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Kangz just hit their first 10 threes of the game v Memphis.

Barnes 5-5

Murray 3-3

Lyles 1-1

MItchell 1-1

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I can see OKC moving up past us

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Yay, scheduled loss confirmed.

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Big news this week, in my view, is the Dray effort to negotiate an extension with the Dubs in public. If I got his comments right, he's signaling he'd take 2 years which lines up his k with Curry's. That makes sense, and is a deal I'd do. I'd match that with Klay and thus have all 3 aligned to retire after the '26 season.

That structure makes clear how to best deal with the 2d timeline: we can afford another maxish deal starting in 25-26 (this has to stretched a year because Kuminga comes up a year early).

Wiseman doesn't fit that timeline (or the team, frankly). So, I'd trade JW at the deadline (along with our '23 first rounder) for a 3-month big rental.

This would leave a core of Wiggs, JP3, Looney, Kuminga (and maybe Moody), adding PBJ and others potentially. Till then we've got 3 years (after this season) of our chip core to chase rings.

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Hey, at least no one got hurt from Marcus Smart diving onto people's legs

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Poole is trying to pattern his game after Curry. You can see it. He wants so bad to be heroic for one thing. He always takes the last shot, His dreadful fadeaway three thats landing at 20%. His basics aren't there. I now at a point when the game is close and he has the ball, I'm cringing. I just know hell do something to cost us an opportunity. We need to remember he'll now be making All-Star money. This has got to be the very last year making Westbrookian level mistakes. No more Shaqtin' a Poole. No more. You want the bag? Play like someone that gets the bag. I want al least the maturity of Devinchenzo in my $35M players. Is that too much to ask?

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In his postgame interview Kerr said Poole was ‘fantastic’ last night. Was he?

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In all the woulda, coulda, shouldas, I haven’t yet seen the Jim Barnett assertion you should foul when up three with seconds to go. Maybe a few more seconds were still on the clock than Steve felt comfortable with but Boston is a damn good three point shooting team.

Overall, though, I’m happy the the effort.

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Tough, but, encouraging loss, even if it happened on the 1st game of B2B....STEPH-KLAY delivered 48 pts, WIGGS-POOLE delivered 44 pts, and DRAY missed a TRIPLE DOUBLE BY ONE ASSIST; all, against the BEST TEAM/RECORD at midpoint of the season.....our PLAYOFFS SHORTENED bench delivered 10 POINTS TOTAL, DDV-LAMB-LOONS. ALL starters played for 36+ MINS w/overtime...Rounded-out, STEPH 43, POOLE 43, WIGGS 40, DRAY 37, KLAY 36 minutes. OUR Bench had DDV 28, LOONS 20, LAMB 18. LEGS MAY have made a difference in those missed shots down the stretch in regulation, and, in overtime, though there were careless mistakes early in the 4th qr that let them get back in the game...SEGABABA gonna be tough, 2-nite....it is good to see we are increasingly capable of competing at the highest level...HOW IS JW coming along with his injury....if he+KUMINGA will not fill the BIG MAN hole in the interior RIM ROTATION, we definitely need THE INSURANCE of another solid, BONAFIDE, BIG. We got away with it last year, but we had OPJ AND GPII in the rotation who played BIG. So far, their 2-WAY impact in the interior has not been replaced.

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I had to miss the game but was able to check score on my way somewhere mid 4th quarter. Super glad we pulled one out! In Boston, no less!! Amazi -- wha? Oh. Oh, that's ... not happy news.

Ouch. Looks like one of those situations when "I closed my eyes and she slipped awayyyyy" -- and here we must, it would seem, credit Boston.

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Damn... when Klay just dropped that ball outta bounds...

At the end of the day, this game shows that this team can hang with the top of the NBA. Foundational 6 plus DDV & Lamb is a tad bit weaker than Foundational 6 plus GP2 & OPJ, so it's good that we've got Kuminga and JMG coming back. And we'll see if Wise can give a few minutes in tightly controlled matchups... but there's bench versatility and decentness.

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I am dreaming/tripping/ hallucinating that Steph made his half court shot at the end of the second half instead of the first half 🥴

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Wow, Wiggins even points at Brown for Poole.....c'mon bruh

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Suns beat the Nets 117-112.

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this was the team that missed the play-in the year the Lakers won it all.

Kent Bazemore

Marquese Chriss

Stephen Curry

Draymond Green

Damion Lee

Kevon Looney

Mychal Mulder (non-guaranteed)

Kelly Oubre

Eric Paschall

Jordan Poole

Alen Smailagic

(Klay Thompson) (injured; out for year)

Brad Wanamaker

Andrew Wiggins

James Wiseman

Two-way: Nico Mannion

Two-way: Juan Toscano-Anderson

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