games we can avoid.)

Still, feels real good to get the win. Even moreso seeing what happened to Milwaukee.

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This season is wild. When (not if) Kings get eliminated and assuming Lakers win at home, that would make it 4 out of 7 top seeded in league getting eliminated (Mil, Mem, Cle, Sac)


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@belilaugh I was told I should worry after game 2???

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Is Mike Bud gone next season?

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