That 4/5 spot is really close but I wouldn't be surprised if the dubs meander a bit to keep that 6th.

Then again, home court is real and although KD is great, his health and chemistry with the Suns is still questionable in a playoff setting against the dubs.

As for a matchup against the clips, well they're definitely no stranger to going home early and obviously PG13s leg is a thing

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Harris was eating Klay's lunch in the first half. He didn't look to score as much in the second half, probably because the Dubs put JK on him when they could.

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Lot of things trending positive for us in last couple of weeks in spite of road losses:

- JK having his best stretch and he is only getting better

- Poole playing more mindful and being attentive on D

- JMG having impact on offense and rebounds (over 4 weeks or more)

- Moody getting consistent minutes and him having impact (mostly plus)

- GP2 coming baxk

- Dray giving it all

- Steph/Klay not going for killer 3s

What more do we need:

- Wiggs coming back and being Wiggs of last year by 2nd round

- GP2 being last year's GP2

- Lamb shooting 3s at high clip as he was couple of months ago

- JK having impact every single game no matter the matchup

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Embiid is the kind of player that is going to give back as much as he takes. He’s a phenomenal 1-on-1 guy, but that’s not good enough. Then on defense, you saw the Warriors just destroy his drop coverage… and they didn’t shoot that great. The pundits want to talk about a renaissance of the big man, but, uhhh… not if they’re going to have to defend Steph and Klay in drop in the half court.

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Mar 25, 2023Liked by punk basketball

This is the type of game that convinced the Warriors to pay JP3. Maybe not his best game of the year (had some big ones with Steph out) but by far his best coming off the bench.

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Well I was incorrect. It took until 2AM + a sleeping kitten on my lap to wind down after the win tonight.

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Also teams to beat the Dubs at home:

Denver (game 2 of season)




Phoenix (without CP3, Ayton, or Booker)

Brooklyn (no KD)

Lakers (no Lebron)

What a strange mix of teams.

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Oh man. The dreaded 3 games over .500

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Satisfying win. Very, very entertaining 4th quarter and Poole played his best game in a long time. I do think Philly is the team I most want who could conceivably make it out of the East. But that's a tough road to climb for both parties. The trick is for the Dubs to keep winning, so more of that please.

As for JK, this has happened to him multiple times in his career. A run of 5-6 games where you say I never want him to play <30 min again followed by 3-4 games where he's a negative on the court. The joy of being 20. Hopefully the former becomes 7-8 games and the latter shrinks to 1-2. Sunday could be really good for him or Gobert could completely neutralize those backcuts, we shall see.

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Imagining this team with GP2…

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Klay leading the league in 3PM

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Another entertaining Warrior win.

I have to give credit to the NBA for the play-in. I hated it when they first instituted it, but it sure makes these late-season games matter. They're getting some playoff intensity already, and it's fun to watch.

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I'm telling you, the way the Warriors are coming on late in the season? Come the first round of the playoffs, they're a team no one is going to want to play.

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Mar 25, 2023·edited Mar 25, 2023

DeAaron Fox left the game tonight with a hamstring injury

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Didn’t watch the game, just the play by play up to the end of third. Sort of surprised but really not surprised they pulled this out. If we are going to gel now is the time to do it. It could get interesting when the worlds shortest big man takes the floor…

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Joel Embiid told Draymond Green tonight: “You know why I played like that tonight? Because you said Jokic was the hardest guy to guard in the league. So I took that personally.”

Green: “So now I want to say (Embiid) is the hardest guy to guard in the league.”


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