DODGERS!! But respect to the Giants. Houston are the favorites to win WS, at the moment.

Warriors are not picked to go all the way by Vegas.

Watched the Sacto/Lakers game. Although the Lakers lost all their preseason games, you have to fear their sheer size, and Lebron. For the Warriors, it will be pace vs size against the Lakers. The potential for the Lakers to dominate is there. Warriors will definitely be ready, but they will have to shoot well and run the Lakers down. They have no way to protect the rim against them.

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Bay Area sports teams are a joke this year...at least the Warriors won't disappoint.

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I picked a year at random to check to do some quality checking on predictions by 538 website given their surprisingly low prediction for GSW this year.

So: 2015-16 NBA standings, top ten teams: 538 predictions vs. actual

[First the 538 predicted # of wins, then the (actual), then how much they were off by]:

Cleveland 63 (57) 6

GSW 60 (73) 13

OKC 58 (55) 3

Spurs 57 (67) 10

Clippers 56 (53) 3

Rockets 52 (41) 11

Grizllies 50 (42) 8

Celtics 49 (48) 1 good job

Bulls 48 (42) 6

Pelicans 45 (30) 15

Other notables:

Raptors (45) 56 11

Heat (37) 48 11

Draw your own conclusions….

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My god...watched some Giannis preseason highlights and forget anything I said in the past about the Hawks winning the East, I'm taking the Bucks to win the title (maybe for the next 5 seasons lol).


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Kerr, Steph, Kuminga, Wise, and some other dude I don't recognize were all on Klay's boat. Not sure what the dude who posted it is on with saying they're on their way to the Giants game lol

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Oct 14, 2021Liked by Duby Dub Dubs

Apparently Klay might be cleared for full practice in a month


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As per Slater and the Athletic, Warriors "may" be down to Bradley, GP2, or leaving the 15th roster spot empty: https://www.hoopsrumors.com/2021/10/warriors-notes-bradley-payton-lee-green-myers-wiseman.html

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Monte Poole, wordsmith: "That’s what Iguodala does, lubricating a stagnant or constipated offense."

Full text: https://www.nbcsports.com/bayarea/warriors/andre-iguodalas-subtle-contributions-offer-warriors-glimpse-whats-come

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A lot is discussed about Wiseman running pick and rolls to improve his efficiency but is there any indication of him working in a pick and pop? From what I remember, his shot is silky smooth and he has great range plus his release point is unblockable. A pnp between Wiseman and Poole might be unstoppable (baby) and would be a great counter to the pnr to keep defenses guessing.

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Here's a good off topic post: 538's forecast has the Warriors winning 37 games. Klay and Wiseman are strong negatives after they return. Everyone is weak. Have a look. Why is this just flat out wrong? https://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/2022-nba-predictions/warriors/

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Man, I canNOT wait for Explain One Klay.

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Newest from Slater on Wiseman, and this part stuck to me:

>>>First, an update on Wiseman, before discussing the longer-term plan. Friday is an important milestone. It’s the sixth-month mark since his meniscus surgery. The Warriors have cautiously held off on giving him unrestricted clearance to jump and work out at full speed. October 15 is the date Rick Celebrini and the training staff have targeted as the first possible point they’d give any kind of full go-ahead.

Even once it comes, Wiseman won’t get thrust right back into games. This will be a slow buildup. I’ve heard a full clearance is expected in the next couple of weeks.


In a few weeks, Santa Cruz is an option, either for scrimmages behind closed doors or full G League games, I’m told. He could use all the low-stakes game reps he can get and those are more available in Santa Cruz, where an NBA playoff chase isn’t happening.<<<

So Wiseman definitely not available to start the season and maybe not even until December or later?

Makes even less sense to me why the Warriors didn't target one more big in Free Agency...

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What's interesting here is the vastly different levels of chemistry on the teams. The Lakers look lost on defense and communicating poorly if at all.

On the Warrior side, there is no reason to expect that Andre and NemBjel will work well with GPII based on some past experience working together. It's just veterans making the right read -- and that includes GPII, sort of. I was surprised to learn he's been around since 2016. Never played a full season or been a starter, but he's also no rookie. Which helps explain why he was making the smart cuts all over the place.

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I like GP2 for the spot out of the guys in camp but I'd first want to know if any roster-worthy big men got cut from other camps. Perhaps even Chriss, although it'll be informative to see how he looks in tomorrow's game. Haven't watched any other teams in the preseason so I don't know if he looks as athletic as he did pre-injury.

The vets on the Warriors seem to be pushing for Bradley though.

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On not knowing what Rondo was doing on the 2nd play, I think he was A) shading over to cover Auto on the wing (AD is over there a bit but is trailing) and/or B) he's looking to avoid a defensive three second call which would require him to leave the lane. Probably A.

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