Pacers are the most aptly named team in the NBA right now - they pace that they are playing at is insane. Wouldn't want to meet them in the playoffs, and fortunately the Dubs probably won't have to.

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Payton update: Guard Gary Payton II, who has missed the past two games with a strained left foot, is considered questionable for Wednesday’s game.

“He’s scrimmaging right now,” Kerr said after Tuesday’s practice. “We’re still calling him questionable because it depends on how he feels afterward.”

So you're saying there's more that just a chance?

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From The Athletic: "Blazers at Suns: Phoenix still has a chance at the West wildcard but needs to win by a lot for point-differential reasons. Luckily, they’re playing Portland, so that’s likely."

So, do the Suns care about the IST, and play the starters in the 4Q of a blow out to run up their score differential, knowing the Dubs are coming the next night? Somehow I don't see Vogel caring that much about the IST, but would be great if they wear themselves out tonight for a gimmick and lose tomorrow.

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Podziemski (per 36)

15.2 pts on .611 ts

8.8 reb (!!!)

5.0 ast / 2.7 tov

+5.4 net on-off

Prettayyy good for a 20 y.o. getting his first taste of the NBA.

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Def. efficiency:

1. Magic

2. Timberwolves

3. Celtics

4. Thunder

5. Knicks

6. Clippers

7. Rockets

8. Raptors

9. Nuggets

10. 76ers


12. Lakers


18. Warriors

19. Kings

20. Suns


26. Pacers

27. Jazz

28. Wizards

29. Spurs

30. Hornets

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Off. efficiency:

1. Mavericks

2. 76ers

3. Pacers

4. Bucks

5. Celtics

6. Hawks

7. Thunder

8. Nuggets

9. Suns

10. Jazz


13. Warriors

14. Kings

15. Clippers


23. Lakers


26. Bulls

27. Magic

28. Grizzlies

29. Spurs

30. Blazers

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The thing that impresses me about Podz is that he seems to understand the _urgency_ of the Warriors motion offense. Other rookies do that thing where they bring the ball forward at three-quarter speed with no plan ("I'm attacking, I'm attacking... no I'm not") then they toss a looping pass back to the point guard and the possession is stone dead. Perhaps unfairly I call it a "Pat McCaw". JK does it less now, but Podz just seems to know that if you move fast the defense will give you a half-step somewhere, and then if you move (and think) still faster you can keep it open, claw it open, and somewhere someone will get a look. Did he learn that here, or has he always played like that?

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Regarding Sengun, one thing I think people aren't acknowledging is that he's grown like 2 inches since he was drafted. Which makes a huge difference for him and wasn't something that was necessarily predictable (although can always be a nice bonus for young players).

I was down with the idea of drafting Sengun but I think the lamentations about missing on drafting him at least need to acknowledge that his NBA career is probably going differently without the growth spurt.

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Explain One Date:

Very awesome personality connection, notsomuch physical. I want to hang out more but feel I’d be leading her on if I’m not attracted. Dating is weird.

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Warriors stats after 15 games:


12 in points scored (113.9)

30 in points in paint (39.1)

29 in fastbreak points (10.3)

13 in offensive efficiency

26 in shooting % (44.5%)

15 in three point % (36.1%)

26 in two point % (51.0%)

3 in off. rebound % !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (29.0%)

17 in def. rebound % (75.4%)

13 in total rebound % (50.9%)

5 in opponent blocks!!!!!!!!!!! (3.8)

18 in opponent steals (7.9)

7 in assists!!!!!!! (27.4)

20 in turnovers (14.6)


15 in points allowed (113.5)

15 in opponent points in paint (48.9)

8 in opponent fastbreak points!!!!!! (13.4)

18 in defensive efficiency

15 in opponent shooting % (46.4%)

14 in opponent three point % (35.5%)

11 in opponent two point % (52.9%)

27 in blocks (3.5)

19 in steals (7.5)

12 in opponent assists (24.9)

22 in opponent turnovers (13.5)

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Kerr quote from today's Chron article, about how they have 12 guys performing well, without any separating from the rest "... because there hasn’t been separation we’re also kind of mixing and matching, trying to find combinations that make the most sense. … We need to settle on our top nine or 10 and go from there.”

Sure that's a good problem, but who will be the two that drop from the regular rotation? The obvious rotation 10 would be Steph, Klay, Dray, Loon, Wiggs plus CP3, Saric, Moody, JK and GP2. Leaves Podz on the outside looking wistfully in, but that's not too surprising. But who's number 12? TJD?

Are there really 12 guys performing well, or is Kerr just being Mr. Nice Coach??

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Boosting this tweet about Poole not knowing the rules and wasting time when he wanted to save time.

Also I'd like to bring attention to something Chris "The Feds" Paul did last night. Sengun scores the ball with 2:46 remaining to trim the lead to 8:


You can see CP3 not grabbing the ball immediately, pretending to do other things although that piece of shit (now "our" piece of shit) knew exactly what type of legalized cheating he was partaking in. Don't have the rest of the clip but you can see the beginning of it.

Here, you can see Curry score the ball with 2:21 remaining and 10 seconds on the shot clock:


2:46-2:21=25 seconds that elapsed between the end of those two possessions despite the Warriors only using 14 seconds of the shot clock, which means CP3 bled 11 seconds off the clock just by standing there and knowing the refs wouldn't call anything if he sold it.

Taking advantage of the very inconsistently applied delay of game rules to give the Warriors a better chance to win the game, the type of tax loophole-ass winning play that will never show up in the box score and a MASSIVE contrast to what Poole did.

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I think it only fair that any fool who posted "Poole party!" during Jordan's height of success with the Warriors present themselves and explain whether they saw coming the extent of Poole's current really excruciating play and attitude; under the dubious premise that any who stood by him in good times must now be excoriated in bad times. Count off.

1. ME

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Kerr on the highlight possession of the night from the excellent Slater recap:

“The ball hit the paint twice,” Kerr said. “It was drive, kick and drive, kick again. That’s the blueprint. But in order for that to happen, Klay has to get off the ball when he’s not open rather than try to beat his guy one-on-one and take a difficult fadeaway. That’s what we’re trying to focus on.”

Kerr wasn't entirely happy with Klay's night though:

“He made a couple early and then he immediately took two bad shots,” Kerr said, referring to those two post-ups. “So I did not sense it early. I just reminded him: If you’re not open, just move it. Look at these guys on the team who will get you the ball.”

On sticking with Klay & Wiggins:

“I’m really patient,” Kerr said. “I’ve got guys who are championship players. Klay and Wiggs early on have struggled. But I’m of the opinion that we have to show patience. We know what they are. You look at Wiggs the other night, and he looked great. Our patience has been rewarded. I think you will see a different Wiggs from here on, and I think the same thing’s going to happen with Klay.”

More at the link: https://theathletic.com/5079467/2023/11/21/klay-thompson-warriors-rockets/

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Good to see with our momentous win last night, we are stilling clinging to the last play-in spot by 1/2 game over the Clippers, and trailing NOP by only half a game for #9. 1.5 games out of the #6 spot (Lakers) to avoid the play-in.

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