SCW are on NBA TV rn

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My favorite plays of last night were the two offensive garbage time plays:

1. Kuminga gets the ball with Hauser defending him, a clear athletic mismatch. He recognizes this and starts trying to get his teammates in positions so he can draw in the defense and set somebody up. Nobody knows where to go, so Kuminga just says “f it” and gets to the rim easily.

2. Kuminga again finds himself isolated in Hauser, drives across the lane to draw the defense, clearly not actually trying to score, and passes out, then everybody on the team tries the same thing: drive and kick to set somebody up because everybody wanted to help somebody else get a shot up… until Moody gets left holding the bag.

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Stephen Curry Really Has a LOOK AWAY SHOTS Mix 🤯| Golden State Warriors: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nRbhVSw3dfs

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You'd think after the Finals, the Celtics wouldnt stick to drop coverage on Steph.

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So, what is the Celtics bench this year?

No Gallo, so:



Grant Williams (assuming Robert Williams starts)

Derrick White

Blake Griffin

Basically the only significant difference is Brogdon. I suspect they may be in the market for an bench upgrade before we are.

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Stephen Curry & Klay Thompson lead Warriors over Celtics, Jayson Tatum Struggles | Hoops Tonight : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v51EiPQ0CFc

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Well, that went just as I had predicted. Of course, y'all didn't know it was Opposite Day at my house so I had Boston bludgeoning the Dubs. Well, will take a Dub W over hurt pride any day. Too bad we have to wait until the playoffs to see that on a regular basis. To the NBA, the Warriors are the monster under the bed. Mostly out of sight, imaginary, until you find yourself in a nightmare playoff series against them.

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The Kuminga performance was a real treat and like fanfic, loved tonight. Honestly gets me more excited than any other Warrior… until Steph hits a 29 footer.

Huge win

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Dec 11, 2022Liked by Eric Apricot, Duby Dub Dubs, Daniel Hardee

Report from Chase: that “let’s go Warriors” chant that started in the upper bowl in the third quarter? Yeah, that was us. The guy standing and screaming his lungs out when Kuminga took it right at Tatum? Yeah, that was me.

Warriors were in Championship form tonight. We still have Tatum’s number.

One more observation: Jalen Brown loves to go hard at Kuminga. Maybe he heard that Kuminga is supposed to be the next Jalen Brown and wants to establish dominance. Kuminga will be more than Jalen Brown will ever be (ok, that’s irrationally optimistic).

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This win was an early Christmas present. And, more hopefully, a prequel to the Christmas game with Memphis.

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Dec 11, 2022Liked by Duby Dub Dubs

Is there any way we can stop using Twitter as the tool to embed video and our analysis. The bird site and it's new owners have seriously devolved into a right wing hell scape of Q'non and bad faith arguments.

I know this may be somewhat hard to differentiate vs NBA Twitter in general but there is a real difference.

Also, this win over Boston almost makes up for the pain of the loss to Utah.

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I really thought we would get clobbered heading into this game, especially with Wiggins out. I’m so glad our players proved me wrong.

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Man, I gotta say, I was not optimistic going into this game. Hard to be more pleased with the result. Still a really tough trip coming up, but at least we're not on a L3 streak coming in. 3-3 road trip would be really nice. Then with an 8-game homestand, maybe we can makeup some ground. But have to build on this. 2 quick losses and these positive vibes go away fast.

Also, I still really like Poole, but he's not an elite shooter, merely a good one. His shot selection is Trae-like and I'm not sure it's good for the team to be so. It does help the spacing though.

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Other than getting kicked out, did Grant Williams have any effect on the game at all? I didn't see it if he did. He talks a lot, but...

Also, I thought Brogdon scored well against the Dubs in the first half - but I think he only scored 3-4 points in the second half. Box score says he played 23 minutes. How many of those were in the 2nd half?

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NBA Western Conference Standings:

1. Pelicans (17-8)

2. Grizzlies (17-9, 0.5 games behind)

3. Nuggets (16-10, 1.5 GB)

4. Suns (16-10, 1.5 GB)

5. Kings (14-10, 2.5 GB)

6. Trail Blazers (14-12, 3.5 GB)

7. Clippers (15-13, 3.5 GB)

8. Warriors (14-13, 4.0 GB)

9. Jazz (15-14, 4.0 GB)

10. Mavericks (13-13, 4.5 GB)

11. Timberwolves (13-13, 4.5 GB)

12. Thunder (11-15, 6.5 GB)

13. Lakers (10-15, 7.0 GB)

14. Spurs (8-18, 9.5 GB)

15. Rockets (7-18, 10.0 GB)

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Jonathan Kuminga on defending Tatum/Brown tonight:

"I'm confident in guarding anybody in the league."

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