I wonder if Myers was getting heavy vibes from Lacob & whoever is in the Inner Circle that some move he didn't want to make (like moving Dray or Klay) seems inevitable. Maybe he'd rather ride off into the sunset now instead of having "breaking up the Big 3" on his resume.

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Jun 1, 2023·edited Jun 1, 2023

I’m late to the wake, but this -

“While everyone else was jubilant, Myers said he was a little sad. His family was not at the game. His wife had recently given birth and was at home.”

For anyone who has been there - is there a more special time than this as a partnership (parents) than the birth of a child? I get it. Sometimes, no matter how much the virtue, you can run out of juice to squeeze

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I vaguely remember that when Myers was hired, some people were concerned that he was an agent, but it turned out to be an under-rated positive.

Also (from a 2012 article):

"Myers played a part in the trade that netted 2005 No. 1 overall pick Andrew Bogut -- expected to be the franchise center starting next season when he's healthy -- from Milwaukee in exchange for leading scorer Monta Ellis among others, and in drafting standout rookie shooting guard Klay Thompson to be Ellis' replacement previously."


So even though he didn't take over for Larry Riley immediately, he did have at least a large say in most of the (non-Curry, although 99% of the Bay Area could've made the decision to draft Curry) dynasty-starting moves.

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Jun 1, 2023·edited Jun 1, 2023

Not going to happen, but Klay taking a Wiggins-type extension would instantly solve any tax apron problems in 2024.

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How many GMs can be showered with praise when deciding to leave their job? Most wear out their welcome with the players, fans, and owners, and can't get out of town fast enough.

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Edey withdraws from the draft.

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Jun 1, 2023·edited Jun 1, 2023

Because of the new CBA, there are likely to be some good names in the buy-out market this year as high salary teams feel the crunch and need to shed some salary at the deadline. If we are above the 2nd Apron, we lose the right to sign a buy out player as well as lose our TPMLE ($7,021,000). Getting under the 2nd Apron opens all kinds of doors.

1. Dray 3 year 75 mil (yr1 22.5m, yr2 25m yr3 27.5m)

Dray takes a short haircut in years 1 and 2 (his penance) and gets his 27.5 mil opt in number in yr 3.

2. Poole & GP2 head to SAS for Center Charles Bassey, 2nd round picks 24, 25, 26, 27 and 1st rd pick via ATL 2028

3. TPMLE 7 mil to be split between FA

a) Spurs PG Tre Jones 29min 12.9 pts 3.6 reb 6.6 ast 1.3 stl

b) BRK SF Yuta Watanabe 6'9" wing, High IQ, .444 3 pt%

4. Select #19 at 2.7 mil rookie salary

5. 2 million left over in the buyout market to snag a ring chasing rent-a-player

ALL of this fits under 179.5 mil.

Competent backup PG

Talented high IQ sharpshooting wing

Young promising backup big

Ty Jerome (if Steph makes a fuss about his new BFF) or Lester Q takes the 3rd play maker spot.

Final Roster

Steph - Klay - Wiggs - JK - Loon

Tre Jones - Moody - Watanabe - Dray - Bassey

Ty or Lester - Rollins - PBJ - #19 Pick - Vet in the buyout market.

1 trade, 2 teams, 3 players, 2 FA signings, one extension. Eesy-Peasy.

Offer Klay a team friendly extension (3 for 75 to 85?)

Let Kerr ride out the season just so reporters can ask him about his contract all season. I would find that very amusing.

That's today's basketball sudoku. Comments? Additions? Subtractions? Remember, we don't have a GM. It may be up to us. LOL

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After 1 year of being the most awesome all-in 24/7 dedicated stay at home Dad and husband, Bob is going to say to his wife for the umpteenth time, "Hey, I'm headed to Trader Joe's to get something for dinner, honey. What would you like me to get?"

To which she will reply, "Huh, how about a job, Bob."

(3 girls shout "Yeahs" from the nearby living room.)

;-) Happy trails, Bob.

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Does Bud get the Boston job? Boston is a rough spot, not too different than us. Our GM and their coach (likely) gone. Massive roster decisions around key players. Cap issues to battle. I think its time for Brad Stevens to hire Bob Meyers as his replacement and get back in the coaching game. Then hire Mark Jackson as an assistant coach and really screw with the Universe. LOL

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So with Monty Williams being close to signing on with the Pistons, what will it mean for friend of the program James Wiseman. Question mainly based on his well documented strife with Deandre Ayton. I just cant see Wiseman getting any regular rotation minutes this next year. Did see an interesting trade suggestion involving Wiseman to Washington. Honestly thats the only remaining place i could see him getting any concrete developmental minutes complementing Daniel Gafford (i dont see Porzingis staying there if Washington is committed to a full rebuild)

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What a beautiful tribute. Thank you, Duby!

