USA vs Greece in approximately 75 minutes.

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Dude's a fish.

Klay swimming in China.


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France stunned by Latvia, eliminated from men's hoops World Cup: https://www.espn.com/olympics/story/_/id/38270643/france-stunned-latvia-eliminated-men-hoops-world-cup

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Somehow I missed that the training camp schedule was posted at the beginning of August.


36 days till camp starts (Oct 2).

41 days till the first preseason game (Oct. 7)

Gah. That still seems very far off.

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Slater in a 90 minute season preview with the Dunc’d On podcast:


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OT: This lengthy comment about what went wrong with the Dubs and JP last year, supposedly informed by an insider, lines up pretty well what I (and I infer from comments several others here) have suspected:


Definitely worth a read, and if even partially true, does not reflect all that well on Jordan.

Apologies if this has been posted already, I didn't see it linked here yet, but I may have missed it.

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OT: Did anyone watch Lester Quinones in the Fiba World Cup, Dominican Republic v.s. host Gilas Philippines? He played 15 minutes; 2pts, 3r, 1stl, 1tov, and was +6 in a 87-81 win. Set a record for highest Fiba World Cup attendance ever, 38k.

It was mostly KAT and Jordan Clarkson on offense for their respective teams. Clarkson reminded me of another Jordan we know, overdribbling, forcing it into trouble, out of control, hoping to get bailed out. Player A: 15.9pts / 3.4ast / 2.7reb / 0.8stl / 0.2blk / 33.8% on threes / $11.5M

Player B: 15.8pts / 2.6ast / 3.4reb / 0.7stl / 0.2blk / 33.9% on threes / $27.5M

The highlight was seeing 6 time PBA MVP and 9 time PBA champ 6'10 Jun Mar Fajardo play a Looney-esque game. Slow but perfect, 16pts on 5 shots, 7 rebounds, +3 in the loss while matching up against Towns. (A= JC, B=JP)

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Im sorry Sab i wasnt trying to go Sleepy on your post gods truth.

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An Excellent In-Depth Examination of Moses Moody's Defensive Development Over The Course Of His Career.


It pleases me that my eye test clocking of Moody's defensive improvement was accurate.

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Spain FA is putting on absolute disasterclass in...well...everything. Rubiales is calling out the player he non-consensually kissed on international TV...a liar. 🙄

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Damn JZ, I should have bet on that one. You watching the Anderson fight later?

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Aug 26·edited Aug 26Liked by Perks (GSWCBA)

Great read as always, thank you. I have reviewed several of the standouts, but hadn't heard of Duop and many of the honorable mentions, so definitely looking forward to new candidates to research.

Lamar Steven: I agree that getting him on a two-way would be a coup for the same reason it's improbable; he 'probably' can get a regular roster spot. He would bring 2 years of solid nba experience as a wing defender, even if he's limited in other aspects

Harry Giles and Usman Garuba: I'd be happy with either as positions of need with developmental possibilities. Part of the reason I'm less worried about Harry Giles' health is b/c for better or worse, two ways can be waived pretty easily and the main cost to the team would be opportunity cost.

Aaron Wiggins would also be great, but word on the street amongst OKC commenters is that he's probably going to make the cut. On the flip side, Jeremiah Robinson Earl is pretty far down the depth chart and OKC seems to have locked in their two-ways.

Amongst guys that currently available, a few additional names that didn't have an excerpt that I thought were at least interesting include:

- https://basketball.realgm.com/player/Anthony-Lamb/Summary/87247

- https://basketball.realgm.com/player/Mamadi-Diakite/Summary/76392

- https://basketball.realgm.com/player/Michael-Foster-Jr/Summary/126844

- https://basketball.realgm.com/player/RJ-Hampton/Summary/11736

- https://basketball.realgm.com/player/Quinndary-Weatherspoon/Summary/83967

- https://basketball.realgm.com/player/TyTy-Washington-Jr/Summary/135606

I've been wondering if there are specifics stats or things people keep track of when reviewing G-League/undrafted prospects. I haven't figured this out myself and my tape watching is rudimentary.

Side notes:

- I like what Denver did with two-ways from the standpoint of getting bodies to help in the regular season. They picked off two of my favorites right after summer league.

- What do you think Gui Santos should work on going into next year?

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Aug 26·edited Aug 26Liked by Perks (GSWCBA)

So, are we assuming Gui has no shot at one of the two-ways?

I'm surprised how he's disappeared from the Warriors conversation, despite a pretty solid outing in summer league.

His defense in summer league wasn't spectacular. Other than that, I thought he played quite well. I'm hoping this training camp derby they seem to be planning on results in him getting a two-way.

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Aug 26Liked by Perks (GSWCBA)

Got in too late for the poll, but my vote would have been for the last-place candidate, Reath. Though a bit slow of foot, he can defend, rebound and shoot the three and seems to also be a decisive roller and be aware of where his teammates are for passes, though the highlights don't show anything special on that front. But size, shooting, and experience are what we need and Reath has all three plus apparently that availability thing.

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San Antonio Spurs (barring injuries) would have been set for years to come. SMH


That none of the cap space teams offered Austin Reaves $100 million over four this summer is looking dumber by the day. Lakers getting Reaves back for $56 million an outrageous bargain.

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USA up 45 to 36 over New Zealand at the half.

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