The first 18 minutes of that game was a reminder we can't just show up with our new depth and think we're going to win.

We created close to zero good shots.

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Just watched the post game Looney and Lee interview. Such nice guys. I was really bothered to see comments that GP2 is better than Lee and Lee wouldn’t be playing if not for Steph. Have they watched D Lee play?! His preseason has been strong. Man, I hope he breaks out and silences that narrative. Poor guy having to live with that shit.

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Note that Axel Toupane was the starting 4 on the Sea Dubs during Poole, Mannion, and Smiley's shortened G League season last year. So they know they like him. I vaguely remember him getting signed by another team's NBA roster late last year and some people here being sad.

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Looks like Alex Toupane has been signed at #15. This is according to PMC over at Letsgowarriors.com

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Slater (Athletic - https://theathletic.com/2892992/2021/10/16/is-gary-payton-ii-still-an-option-for-the-warriors-in-their-now-vacant-15th-roster-spot/ )

But Steve Kerr mentioned weekend “discussions” the Warriors’ decision-makers are still set to have regarding the 15th spot. There has been no final resolution. In fact, I’m hearing there’s a strong possibility that Payton could return and claim that 15th roster spot before Tuesday’s opener, but he’d have to clear waivers before that decision can even be made, which isn’t a guarantee.

Payton’s contract details add needed context. He actually signed on the final day of last regular season, so this would’ve been the second season of his deal, meaning a raise. That bumps the salary a bit above the minimum and it included a $659,000 guarantee that was set to trigger had he not been waived before 2 p.m. Saturday.

It seems the Warriors decided that was too expensive and lengthy a commitment to Payton. If there is a reunion after he clears waivers, it could be lowered back to the first-year minimum and come without a guarantee, basically making it a day-to-day contract until early January (when all contracts guarantee league-wide), leaving the Warriors continued flexibility with that 15th spot, if they want to shuffle in another player or leave it open weeks from now.

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Dray with 10pts, and looking for his shot… looked pretty nice.

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Kerr praised Jordan Bell, saying it was fun to have him at camp and Bell’s grown a lot as a player and person.

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with everyone back healthy, who do you guys think falls to the end of the depth chart?

i highly doubt we go more than 12-13 deep on a nightly basis. assuming JFK sees no meaningful minutes who else do you guys think falls to the end of the depth chat? not because they suck but sometimes there’s just not enough minutes to go around. i think wise will get minutes and moody will force his way into the rotations.

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If GP2 and MM don't clear waivers - that's not a such bad news. That means they got contract with another team!

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Final preseason grades? -- Pick your player or coach or team... what's your grade?

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Final stats:


40.2% shooting (37/92 FGs)

10/40 threes

13/15 FTs

42 rebounds (9 off.)

21 assists

20 turnovers

12 steals

9 blocks


44.6% shooting (45/101 FGs)

16/46 threes

13/18 FTs

57 rebounds (17 off.)

31 assists

22 turnovers

9 steals

5 blocks

Points in paint:

Blazers: 48

Warriors: 58

Fastbreak points:

Blazers: 17

Warriors: 16

Points off turnovers:

Blazers: 22

Warriors: 20

Bench points:

Blazers: 25

Warriors: 42

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People eyerolled at BKisforSF when they said that Paschall trade might just be a salary dump but if the Warriors do leave the 15th spot open, that's exactly what it is.

Too early to say though. Hoping that they are leaving it open to see who else has been cut from other teams and will sign GP2 if there is no one they like better.

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just left the game. some notes

- poole’s off ball lack of awareness might potentially keep him from the death lineup. long season though. could see him improving

-we might have prematurely penciled JTA as a key contributor.

-moody will find his way into the rotation eventually. extremely impressed

- no Gp2 or bradley. looks like a decision was made.

-poole has a deeper bag this year but still has to improve on picking his spots. with time with time.

-if wise comes back and locks in with the team and provide us with that size this team will be terrifying

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The Warriors waived Jordan Bell, Avery Bradley, Mychal Mulder and Gary Payton II, leaving the 15th roster spot open.

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Warm up complete. Passing timing down. Curry flamethrower primed and lit. Time to make it count.

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