Notes on Summer League, Kuminga and Moody debuts & Open Thread

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We finished the California Classic!

Next stop is the Las Vegas Summer League.

  • Monday, August 9, Orlando Magic, 5 p.m, Thomas & Mack Center, NBCSBA, NBATV

  • Wednesday, August 11, Toronto Raptors, 5 p.m., Thomas & Mack Center, ESPN2

  • Friday, August 13, Oklahoma City Thunder, 4 p.m., Cox Pavilion, ESPN2

  • Sunday, August 15, New Orleans Pelicans, 6 p.m., Cox Pavilion, ESPN2

This is a shame because Gary Payton II and Jeff Dowtin were two highlights of the California Classic.

Apricot's In-Game Notes from Wed Aug 4

  • All right! Are you ready to decide if the front office are geniuses or idiots based on a scrimmage?? LET'S GET RRRREADY TO OVERRRRRRRRR-REAAAAAAACT

  • Can't make too much of small sample +/-. But Kuminga +7, Moody +1, GP2 +7, Jessup -21 feels about right

Jonathan Kuminga

  • GSW runs their one play, that HORNS set I described. Kuminga drives and kicks into a turnover. But he kicked it out!!

  • Kuminga drives and tries to draw a foul while flinging up an airball jumper. Blow up the team.

  • Kuminga with some power moves around the basket. Using strength and leverage really well. I think that's the kind of NBA-ready skill we need to build on. The whole PNR creator is definitely a work in progress.

  • Kuminga with an ugly pass out of the post behind a cutting Jessup. BUT HE PASSED IT. And then takes an open 3 (correct play I think) which I think beaned a security guard

  • Kuminga with a very aggressive pass on the fast break which pegged a kid in the front row

  • I've seen Kuminga multiple times think about hoisting up a shot, pull it back and swing it around.

  • Enjoying watching Kuminga try to guard Yurtseven. He shoved Kuminga to the ground on the last drive.

  • Kuminga with a nice find (but cannon-like pass) of #6 and Moody sneaks in for the putback.

  • Defenders bounce off of him

  • Kuminga has been wrestling hard with #65 and #77 for boards. He drew a foul on #65 on one play, tossed #77 to the floor on another (hahaha). Feels like he's starting to take it personally and also realizes that on Team Shrimp he is the only one with a prayer of slowing those bigs down. Then the crossover into dunk

  • Kuminga's defense continues to be good, sturdy and active... I really like how he fought with the MIA bigs who were annoyingly bullies.... maybe a tendency to gamble. He's so solid that when he drives, defenders bounce off him and he has decent touch off the glass. His passes and jumper require a fan waiver from the constant threat he'll toss one off your forehead. He throws passes about twice as hard as optimal. He does have some tunnel vision, but I can see him trying really hard to run the offense and get other players involved.

  • Kuminga back to guarding the center... really battling #72. HA HA, he drew the offensive foul. Nothing against the Heat bigs, but they are beating the crap out of our players

  • Kuminga had too many dunk options there and forgot to secure the ball

Moses Moody

  • Moody with a very awkward looking drive which gets free throws. He has that special "draw foul without constant flopping" quality

  • MOODY HIT AN OPEN CORNER THREE. Unblow up the team!! Then Moody with a nice drive and kick, an unpleasant pass to GP2 who misses the open 3.

Other Players

  • Jessup with a good switch. Then no hesitation on a very bricky three. Jaquori cans the open three next.

  • Jaquori looking calmer and more patient than yesterday. Good find of cutter.

  • Dowtin can pass too? good find of GP2 on the baseline cut.

  • Feels like GP2 has had five consecutive steals/deflections. Team trying hard to get Schakel the ball on his spot up shots, but MIA is selfishly overplaying him there.

  • Gary Payton the Second. If you don't like that, you don't like chaotic Summer League scrimmages!!

  • Heeyyy, Shackel got an open look and cans the 3. Twice. He is quite a nice shooter. But in this chaotic setting, doesn't feel like he's contributing much if he's not open, and even if he is Dowtin the Closer is in.

  • [On Dowtin] haha I was just thinking Lou Williams

  • This Schakel - GP2 - Jaquori - Mawugbe - Dowtin lineup is actually fun. Schakel's open jumper is damn pure.

  • This is gonna be one of those times when we offer one of Schakel - GP2 - Jaquori - Dowtin a two-way and we'll be called idiots in the future when the others hit it big [Note: GP2 not actually eligible for 2 way]

  • I'd like to see how Jessup is by the end of Summer League. For now, he can't keep up with the speed and strength of the players. He can't get open, he can't get by players, he can't stick to drivers.