Giannis would look great in a dubs jersey but it would break my little dubs heart if we had to trade Klay . If management isn’t sold on Wismen , or Anthony Edwards . Maybe we can trade down to a team who does and take that teams draft pick next year to bundle . Anybody check out this Obi Toppin kid? Shooting lights out from the three 6’9 great NBA build under athletic looks like he could contribute right in for the bat . With Him Paschall, Marquises I think we have a VERY athletic team which has been lacking

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In other news, I have a new version (v6) of the LGW bookmarklet out. I added buttons at the bottom for mobile device navigation -- but I haven't tested this on actual mobile devices yet.


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The Brazilian Blur! Ros was like 'whoa, wuuuut?! you heard here first, folks!!'

Much luv to J-Rich, heart of a Warrior.

I'm on board for Giannis--he's Freaky-Deaky! ;P

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Wow Barbosa gets more love than J-Rich...must've been relatively new fans in the polls.

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Here's the one scenario I can see for the Warriors to get Giannis. The Warriors would trade Wiggins plus one of the picks for Ben Simmons, and then turn around and trade Simmons plus the other pick for Giannis.

Would the 76ers go for it? What they need is a point guard who can shoot, so maybe they'd have been more likely to trade for Dlo than for Wiggins. But it's clear Simmons+Embiid is not an ideal pairing.

Would the Bucks go for it? Surprisingly, I think they just might. If Giannis is going to leave anyway, Ben Simmons is about the closest replacement they could get. His skill set is similar to Giannis from a few years ago.

Now, this scenario is only plausible if both the 76ers and the Bucks falter in the playoffs. The 76ers would have to lose in the 1st round (or maybe reach the 2nd and get swept) and the Bucks would have to fall short of the finals, and as a result both Simmons and Giannis ask to move. I'm going to be holding my nose and rooting for the Celtics.

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