Explain One Play: Andre Iguodala gets big dunks for Gary Payton II

Andre working to get GP2 paid

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I had planned to put out a video about Nemanja Bjelica but Gary Payton II forced his way into the rotation. I’m putting this out now instead since GP2 might not be on the team in a few days.

Gary Payton II missed preseason until now with an injury but made an impact right away in his preseason debut.

I know Andre Iguodala said he wanted Avery Bradley on the team, but on the court, Andre was doing what he could to ensure Gary Payton II was popping off the screen with several huge dunks.

This video analysis looks at the Warriors plays and how Andre subtly and very unsubtly got GP2 his dunks. The video was made by recording me watching the game live with a rewind button and markup software, so you also get some of my live reactions.

Co-starring the all-seeing Nemanja Bjelica, the all-screening Otto Porter Jr, and a sluggish Rajon Rondo.

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Full Version (subs only)

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