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A quick review of the draft under Bob Meyers. I am leaving out 2020 and 2021 because the votes have yet to be tallied.

From 2011 to 2019 (9 NBA years) the Warriors had the following picks. Also, I will put where player was placed in ReDrafts from the HoopsHype Website in parenthesis. In nine years, this is 8 first round picks or the equivalent of drafting 24th every year and missing one year. And 7 second round picks that averaged picking 39th in the draft and missing two years.

2011: #11 Klay (4th), #39 & # 44 (busts).

2012: #7 HB (6th), #30 Ezeli (Injury), #35 Dray (3rd)

2013: #30 Nedovic (bust)

2014: nada

2015: #30 Looney (11th)

2016: #30 Damian Jones (25th)

2017: #38 Jordan Bell (26th)

2018: #28 J Evans (bust)

2019: #29 J Poole (5th), #39 Smiley (bust), #41 Paschal (1st team rookie/bust)

Of 7 late 2nd Rd picks

4 busts

2 rated higher in redrafts (including Paschal because of his All-Rookie Honors)

1 game Changing Hall of Famer

Of 2 lottery picks

2 rated higher in redrafts.

Of the 6 1st round picks between 28-30 in the draft. (Practically 2nd round picks)

2 busts

1 lost to injury (Ezeli)

1 rated a little higher in redraft (Jones)

2 turned into Lottery Picks (Loon and Poole)

In the same 9-year period, PHI had the following picks:

1st Round: 1, 1, 3, 3, 6, 11, 12, 15, 16, 16, 20, 24, 25, 26, 26, 27 (16 total, 7 lottery)

2nd Round: 32, 36, 37, 39, 47, 50, 50, 52, 54, 54, 54, 60 (12 total)

GSW had

1st Round: 7, 11, 28, 29, 30, 30, 30, 30 (8 total, 2 lottery)

2nd Round: 35, 38, 38, 39, 39, 41, 44 (7 total)

I will say this for the last time, criticizing the job Bob Meyers has done in the draft given the hit rate for all GMS is like criticizing the Mona Lisa because her smile is crooked. Bob Meyers went dumpster diving behind a 7/11 for 9 years, took the scraps of junk food he found out of that dumpster, then went on and won on Iron Chef, 4 times!

And for all of those folks who are so excited to sell out our current youth for the Dennis Schroeders of the NBA, look at the history. We haven’t missed on a Lottery Pick (Wiseman, JK, Moody, the jury is still out). Two of four late 1st round picks have rated out as lottery picks (is PBJ next?)

Take this under advisement. If we get short sided and sell out our youth, there is a damn good chance we are going to regret it later (and I mean a mere year later). When you outperform the average like Bob has, it’s not luck. And if the organization decides to take a grand detour from the path that Bob has laid out before his departure, we are in for some major suckage. We saw the troubles Looney and Poole went through, but we stuck with both and both were critical in bringing in a 4th Chip. You just have to have trust, have faith, and allow it to happen. I’m going all in on what Bob had in his hand. Why? Because I trusted his judgment over anyone else in that organization. I’m a paying member of the Ride or Die with Bob Fan Club because trusting that guy has paid huge dividends. And if you don’t think so, go through Philadelphia’s 9 years of draft picks and put them up against ours.

Bob, you will be missed. Let’s hope and pray that the Warrior’s new FO remembers what you taught them.

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Bob Myers was the best GM this organization ever had and he is undoubtedly a Warrior for life. I will miss him dearly. I hope whatever he does next in his life brings him happiness. If our next GM can even approach how good Myers was at his job, GSW will be in decent shape. That's not a given by any stretch.

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Myers has screwed up plenty. For years they drafted guys who were not very athletic or weak in several areas who are either no longer in the league or hardly playing such as: Chiozza, Jordan Bell, Mannion, Smailagic, Ky Bowman, Cauley-Stein, Jacob Evans, Zach Norvell, Jeremy Pargo, Chasson Randle, Casspi, Boucher, McCaw!, McCadoo, Damian Jones. And he missed getting guys who were getable who are now killing it on other teams. Look at the transformation the Lakers did midseason this year. What did we do even though we were having a crappy year? Nada. We gave away Wiseman for nothing and got back GP2 who we never should have let go to begin with. Sure KD was a killer move but he couldn't hold onto him. There were so many missed opportunities. He got Steph and Klay handed to him so it's like he started on 3rd base. As well as they did these past years they could have done even better, a lot better.

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I want Jarace Walker. Any chance Detroit (who has the cap room) trades the #5 pick straight up for Poole? He did play at Michigan ...

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Sources: Fred VanVleet has emerged as an offseason target for the Philadelphia 76ers with James Harden's future in Philadelphia being unclear.


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