Practice! Warriors team workouts officially start today

The Golden State Warriors finally get to do things as a team, although two of their players still remain out, as originally announced last Tuesday by general manager Bob Myers:

It’s fair to speculate who those two might be. After all, the Warriors themselves have not posted any clips or pictures of Draymond Green or James Wiseman (to name perhaps the two most popular players, not to mention a bevy of role players — although you could argue that with AAU culture as big as it is, Nico Mannion might actually be the most popular out of all of the ones who haven’t been shown).

But I think we’re at a point in this pandemic where it’s time to put aside the need to gossip and just hope that whomever tested positive is getting better and that there are no longer-term respiratory issues.

It’s time for me to log on now to the Zoom (Kerr at 130p PST every day, plus 2-3 other players afterwards), so I’ll leave it at that. I’ll post my notes later on here but mostly on our Discord.

I should also say that we media are allowed to get one-on-ones. If you’re a subscriber here, feel free to comment on who you want us to interview, why, and some questions for them, to get our “community” started here for 2020-21. Thanks!