HB has had a solid start to the series so far which means he'll disappear when things get tough for them.

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THE ATHLETIC Anonymous NBA player poll 2023

Who’s the most underrated player? 97 votes

Jrue Holiday 17.5%

Shai Gilgeous-Alexander 11.3%

Mikal Bridges 5.2%

Jalen Brunson 4.1%

Jaden McDaniels 4.1%

Derrick White 4.1%

Jaylen Brown 3.1%

Anthony Edwards 2.1%

De’Aaron Fox 2.1%

Jaren Jackson Jr. 2.1%

Damian Lillard 2.1%

Khris Middleton 2.1%

Dejounte Murray 2.1%

Immanuel Quickley 2.1%

Austin Reaves 2.1%

No Loondawg. Must mean NBA players actually rate him?! Was so great to hear his value to the team being trumpeted on TNT in light of Greens absence.

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It's always a good sign for us when Looney is dominating the boards. We need to win that battle every time.

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All I can say is - Thank our lucky stars, we can call Steph our own

I wore my "In steph we trust" jersey last night. Got to do that for every play-off game now!

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Man that was cathartic. I wish some of the secondary Dubs would step up like that on the road. At home, most of them consistently play so well. Great game Warriors, love y’all. Go win the next 3 games!

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Looney 4 points and 20 rebounds on 4/20. That's funny.

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Apr 21, 2023·edited Apr 21, 2023

Best defensive game of playoffs without best 2 defensive players (no shade Loon) not playing? Did they play great defense? Mostly. But what is really happening is less turnovers and better shot selection. The offensive bone is connected to the defensive bone. This game is the best representation of "good offense leads to good defense" I think I have ever seen. Do the Dubs want to keep chasing the Kings all around the court in transition, huffing and puffing their way to their man, always one step out of position, or would they rather take their damn time, protect the ball, value their possession, and take more than .5 seconds to make a GOOD decision and take a good shot. I'm done with the .5 second decision rule. It's more important to make a good decision, make the safe pass, value the possession and get a shot off. Sacramento scored 97 freaking points last night without Dray and GP2. And the Dubs did it by slowing down and playing with attention and intention. That is what I have been waiting for all freaking year long. Thank you Dubs. Thank you Adam Silver, for forcing Steve to put some faith in his players and to remind him that he is the coach, not Draymond. It's his job to light the fire. It's his job to flip the switch and lead his team to the light. Don't let go of that switch, Steve. It's time you start showing us just how smart you really are.

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Of course I enjoyed the game and the after chat. No Dray, no GP2, and no Iggy, so God did it. He mad Moses the Ram in the Bush! 🙏😍

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Apropos of nothing: Not a great sign for a player’s reputation when I see an article titled “Murders are spiking in Memphis” and my first thought is: “Have they checked Ja Morant’s alibis?”

That’s a rhetorical question, because obviously the Memphis police wouldn’t investigate him for anything as trivial as murder.

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Warriors top 5 in playoff net on-off per 100 possessions:

1. Curry +62.2

2. Looney +21.4

3. Wiggins +7.6

4. Poole +0.1

5. Payton -6.1

Everyone else -6.3 or below (Klay last among regulars at -23.6).

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Steph passes Pippen & Nowitzki on career playoff scoring list: https://www.si.com/fannation/nba/fastbreak/news/steph-curry-made-nba-history-in-kings-warriors-game-3

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Take a look at Stephen Curry move without the ball as he travels 192.7 feet on a single possession in Game 1! #NBABreakdown


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Big shout out to Adam Silver for the assist on tonight's W. A smaller shout out to whatever bug knocked out GP2. It took losing 45 min p/gm in rotation minutes for Kerr to dish out 29 minutes to Moody and JK. Warriors slowed down, they took care of the ball, their added length and athleticism (Moody & JK) is a problem for the Kings, Looney absolutely shines in Dray's absence, and I'll even give Kerr credit for winning the substitution battle with Mike Brown for changing Curry's sub pattern.

My worry now is Draymond and Curry hooking up again. They remind me of those two guys who, when you hang with them alone, they are cool. But when they get together they kind of turn into a-holes. And by that I mean they have a negative impact on each other in the area of ball security. Draymond tends to push things a little too fast at times and create passes that just aren't there. Then Curry starts winding up those overhead cross court skip passes to the other team. I would love to see a stat of what their respective turnover rates are while on the court individually and while together.

Styles make fights and match ups matter. GP2 has been very efficient in this series. Draymond a little less so . In the first 2 games, Steph and Dray accounted for 9 turnovers per game just between them. That cannot continue. So the $64,000 dollar question is: will Steve take what he's learned from game 3 and apply it, or will he flip the channel back to business as usual, and give the keys to the car back to Draymond days after it got out of the shop from him wrecking it?

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I know Lamb have some naysayers on here. I for one also wanted a serviceable big instead. Tonight though, Lamb came through with some nice defensive plays. That block on Monk’s corner 3pter was so demoralizing for Monk that I doubt he’ll eat any Lamb for at least until we end this series.

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If Steve and the staff stick to staggering Dray and Loon the entire game for spacing...who do you think should get the start? I know Steve probably goes Dray, but after the night Loon had, tough to send him to the bench the next game. Gotta reward him.

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