Never quit, never surrender!!! And with that and J. K. they are a championship team again...

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Why do you guys think we've mostly come out flat to start games this year?

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Looking at the Suns and Clippers remaining games, it is not unlikely that we can finish 4th... still.

The Suns play 6 of 7 against Western conference teams fighting for a spot, although 5 of 7 are home. Durant is supposed to return against Minnesota tonight and maybe Denver is resting players by then. And they own the tie breaker with GSW.








Clippers play: 2 against Memphis and 3 more against teams fighting for position. 3 are on the road and 1 of the "home" games is against the Lakers.







Warriors remaining 5 games include






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Mar 29·edited Mar 29


Klay Thompson 278

Buddy Hield 271

Stephen Curry 250

Going to REALLY ENJOY IF Steph runs down HIELD the last 5 games....lol

Great win. DUBS at 40-37. We're back in 6th. Hopefully, SUNS with KD back 2-nite, will hand T-Wolves their 38th loss tonight, leaving them at 39-38; SIXERS, at home, drop MAVS to 40 losses, leaving them at 37-40; BULLS, ar home, hand LAKERS their 39th loss, leaving them at 37-39; AND, GRIZZ, at home, drop CLIPPERS for their 37th loss, leaving them at 40-37.

THEN, on FRIDAY, DUBS WILL BE GOING FOR THEIR 41st WIN WITH 37 LOSSES AGAINST THE SPURS, and a better hold of 6th place, with 4 games to go.

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Alright, so Dray's just gotta get through the next 3 games without a tech. If he gets a tech in @SAC game and misses the @POR game, and we lose @POR to a super tanking team because we were missing Draymond Green while still having everybody else... we deserve what we get.

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This game was crazy. At the end of the first half I was telling myself that this team didn't deserve to be in the playoffs then this massive comeback. Who woulda' thunk it?

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Remaining strength of schedule (West teams ranked #1-12 only):

1. Pelicans

7. Clippers

9. Grizzlies

11. Suns

12. Jazz

14. Mavericks

18. Warriors

20. Nuggets

21. Kings

23. Thunder

25. Lakers

26. Wolves

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Steph with 8 threes, 8 rebounds, 8 assists.

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I told Steph when he got to 17 pts that he needed to score 50 more to win the game. Glad he only needed 22 pts more.

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Jordan Poole has now scored a combined 42 points in his last 3 4th quarters. Most in the league by a wide margin last 3 games (2nd place has 31). Doing this with a TS of 82.7%.


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Steph is 21 behind Buddy for #2 in 3PM for the year. If Buddy makes 10 more in his remaining games, Steph needs to make 31 in 5 games. Doable... but contingent on Buddy either sitting or not making many 3s. Would be hilarious to see the Splash Bros back at #1 & #2 3PM on the year after sitting so many games this season.

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"Draymond willed us to victory tonight," Kerr said. "Just his intensity, his frustration early with the way we were playing. Mad at the world, yelling at everybody, their bench, our bench, me. And frankly, we all deserved it."


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Not gonna lie- I was ready to give up on this team at halftime. I texted my brother that I thought it was the right time to stop hoping for a championship. Then the second half happened.

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Draymond admitted it felt like the Warriors were still dragging after Sunday's tough loss: "We looked dead those first 18 minutes of the game. We had to find some energy somewhere."


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Draymond said Bob Myers told him: "You may have been right but if you stay that way, guys are going to follow you. If you turn it around right now & get back in the huddle, guys will follow that. Yall dont always get to see Bob's worth other than putting the team. But he's so important"


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Nice team win but I think GP2 is still working to fit in. It might take a few games but I I have confidence he’ll get there. And it might not have been fair to put him on someone as tall as Ingram

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