In his last 10 games, JMG is shooting 53% from the field (23-for-43) and 43% from deep (10-for-23). For comparison, OPJ shot 37% from deep last year. Those of us who’ve been preaching for patience with him are looking a lot less dumb. Last night was his best outing yet and it look like he used the down time to really study the schemes. He looked more decisive than ever.

He’s really been looking like exactly what we hoped he would be and I’m here for it.

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Jan 21, 2023·edited Jan 21, 2023

So I saw the Warriors won, was pleasantly surprised. Went to watch it on League Pass and it was still “live” so I rewound it to the beginning. Got most of the way through the third quarter and the game “ended” at which point it was replaced with a Spanish language broadcast and no other options.

Anyway, nice to see the B squad put together a great game! Hope we can continue the momentum from a pretty solid road trip at home.

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Jan 21, 2023·edited Jan 21, 2023

Kuminga is becoming a defensive stopper. Not gonna get as many steals as GP2, or DDV, but he was so impressive defensively last night.

The thing about DDV is that he seems good at defending the first 3-4 moves, but then the seas part and his man gets easy separation and an easy layup… Moody too, but with Moody it’s 1-2 moves inserts of 3-4

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All I want for Xmas is a Kangz-like 6 game winning streak.

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Serge Ibaka is on the trade block.

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Steve: Don’t cross the streams.

Joey: Why?

Steve: It would be bad.

Joey: I’m fuzzy on the whole good/bad thing. What do you mean “bad”?

Steve: Try to imagine all Kerrball as you know it stopping instantaneously and every fan in the bloggersphere exploding at the speed of light.

Bob: Total Dynastic reversal...

Joey obviously never watched GhostBusters growing up. This is the only way forward. NEVER mix the timelines!!

...Until Game 7, down 10 with 5 to go.

Steve: I have a radical idea. The ball swings both ways, we can reverse the particle flow through the gate.

Joey: How?

Steve: [Beat] We'll cross the streams.

Joey: 'Scuse me Steve? You said crossing the streams was bad!

Bob: Cross the streams...

Joey: You're gonna endanger us, you're gonna endanger our client - the nice FTX, who paid us in advance, before they became a dog...

Steve: Not necessarily. There's definitely a very slim chance we'll win.

(Beat while they consider this)

Joey: [slaps Bob] I love this plan! I'm excited to be a part of it! LET'S DO IT!

Guber: This job is definitely not worth eleven-five a year!

Bob: We're the GOATdubsters!

Janie McCauley: Who does your taxes?

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Thank God I don't bet on basketball. We lost to the depleted Suns, the Magic and Pistons at home; we played Boston even on their floor and the next night, with Steph, Klay, Wiggins (and Draymond) sitting, we shot 23-43 from three, and took out a top tier team on the road. I would have bet incorrectly on every single one of those games -- well, I would have bet on a loss in Boston, but even that was barely true.

The team continues to surprise. Or maybe you had JMG pencilled in for 13 pts and 8 reb on 3-5 from three..?

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You could see the momentum shifting towards the Cavs late in the 4th. TO's, PF's, they were all at play. There are a lot of reasons to keep the ball away from Poole and DDV, both TO prone, in finishing games. Jerome should get the nod as ball handler at crunch time. He is outstanding at ball control. No reason to remove Poole and DDV as we need their skills and energy both on offense & defense. Nevertheless, the kids ain't the starters who are famous for their D and late period comebacks.


Bring in the starters for the 2nd half of the game. This serves the purpose of both resting them and playing them in b2b's. This was definitely a statement game of what the Warriors are trying to accomplish with their kiddie korps. Let them start. We have nothing to lose but a whole lot more to gain. It's infinitely more exciting to watch the game as a fan and get the the kids a whole lot of playing time and makes them compete. They become responsible for the pace and outcomes of the games. We know how we are able to come back and defend, but that applies to the starters, not the bench. Turn the bloody game on its head. It's like a headstand, it flushes the brain with a fresh supply of blood. C'mon Kerr. You just pulled off somewhat of a miracle tonight. They will call you a genius if you show the public it was all planned!

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the 50/50 ball that went on forever:


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Jan 21, 2023·edited Jan 21, 2023

Looking at the replay where Schroder went for the steal and score, it looked like Bane got fouled when he caught the ball. But the refs didn't call it, and Bane instead had to hold the basketball away from JTA before Schroder snuck in and got the steal and score + FT to put the Lakers up 2.


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Cavs announcer on the loss: hey, we didn’t have Donovan Mitchell. let’s be honest about that, so…”.


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Clarke hits the first FT and misses the 2nd. Bane gets the rebound and tries to put the ball up, but he stepped out of bounds. Lakers beat the Grizzlies 122-121 and end their 11-game win streak.

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And now Ja misses, but Lakers commit a loose ball foul on Clarke.

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Oh wow. Schroder with a steal and score to put the Lakers up 2.

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Isaiah Joe: 14-24 from the 3 in his last two games

😏 the pick right after Nico Mannion

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Lakers-Grizzlies is a close game. It wouldn't be close if Grizzlies hit their FTs, though. Grizzlies are 15/28 FTs, while the Lakers are 26/33.

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