Post game party thread: Dubs start slow, shoot their way back to the win over Denver

Poole looks legit, and so too do these Warriors!

Well, well, well. Would you look at that. If it isn’t some home grown talent showing up and looking like that “bridge to the future” guy everyone’s been talking about.

It was another banger from the Golden State Warriors tonight, as they came back from a sizeable first quarter deficit in a second straight display of shooting depth - though they played it a bit more conservative and only hoisted 46 attempts from deep.

Poole now has 47 points over the course of 45 preseason minutes. He’s shooting 51.6% from the floor, and 42% from beyond the arc.

He looks so much quicker and smarter with the ball than we’ve ever seen him before. Dub Nation is “getting high off their own supply” right now, and no over-reaction is too far.

Joining Curry and Poole in the splash department is newcomer Otto Porter. Between him and Poole, it’s a near-Currylike gravity. Of course some of this is just preseason defense, but it’s still notable that Curry finds himself this open. That dang Box+1 defense is not going to fly against this roster.

[Post-publish edit: blurry picture now replaced with the below gif, courtesy of Joe Viray again. He’s a real gem.]

Watch this play develop as the clock winds down:

As always, this is just a short placeholder article so that the community can gather. The great Daniel Hardee will be back in the morning with some Gold Blood to go along with your morning coffee. For now, we simply wallow in the glory. A 2-0 start is nice, but as with so many things, what really matters is how we got here.

Great game, and an extremely exciting roster!
Goodnight, Dub Nation: