The one player I cannot see the Warriors choosing is Anthony Edwards. He won't start and is not an elite shooter despite all the hoopla about his athleticism. But who knows, maybe the Warriors really did see something in him that they want. They said they were disappointed in his workout.

Lamelo is clearly the top talent. He also won't start but fills a glaring need for the backup PG and bench and future playmaker for the Warriors. Hardly any rookie comes in and is picture perfect. Kobe certainly wasn't. Lamelo will also get to play intermittently with Curry & Steph as they get to know his game.

Wiseman is the biggest wild card in years. I love the mystery around this guy since he didn't play college ball. 3 games can't count. But, how do you argue with his size and athleticism. If Kerr can't do something with a player like this, you don't belong in the NBA and we know Kerr belongs! I don't see how we can pass on him barring trading down. I don't want to comment on trade scenarios because who knows what teams will offer and how many are actually interested. All I know is that there are 3 choices to be made and we pick 2nd. WISEMAN. If he doesn't fit, he becomes a trade asset and Myers will find a solution. I can't imagine him not starting right away. He fills a need. Wise choice.

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Thank you for bringing some optimism! Last night I may have been in pure panic mode as the contenders gain strength.

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I'm real curious to see if the Rockets take the Nets up on this. I know a lot of rumors are nothing, but this seems like a clear case of the players leaking stuff, and now the teams are catching up.

Just really hard for me to imagine that no other team has a better offer than the Nets.

> Brooklyn is throwing the “kitchen sink” at Houston in a potential trade for James Harden, via


“All of it. All Future Picks, all Pick Swaps, and LeVert, and Dinwiddie.”

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OK, so now I want them all.

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Back in March I hated the idea of Toppin but after looking at all the players they could get, if they stay at 2 or trade back a couple slots, I'd take him. I actually think he's less bad defensively than I originally expected, he tries hard and he's smart, he just has physical limitations.

I also like Okongwu, Okoro, Haliburton, Vassell, Williams, and Hayes. Basically if they don't take Toppin I hope they trade down to the 6-11 range. There are some guys lower in the draft who I like as well, particularly Killian Tillie and Tyrell Terry.

Don't want Ball/Edwards/Wiseman/Avdija even though it seems like they might be the first four picks.

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