I hope they shorten the 2020-2021 season and start it later than December. Otherwise, there could be a lot of excess injury potential for players that were in the playoffs. GS is very lucky- with all our injured players, everything is coming up roses as far as rest time. Seems the opposite for any teams that are in this season’s playoffs.

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Does anyone else wish the NBA would have Draft order tournaments for the bottom 12 as well? I don’t care if if costs the Warriors pick positions I would love to see the NBA get rid of the lottery and have a pick order tournament where every team plays for a pick. So many options to be able to get creative. How about, Bottom 8 in a single elimination tournament seeded 1v2, & 3v4 in one pod and 5v6 and 7v8 in the other, a full series for picks 9 & 11?

An NCAA baseball style double elimination Tournament?

What would you be up to watch for teams playing for picks?

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