This is one hell of a streak of bad drafting…

Barrett also becomes the first Knicks first round pick to secure an extension with the franchise since Charlie Ward — who was drafted almost 30 years ago.


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The PBJ hype train is starting already?


Trysta Krick, 660AM talk show host hyping up PBJ. Mostly she quotes from the Dubs Talk Live interview that posted about a week ago (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=73TjOe90PzA). She quotes his love of watching film and talks about how unusual that is for college players. She quotes him saying how he watches guys like OPJ and MPJ to see what kind of role player he can be in the pros.

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Additional notes:

Box score from the first night: https://www.fiba.basketball/basketballworldcup/2023/african-qualifiers/game/2608/Congo-DR-Cameroon#|tab=boxscore

JK played 29 min, with 18 pts, 4/15 FG, 4/8 from 2pt range, 0/7(!!) from 3pt range. 2 oreb, 6 tree, 1 last, 2 TO, 1 stl, 1 blk.

So, he started the series 0/7 from 3pt range, then went 2/8 on the second night, then went 3/6 on the third night. At least he improved?

Also, why is he taking SOOO many 3 pt shots? That's concerning.

JK scored 53 of COD's 172 total points (31%)!

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COD vs. TUN full team highlights (not JK specific):


Box: https://www.fiba.basketball/basketballworldcup/2023/african-qualifiers/game/2808/Congo-DR-Tunisia#tab=boxscore

JK: 35 min, 19 pts, 5/9 (2/3 from 2, 3/6 from 3), 6/10 FT, 8(!!) Reb, 2 oreb, 8(!!) TO, 2 stl

Random observations from the highlight reel:

First play: JK lost his man behind the screen - needed to anticipate the screen and go under, or speed up and go over.

4th play: stripped on a drive down the middle.

Nice step back 3 around 1:30, defender got ankles broke.

2:19: JK cuts, and can't handle a poor pass, recovers, but is headed OOB and triple-teamed, throws it back in, but teammate can't handle the pass, TOV.

2:35: crazy push shot 3 pter after a long levitate.

[UPDATE: Maybe TO isn't Turnovers. I don't see 8 turnovers in the play-by-play.]

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There’s some good shit goin on in the WNBA playoffs rn y’all. Don’t sleep on it….

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I found the JK's highlight reel vs South Sudan on youtube:


Stats: https://www.fiba.basketball/basketballworldcup/2023/african-qualifiers/game/2708/South-Sudan-Congo-DR#tab=boxscore

He played 27 minutes with 16 pts, 6/12 FG, 4/4 on 2's, 2/8 on 3's, 2/4 on FT's. 2 DReb, 4(!!) Ast, 2 TOV, 1 Blk, 1 deflection

The 3-pters were nice open pull-up 3's off a screen. I wish we could see the missed 3's to see what went wrong.

His four 2-pt FG's were a push shot in the paint, transition dunk (off his own deflection), and two pull-up jumpers from the FT line (one was a lucky? bank).

His first three of assists were actually really beautiful: The first two kicks off of stymied drives, and a nice vision find of the C in the paint who sealed his man.

It looks like South Sudan defended him without fouling, while still packing the paint, so it's great to see him pull up short for push shots and wide open jumpers as well as kick the ball out to the open shooters rather than try and force something in the paint that wasn't there. I saw the latter all too often last year, so this one game does bode well.

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Jonathan Kuminga in 3 games with DR Congo:

17.7 PPG

5.3 RPG

1.7 APG


0.7 BPG

41.6 FG%

24.3 3PT%

69.0 FT%

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Eric or Duby:

Has Substack articulated why they don't allow inline images in comments? Have they mentioned whether that is on their feature list at some point? Or are they just opposed to the idea? I can see why they might be.

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I have never been a link before. I am so honored.

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I'm on TDYG, as well, but I find myself wondering what it means to be on TDYG. Obviously, play the young guys before vets like JMG. Give last years' rotation vets plenty of rest during the regular season.

But does it mean we're willing to give up some regular season wins so that TYG's can develop? If so, how many wins? Are we willing to risk team chemistry for the postseason? Are we willing to decrease title chances in 2022 by a certain %? If so, by how much? 0.1%? 10%?

And what is TDYG anyways? An archipelago spanning several new islands and islets? A cruise ship that operates among these islands? Or is it one big island, and each YG has a peninsula or isthmus or bay?

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I’m on team develop the young guys too. Like Poole over the last two years. He may have actually gotten worse over the course of his first year. But then he put the work in in the gym, did the full bubble of G-league and dominated, continued to put in the work, and then returned as a difference maker that year, in the off-season and, ever since. Let’s develop all the young guys like that (minus that first lost year.)

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Weird that so many vet big men remain unsigned. So ye rosterbaters, which of Blake Griffin, LaMarcus Aldridge, DeMarcus Cousins, Tristan Thompson, Dwight Howard and Hassan Whiteside get picked up? And where do they go?

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Hollinger has a piece in the Athletic detailing all the possible movement that might be happening now that KD has decided to stay put.


The Jazz and Pacers can continue their fire sales, LA tries to move Russ, etc. I'm curious whether anything might happen that would make the Dubs rethink their 14th and 15th roster spots.

Would Bojian, Beasley, or Clarkson become available via buyout or are they too valuable?

Turner and hield are likely to get moved, but what will they get in return and will there be buyouts available there?

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