Notes on Summer Game 7 Finale: JaQuori steady, Justinian comfy, Moses moody

And that's the end of summer league!

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Apricot's In-Game Notes

  • No JFK today, but incoming Mooses

  • Moses emphasizing on-ball creation. Airball, clanky bank, charge. Not his wheelhouse yet.

  • Mooses forces a pass down the lane, turnover. Immediately steals the ball back. Bricks another three, but not a bad shot since Mawugbe was under the basket and gets the OREB. Then M fans on a layup and dunk. This is not a serious game or else I'd be readying the Zen post game mind wipe

  • Jaquori has settled the game down. Nice drive and dish to a cutting Moody (who almost fans on a dunk), then a quick offense 3 for Jessup. Moody looks a bit discombobulated from the bad O. He's started losing people on D. I'd like to see him lock down on D and make his impact there.

  • For all of the Moose droppings, GSW D has generally been good, and they've used Ayayi as an instant "get the ball back" machine. GSW actually up 10.

  • Jessup has fully settled in. Pops a 3, then a nice pass to a dunk.

  • That is a fascinating shape bandage on Cacok's head.

  • And that is a gorgeous bank shot by JaQuori.

  • JaQuori's best game. Undisputed controller of the ball and a sweet dime.

  • Moody, on the bad side, seems completely gun shy from holding the ball for more than 1 second now.

  • Moody was ultra ball dominant for the first five plays and it wasn't working. Since then, he just doesn't seem to want to handle the ball. I wonder if that "chest contusion" which kept him out of Game 5 is actually bothering him. I assumed it was a made up injury to justify holding him out.

  • You can watch the JaQuori and Jessup highlights afterwards. They are playing great. The Lakers team is no juggernaut.

  • Cacok started with a cross bandage. Now with a square bandage. My ESP tells me the next bandage will be three wavy lines.

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  • Moody really does seem bothered when he messes up on O (this immediately followed his turning it over on an ambitious pass to the baseline cutter). At least today.

  • Mawugbe huge block to erase Moody's mistake to mis-guard the 45 degree cut. Moody finally sees a 3 go in. [Actually was his second 3.] I hope that settles him in on O (and D since his bad O seems to be messing with his D focus).

  • His current line doesn't look so bad, 4-9, 2-6 from three, 10 pts, but it doesn't capture his erratic play today.

  • Ah summer league. Jessup was open in the left corner, then under the basket, then in the right corner and finally the ball gets handed off to him, bringing two defenders.

  • Jaquori and Oliver showing some chemistry on the PNR

  • Call me a wuss, but I don't think they should play zone or press in SL. Yeah, those are legit defenses, but they are overpowered against teams that have played together for a week.

  • Kyle Guy has "you have got to be joking" body language on every GSW foul

  • Moody good cut. But play before he got burned going for a steal in the corner, next play he overhelps off the other corner leaving an open 3.

  • A bit surprised to see JaQuori off-ball and Guy on-ball down the stretch.

  • Guy with a very good find of the Moody cut, but... at the other end, Moody again overplays going for the ball fake and gives up the drive and score

  • Good thing is that I think there is a lot for Moody to look at on film (all the overplays, the pressing too hard, the losing focus on D), so this hyped up scrimmage can be a real learning experience.