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New article up with instant scouting and key comments from here, with fresh new space for more Saric ranting.

Please move everyone along that way.


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Anyone for bringing back Javale Energizer for a second unit rim-protector, as/when needed.....

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"The Dallas Mavericks are expected to trade Tim Hardaway Jr. this summer, according to Marc Stein of Substack.

The team is also expected to either trade or release JaVale McGee.

Theo Pinson is also not expected to return to the team next season."


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Dario Šarić

Pronunciation: \DAH-ree-oh SHAH-ritch\

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Dario Šarić and Chris Paul connected a ton during their Phoenix days together. Larger breakdown in just posted article. But here are a few clips. Pick-and-pop, patient pick-and-roll, transition synergy. I'm told Paul was a vocal fan of the Šarić pickup.


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Someone on r/warriors did a rough sketch of the Warriors 2nd unit.


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Most pressing remaining question: is it pronounced “sa-rich” or “sha-rich”?

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Kings waive PJ Dozier.


[and yes, the link is correct *waves to PJ*]

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YES! We've got Saric! We've got Saric! We've got Saric! We've got Saric! We've got Saric!

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Please for the love of God Presti, cut Garuba so we can sign him

Adrian Wojnarowski


The Atlanta Hawks are trading TyTy Washington, Usman Garuba, Rudy Gay and a second-round pick to the Oklahoma City Thunder for Patty Mills, sources tell ESPN. Hawks save $4.5M in the deal.

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I just went to a practice for Süper Ligi (Turkish Basketball League) team since a friend of mine knows an assistant coach for them and it was eye opening as fuck.

They were running a constant 2-2-1 full court press whenever they lost possession/scored with the reasoning behind it being they wanted to minimize the amount of time the opposing offense had within a potential scoring position. Once they were in the scoring position (past half court in deep three range), they would transform into a man defense which emphasized denying the middle and forcing the ball to cycle to the sidelines.

The second the ball moves to the sideline, their defense would transform into zone where they emphasized shifting toward the ball and using the sideline as an extra defender while leaving the man on the far corner open. This hamstrings opposing offenses because the entire defense is shaded to one side AND the sideline limits your space to operate. If the offense is able to hit the skip pass, the defense has preset rotations which minimize scrambling.

On offense, they are similarly exceptionally weird with very little dribbling involved and instead a constant flow of off-ball movement (with tons of cuts/flashes/screens/scissor actions) and passing.

( The Bellarmine Knights have a very similar offensive philosophy.


It was an exceptionally weird but eye opening experience, its fantastic to see how creative leagues around the world can get.

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So we take Saric, Suns take Bol, we take Biyombo?

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"[Charania] The Phoenix Suns are frontrunners to sign free agent Bol Bol, sources tell @TheAthletic @Stadium. Rival teams are expecting Bol to sign in near future with the Suns, who have deepened their roster this offseason."


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Sweet, we got the guy everyone wanted! Just took a little bit of patience, something in short supply these days.

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Huge signing. I’d take Saric and his fit on the Dubs over anyone the Suns or Lakers added. He can be a difference maker. I’m really excited and optimistic we’re gonna see a big jump for Kuminga playing in various lineups with Saric and CP3.

Personally CP3, Klay, Moses, Kuminga and Saric is my favorite core bench unit. Klays spacing will make a huge difference. That lineup could be surgical.

Would be a home run to double down and add Jay Huff on a two-way deal. Otherwise they can go almost any direction with the final roster spot because Lester and GUI sure look like two great fits on the other two way deals.

They’re actually in a spot where the first 13 are so solid and playable, with two ways behind them that you could sign a big C almost purely for Jokic matchups. I don’t think Hernangomez would go for that, but he’d be amazing. Quick look at wings and Svi Mykhauliuk would be a good fit as another shooter off the bench.

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A couple of more thoughts about the Saric signing:

*He's the right side of 30. He joins GPII, Loon, Wiggs, Joseph as the players in their prime. He also gives it balance. 4 old farts, 4 youngsters, 5 prime. And yes I know Joseph might be straddling the prime and old fart line.

* Man, Suns games will have drama. Steph vs KD, (in Klay's mind) Klay vs Booker, CP3/Saric getting revenge, Gordon choosing PHX over GS

*Saric is probably the last nail in the coffin for a Lamb return. He does all the things Lamb did well (shoot a little as a big, passing, cutting at the right times). Good riddance.

*Based on lineup data, Saric is better as a 5 not a 4. Given his complete inability to shoot, TJD is likely a strict 5 too. There is no 7 footer in the roster, but I wouldn't use the 14th spot on one, as we now have 3 strict 5s and our best center might still be when Dray is on. For the 3rd two way, sure.

*If Saric is a 5, we only have 2 4s in JK and Dray. I would target a 4 with the last spot. That's why Gallo seems so perfect to me. Now, if Washington does buy him out, we almost have to thank them for their timing. Can't sign with LA or PHX if they've used all their roster spots.

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