Post-game memory wipe thread: Lakers 116, Warriors 86

So… maybe we should just forget the game happened?

Here are my extremely brief unhelpful game notes:

  • I missed the whole first half, and this is a perplexing score to come back to [it was actually close for a half]

  • I see, GSW going Dragan-Chriss. So Dray got himself chucked to help the spacing. Team player

  • I step away for a few minutes and the game goes from close to 25 points down. THE TANK WILL NOT QUIT, THE TANK WILL NOT DIE

  • Welp, on the good side, the comments are way easier to follow now. The happy comments stay in place towards the bottom and it gets gloomier real fast as you go up

  • Run every play for Mulder and Bender you cowards!!

  • I think I just saw four consecutive plays end on turnovers 

In case you were curious, GSW’s 25 turnovers were the most since 2018-02-02, and has not been surpassed by GSW since 2006-11-24. GSW has had 10 games of 26 or more turnovers, and went an unbelievable 7-3. Stats from

(Update: official count was 26 turnovers for GSW last nights. Ugh. All stats above still valid.)

Also update on Ky Bowman (he’ll be out for a while, MRI tomorrow):

Now look right here…


Drewyr221 asks: So who are we getting rid of and who are we keeping for next year ?

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