Mmmkay I know the world doesn't revolve around me, but there's nothing the basketball gods seem to like more than proving me wrong, so I'm just gonna say it: Wiggins is a straight pumpkin

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Klay shot 50% on threes and 30% on twos, it's almost like he's not very good at off the dribble middies... maybe Will Ferrell can put on his haha suit and have a little chat with our guy.

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So turns out League Pass really helped me out tonight. Watching delayed mid 3Q, had to pause to settle the toddler, then can back pressed play and it jumped forward to 0.3s 4Q, 2points down, game over and Loon getting into the refs. I was like WTF just happened, F U league pass, then oooh this got close. Started to unpick the end of the game, re-read all the epic game thread posts and threw a prayer up I didn’t watch the end of that one.

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If the refs are going to behave that way in our home town they shouldn’t be welcomed here. Those refs should be uncomfortable when they come to the Bay Area for a while. They shouldn’t be served at restaurants. They should be shunned when seen in public. And they should be banned from Chase center for the rest of the season.

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Good morning from Italy. I fell asleep mad, and I woke up furious.

Firstly, yesterday’s game was well officiated, and I agree with the refs for all their most important decisions.

For the L i blame only Dray, because he didn’t fight along with the others. He quit.

Since he appears to dislike the team without Steph, let’s help him by giving him a rest until Steph’s comeback

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I know “Magic” has always been thought of solely as Earvin Johnson’s nickname, but I think we should use it for Wiggins as well. Seldom will you see such prestidigitation as the disappearing act he’s been pulling since the All Star break.

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That was one of the most infuriating endings to the game, not because of the players, but because of the refs... Not like any of the calls were even wildly bad or anything, just that the things they called and didn't were perplexing. More than most games this season, it felt like these refs had a thing against the Warriors all game, from the Dray ejection, to the Klay flagrant on review, to the numerous moving screens... Though, San Antonio also has cause to be upset at the random foul on Wiggins with 3 seconds left. What the heck was that?

Honestly, so frustrating. I knew we were in for a random ending but THAT was not the one I was expecting

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Can someone explain the thought behind playing chiozza next to poole and also not playing d lee a single minute while chiozza plays 20

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Something like this is going to happen with him in a big game in the playoffs.

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Missed the game in it's entirety chasing fresh pork rinds from Princeville. Sold out so a wasted trip.

Is this worth watching knowing the final result?

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Mar 21, 2022·edited Mar 21, 2022

Some encouraging news: in two games we get to lose home court in the Finals at the Heat.

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> @markhaynesnba

Jordan Poole on postseason seeding:

“I personally haven't really been paying too much attention to it...I know it's out there, and Draymond mentioned it a little bit, but we got to find ways to win games like tonight before we even start thinking about seeding.”

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Suns have enough margin to mess up seeds 2-10 to certain extent by purposefully dropping games. They have game against Grizz, Jazz, Denver, Warriors. They also have games against Timberwolves, Lakers and Clippers

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Plot twist: Warriors lost this game so that the Spurs can get into the play-in spot in the Western Conference.

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Notable stats:


Richardson: (-3)

25 points 8/12 FGs 3/5 three pointers 6/6 FTs

2 rebounds 1 assist 1 turnover 1 steal

Primo: (+10)

11 points 5/10 FGs 1/4 three pointers

3 rebounds 2 assists 1 block

Poeltl: (+11)

7 points 2/7 FGs 3/6 FTs

14 rebounds (8 off.) 2 assists 2 blocks

Collins: (-6)

11 points 4/8 FGs 2/3 three pointers 1/2 FTs

1 rebound (1 off.) 2 assists 1 turnover

Murray: (-8)

19 points 8/24 FGs 2/6 three pointers 1/1 FT

6 rebounds (1 off.) 8 assists 2 turnovers

Johnson: (+5)

14 points 5/15 FGs 2/9 three pointers 2/3 FTs

7 rebounds (2 off.) 5 assists 1 steal

Jones: (+10)

9 points 3/7 FGs 2/3 three pointers 1/1 FT

4 rebounds (2 off.) 4 assists 3 turnovers 2 steals


Porter Jr.: (-2)

16 points 6/13 FGs 0/3 three pointers 4/4 FTs

16 rebounds (8 off.) 3 assists 3 turnovers 1 block

Poole: (-5)

28 points 11/21 FGs 4/9 three pointers 2/2 FTs

5 rebounds 3 assists 4 turnovers

Thompson: (-13)

24 points 9/22 FGs 6/12 three pointers

3 rebounds (1 off.) 1 steal

Wiggins: (+1)

16 points 0/3 three pointers 6/9 FTs

9 rebounds (3 off.) 2 assists 1 turnover 2 steals

Kuminga: (+11)

9 points 4/7 FGs 0/2 three pointers 1/2 FTs

5 rebounds (3 off.) 1 assist 1 turnover

Bjelica: (+10)

9 points 4/8 FGs 1/2 three pointers

9 rebounds (3 off.) 6 assists 2 turnovers

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Final stats:


38.8% shooting (38/98 FGs)

15/40 three pointers

19/25 FTs

44 rebounds (17 off.)

25 assists

11 turnovers

7 steals

2 blocks


45.6% shooting (41/90 FGs)

11/33 three pointers

15/21 FTs

57 rebounds (20 off.)

26 assists

16 turnovers

5 steals

1 block

Points in paint:

Spurs: 34

Warriors: 52

Fastbreak points:

Spurs: 8

Warriors: 5

Points off turnovers:

Spurs: 22

Warriors: 14

Bench points:

Spurs: 47

Warriors: 34


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