Poor JFK, the saddest birthday present: a tweaked knee.

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Loved watching.

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Another fun game, starters still coasting, Poole roasting, Warriors boasting a very exciting roster.

Yeah, Jokic kind of killed us much like Nurkic did. But our depth > their depth, even if certain fringe guys were threatening to ruin our comeback. This was certainly OPJ's game to shine. I'm excited to see who steps up next.

As for that 15th roster spot, there's no obvious answer yet. Pretty sure it ain't Galloway, and I'm not sold on Bradley. Mulder would be a fine choice (despite his ineffective defense) but since he's still eligible for a two-way it's not as clear. I hope GPII recovers in time to play some preseason minutes.

Oh yeah, and Kuminga had better learn from Poole and not Bell about how to grow his game. First adjustment: chuck less, slash more.

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Was just thinking how awesome it is that Kuminga/Wiseman/Moody have Poole as role model and mentor. Of course it's great to have experienced mentors like Steph/Dray/Iggy too, but to have someone who's clawed their way from near irrelevance to be in such an exciting position has got to be so motivating. And the way he did it too, always accepting his role and working hard, being a seemingly great teammate and playing with joy... Exciting blueprint for these new guys!!

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Even w/o Klay and Wiseman back, I don't see why will not have a better first half record (emphasis - first) than last year's first half:

Starters (or so):


Steph = Steph

Poole <> Oubre (++offensively, - - defensively)

Wiggs > Wiggs (even if by a bit - understands system better)

Dray > Dray (didn't play in 4 games and wasn't fully in shape till Jan)

Looney = Looney



Andre > Wannamaker

DLee = DLee

OPJ <> Baze (+offensively, - -defensively)


Belli > Wiseman (rookie)

Mulder = Mulder

Moody, Kuminga <> Paschal, Smiley

DNP: Klay+Wiseman vs Klay+Quese



Kerr > Kerr (close game losses experience)


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OPJ for 6th man year Poole for MIP

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hahaha that gif

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Missed the game tonight, went to a surprise screening of Train To Busan at my local AMC, what I miss?

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We have a renewed battle for the #15. Galloway made his entrance into this race. This is probably due more to Bradley and Chiozza not being able to do much. Bradley was fairly awful in spite of his motor. Both he and Chiozza look like Ky Bowman. They seemed to have picked PG's with good motors but no skillset on the floor. This has gone on too long. None of these guys are as good as GP2 and he is not even ideal for us. Watching Davion Mitchell play raises the question of why didn't the Warriors choose him in the draft? He was/is the most dynamic pg in the draft and could have held down the backup pg spot for us for years while Steph ages out. We can wing it with our current crop of combo/guards but the actual playmaking will not be up to snuff off the bench

Bjelica is a horrible defender. He's got no game in that department. He really is only a shooter. This will force Draymond into the 5 position more than we'd like. We are playing with fire not having another big guy who can defend and show some athleticism. The game has changed but not to the point where you can afford only stretch bigs. This is a strategy that concerns me.

At the moment, Steph and Dray are just cruising. We all know they will be ready to rock come show time. Poole has arrived, and Porter is the tipping point for our club. What a stroke of luck to get him.

Moody made his mark on this game. He was effective and even helped us win in crunch time.

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A few thoughts. Firstly, Poole wasn't as lights out from 3 in this one, but still looked like the best player on the court. He got blocked a couple of times and he was still aggressive. He did drive into trouble once or twice too. But on the positive side he drew contact and still had the chance to make some layups, kept moving without the ball. The player he most reminded me of was Steph. And that's incredible.

I really, really hope Kerr sticks with having one or the other out there at all times. And once they're all healthy, a bench lineup of Poole, Klay, Wiggins, OPJ, Bjelly seems like they will definitely be able to score in the non-Steph minutes. Sub in JTA, Iggy for defense as needed. There's just so many intriguing combos I want to see.

Moody looked interesting for a couple of minutes. I do want to see Kuminga, Moody, and Wiseman with vets surrounding them every once in a while. I loved seeing the couple of minutes with OPJ and Bjelly, Kuminga, JTA. Literally every lineup combo with the top 14 guys has a fascinating wrinkle. It's the Chiozza, Bradley, Bell minutes that get sloppy. And there just won't be much of that in the regular season.

Man, I'm excited. I really, really like this squad.

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Poole looks insanely fast, springy and focused. I'm super excited for him this year and very happy we have him holding the starting SG spot until Klay's return.

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Hmmm, Warriors seem to have the shooting now, but outside Curry and Poole do they have enough slashing / rim running to take advantage of that space and threaten the inside?

Obviously, Wiseman fills in that rollman ...role. Wiggins can slash a bit, but I find his handle keeps him from being elite at it.

Maybe this is an area that Kuminga can contribute to the team?

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Post game JTA special really nice

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That was so fun! Chiozza was a nice surprise in the fourth, Bell looked like his first season. What a nice way to be back in an almost regular season.

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That @OakTownEli pic from tonight's game, that I can't tell who's who at all.

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