This should be it:


Curry, Poole, Iguodala

Thompson, Moody, Lee

Wiggins, Porter, Kuminga

Green, JTA, Bjelica

Looney, Wiseman, Chriss


Nico, Dawtin or Mawugbe

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The too many rookie issue ... is not an issue 'cuz you don't have to play them all together at the same time.

Curry-Klay-Wiggs-Dray & Wiseman. 4 vets with a young guy on the floor. Substitute Moody or Kuminga for Wiseman for different looks, still have 4 vets on the floor who can manage things.

A second unit of Poole-Moody-OPJ-Belly-Loon gives you fast maturing Poole, 3 savvy vets & Moody mostly hunting open 3s, tasked to play good team defense.

You can get all the rookies good minutes because (once Klay returns) you will have enough vets to fill out the rotations. In crunch time in big games, JTA, Lee, Looney come to bat.

Point is, there is room for these guys to play and develop so long as you have enough veterans to surround them with. By my count: Steph, Klay, Dray, Wiggs, Loon, Belly, OPJ, & add guys who know the system, Poole, Lee & JTA. That's 10. Could we use 1 more? Absolutely. Would the fans of any other team in the league be complaining that they had 3 lottery picks at the end of their bench? I am not willing to accept last year as a comparison because we lost Klay & Chriss (2 starters by the way) right out of the gate. Covid and a rash of other injuries made the year wonky. So the narrative around winning and developing seems a little too tied up in a weird year, although it is recognized (by GSW FO as well) that Warriors mishandled situations plenty. Looking forward to a little more sanity this year and a much stronger approach to walking and chewing gum at the same time.

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The warriors selection of Kuminga and Moody was fortunate from a talent perspective (I’m irrationally high on both of them), but doubly so from an asset perspective: the Dubs started draft night with #7 and #14, and ended it with 2 top 10 picks.

Also, per BR (which, blegh, but whatever), the Philly situation is deteriorating and Morey may be inclined to pull the trigger for a less-than-optimum return.

We all agree that 7, 14, Wise, Wiggs, and 2 future firsts was a rip off. But I am wondering if because of the change in our asset value and Simmon’s situation a less expensive deal may be possible.

Three questions: 1) do you, at some level, have an interest in Simmons; 2) what would you give up for him (ignore what Philly would take, this I strictly “what is he worth to you”); 3) do you think us having Kuminga and Moody and Simmons pouting puts us in a position to not just buy low on him but buy with leverage on his front office.

since I have no clue what I think, here are random situations below:

1) Wiggs, Kuminga — yay or nay

2) Wiggs, Kuminga, Wiseman — yay or nay

3) Wiggs, Kuminga, Moody, Wiseman — yay or nay

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Happy to see Warriors organization practicing a little fiscal responsibility. Winning is great, but not by being the NBA's version of the Dodgers or Yankees. Losing the trade exception for Oubre ok, too, if you consider we now have 3 lottery scale rookie contracts, and these aren't cheap. On the court ...

Steph-Klay-Dray-Wiggs: can we please see that group together on the court at the same time already?!

Poole: the first of many rising stars. (or starter level potential)

Lee, JTA & Loon: the ultimate system / glue guys off the bench.

OPJ & Belly: experienced vet rotation players.

Wiseman, Kuminga & Moody: all 3 should be on the same workout schedule as Poole. Follow his lead. The sky is the limit with these guys.

GP II & Nico: will one of you gain enough trust from Kerr to play regular minutes?

Seems like Bob is playing out Free agency waiting to see if he can snatch a diamond in the rough (Millsap on a minimum, etc) before ultimately adding a Chriss or Iggy or both if you call Iggy your backup PG from the point forward position (basically, the same role he played before)

Looks like you can walk and chew gum at the same time. This is going to be a very entertaining season. Considering the needs to reign in the salary a bit and make it clear to fandom the philosophical direction of the team (not to mention Curry extension), I would call the offseason a resounding success.

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Any chance cousins comeback to warriors. Or is Chriss better?

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With free agency winding down I’m pretty happy with how things have gone. With our existing commitments we had huge limitations. Somehow managed to sign two rookies with excellent potential. We have good young guns (Poole, Lee, JTA) who learned the system last year and can still improve. Our core is great. Wiseman is a work in progress, almost certain to continue growing (skill wise). Fantasies aside, we signed some solid, reliable free agents.

Oubre - we signed the guy for a year, he underperformed and didn’t fit the team, and now he’s off to Charlotte. We could never spend the mega cash to re-sign him, just didn’t make sense. Soon to be just a dim memory. Bazemore and Paschal were ok but not going to move the needle.

And we still have the biggest payroll in the NBA. The only way to change that is to flush the core (Steph, Dray, Green, Wiggins) - which I’m sure everyone here would hate even more.

My bar for the team to cross is more fun than last year all season long, and some playoff excitement. I guess I’m not a ‘ring or failure’ guy. Barring a rash of injuries this year’s team will be better than last year’s.

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We were screwed over by Oubre and the rules of S&T , now Lacob, Myers, go get Reggie please! 🙏🏼

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Paul Milsap is still listed as a UFA. Sure, he is 36 but how much risk is there on a 1 year vet min deal?

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Can we sign Messi? I think he could play PG....

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Not bringing in Chriss would be a big mistake ain't he like 24? Dude still has a ton of potential

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Surprisingly satisfied with this off-season. I was actually higher on Oubre than most BUT also knew re-signing him at this point was a bit of a pipe dream. Saying all that the reason I'm not disappointed is because the FO at least gave themselves a chance at potentially re-signing him. Remember Oubre started to get himself into a bit of a groove before he sprained his wrist.

Ideally I'd like a backup ball handler and Chris's back but I'd be ok with going into the season with the current roster construct. Wiseman alone didn't appeal as much but when you consider we've got two other talented under 20s then as a collective it's exciting. I would have loved Mitchell and Garuba but understand the logic behind these picks.

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Just like ADs t-shirt prior to forcing his way out of NO, That’s All Folks.

I think FA is done for us. Looking forward to seeing these guys take the court together.

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Minus maybe Iggy and Chriss, that wraps up FA, and likely the offseason. Swing and a miss on the TPMLE, swing and a miss on the Oubre S&T, swing and a miss on a trade for a star. Also taking Kuminga and keeping Wiseman. I have not been a fan of this offseason as a whole.

That said, Otto Porter for minimum is an A+. Moody at 14 was an A+. Bjelica was a B. Overall grade for me is probably a C/C-. I think we're about the same as last year with a little bit of upside hope if Klay returns how KD returned.

I actually liked last offseason better but I was dead wrong about Wanamaker and Oubre. Maybe I'm dead wrong about Kuminga and Wiseman and they both become rotational pieces.

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Here's a website that I'm using to keep track of the free agents. Note: the website currently doesn't have the Oubre Jr. or the Birch signings yet.


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Well, Oubre S&T is off the books.

I guess it's wait to see if Reggie or Schroeder take the mini-MLE

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I'm sure we'll hear the fantastic news of Iguodala joining the Lakers for the minimum soon

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