Gamethread: D'Angelo Russell is back in Brooklyn WITH ICE IN HIS VEINS

The day of reckoning has come. The Golden State Warriors are in New York to face a Brooklyn Nets team that boasts two men who will forever be tied to the Golden Dynasty: Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant.

Irving was the man who hit the shot over Stephen Curry to seal the death of the 73-win Warriors. Durant was the former rival turned franchise hero who helped the Warriors bury the LeBron James-era Cavaliers forever.

Now, those two living legends have teamed up in Brooklyn, aligned in opposition to the Splash Bros and Draymond Green, in a race for championships in the prime of their careers.

Wait, Kyrie and KD aren’t playing today? And neither are Steph and Klay? They’re all injured??? Wow, okay. Well who is playing tonight? Draymond and — OMG THAT’S D’ANGELO RUSSELL’S MUSIC!!! The former Nets’ star is in back in NY!

As trade rumors swirl around the NBA, Russell’s name has been linked from the Timberwolves to the Knicks. But tonight, he’s the leading Warriors’ scorer (23.8 PPG) and he’s back in Brooklyn looking to lay the smackdown. He led the Nets to the playoffs last season before being sent to Golden State in the KD move.

Also, Glenn Robinson III and Alec Burks are not playing tonight, per Marc Stein. #traderelated

This should be a good one, folks!