Merry Xmas & Happy Holidays y’all.

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So hear me out.

49ers were 3W-4L before they have now gone all wins. streak.

3W-4L in a 17 game season maps to 15W-19L in a 82 game season.

We will be 15W-19L if we lose today (very likely).

So after that we are going on a mega win streak. I think my math is sound. Right?

But we do need a CMC like trade and is it Ty or Ryan who is our Brock?

PS: Warriors, please eek out a win today. It will be a soothing balm for my holiday blues.

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Dec 25, 2022Liked by Eric Apricot

Always love these compilations. They are a reminder to me of the high quality of conversation here, from analysis to humor. Kudos to you all!

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Happy Mistle-two-shot-foul Day everybody.

And, thanks for keeping me sane for another year (the Ritalin helps).

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Steve Kerr says Steph Curry has returned to the weight room and was able to get some shots up this morning. He’s still a ways away from returning to live action, though, Kerr says.

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Dec 25, 2022·edited Dec 25, 2022

Not here to complain about not playing 33/00/4 enough, but I'm wondering about the thinking. Based on the Roster Bob put together, we have to assume that they felt they had enough to compete, enough so that they would sign Andre, whom they knew would play limited minutes, and leave the 15th spot open. In order to believe this, they had to believe that they could get quality minutes from 33/00/4. Not GP2/OPJ/Beli minutes, but better than DLee/JTA minutes. Part of the reason D Lee and JTA moved on was the fact that it was assumed 33/00/4 would be first in the pecking order for minutes.

Since its the NBA, you also have to consider trading part of 33/00/4 for some veteran help as an option. This gives us one goal, get these guys ready for the playoffs, with the caveat that you would really like to know what 33/00/4 can give you, and I mean the full 130 page home inspection report version, BEFORE the trade deadline. Not just so you know what you do and what you don't have with these guys, but that you then learn exactly what it is you should be trading for.

I do believe there is still plenty of time to squeeze more juice out of 33/00/4 and have them ready to contribute meaningful minutes in a playoff setting. Some more than others. However, the NBA Trade Deadline is Feb 9th. We are over 30 games into the season and now we won't expect Curry back until mid-January. We were healthy to start the season. That gives us 22 games before the deadline, perhaps half of those without Steph, to determine the value of 33/00/4 and if that is enough to sail into the playoffs with. Basically, the same question that we have had since day 1.

Last year, 2-way players averaged less than 6 minutes a game. This year, our 2-way players are averaging over 22 minutes per game. And that with a roster that has been relatively healthy until recently. And today, we are no closer to answering questions about 33/00/4 than we were at the beginning. Wiseman played lots of minutes in the G League and appeared to get incrementally better. JK shows great potential, still makes lots of mistakes, but what would his role be exactly, who is he playing with? Moody, I think we are all more confused now than we were last year. I like Lamb and Jerome and they could turn into the new versions of D Lee and JTA if they stick around. But we didn't win a chip with major contributions from those guys. The season is officially 40% complete and it feels like we are all in the dark on who is on our team. Are 33/00/4 really part of the team or are they just trade chips? JK has forced his way on, but even that feels precarious at times.

Point is, one could argue that the first 40% of the season should have been used to whisk 33/00/4 into the lineup and really figure out what we got (btw, no prob with Wiseman getting minutes in g league as part of process). That way, come trade deadline, Bob and company know what we need and what we don't need before Feb 9. Instead, all we seem to know is that Ty Jerome and Anthony Lamb are quality "Fringe" NBA players who may aspire to the D Lee/JTA level of team soldiers. And it's not just the individual play of 33/00/4 that we need to see. We need to know, and they need to know, what exactly they do when they come in. We knew what all our old bench players did. We knew what OPJ was doing when he came in. We knew what Beli's role was. So it is more than just "how good is this guy?" "How can this guy help us be a better team?" is a much more important question and takes a lot more time figuring out.

We are running out of time to get that home inspection report before the deadline to make an offer on that house. I won't hang this all on Kerr, but he is the guy holding the cards. They are his to play.

It's going to be an interesting 22 games, that's for damn sure. And on that positive, cheerful, heartfelt note, I wish ye all a very Merry Christmas.

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My advanced dart board statistical model has the Warriors going 6-2 on the current home stand. This was confirmed by the Ouija board and tarot card models.

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Warriors star Steph Curry is “making good progress” and will be evaluated again for his left shoulder injury in two weeks, the team said Saturday.

-Anthony Slater

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Kerr on Moody’s rotation:

“He has been the odd man out at times behind Lamb and Jerome,” Kerr said. “With Steph out, Ty Jerome has to play because we need a point guard. We’ve got to get organized. If we can’t get organized, we’re in trouble. Ty comes in and settles the game down. On the surface, you say, ‘Why would you play a two-way guy ahead of a lottery pick?’ It’s not that simple. What’s going to help the team win? Well, we need a backup point guard with Steph out. We need an organizer. Ty never turns it over and gets us into our offense. That’s what we need to help us win a game. But when you combine that with JK now being in the rotation, Donte playing well, Lamb being more of a three/four combo with his strength and size, it pushes Moses down in the rotation. It’s been frustrating for Moses. I’ve talked to him about it. But he’s such a pro, such a great young guy with a great attitude that he’s stayed ready, and I think he’s played well when we’ve given him a chance the last few weeks.”


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Went to a Hannukah party in Berkeley last night. Someone had ordered a decorated cake, but the bakery had misunderstood, and provided a cake that read "Happy Birthday Hannukah."

On the one hand, one might be tempted to take umbrage.

On the other hand, it was delicious, and hilarious. The pain makes the wins sweeter.

Happy Birthday Hannukah, everyone!

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Merry Holidays and Happy Christmas.

Not to put any coal in anyone's stocking, just wondering what the consensus is on what has contributed most to this year's decline in defensive efficiency. We have been a top defensive team throughout the dynasty years. But the drop this year has been precipitous. Here you go.

The loss of Mike Brown. Obviously, this is not an issue that can be improved. He is gone and, perhaps with him, the defensive accountability that helped lead to a chip.

Chip Hangover. The 4th title was a huge deal for the vets and maybe the Dubs were just drinking their own KoolAid. Human nature is still undefeated.

The Punch. This through a pipe wrench into training camp which had already been interrupted with the trip to Japan. For sure it put Draymond behind on conditioning and we won't know the rest until we see it in a 30 for 30 episode. And it did hamper Draymond's leadership on the floor, at least for the first few laps of the season.

As Klay goes, so do the Warriors. Inefficient Klay shooting nights are a killer defensively. And it does appear that playing defense these days is optional for him. When he does, he is still pretty damn good. But 'when he does' is the problem.

Current coaching staff. How many times can you blame Poole for leaving shooters wide open because he is giving his interior defenders emotional support in the lane before you place the blame on the coaching staff? And why does Moody have to guard with his hands straight up the entire time, and how come we don't guard guys on the perimeter, at all? The staff keeps talking about defense, but where is it?

Andre. Their is a pretty good defender on the bench, a glue guy, a trust guy, a connector. But you can't pick someone's pocket with your podcast (Unless your name is Joe Lacob and you get picked for half a million). And all the vets, Kerr and Meyers believed the team was good enough to roster a player who doesn't suit up. Overconfident much?

I don't believe there is a chance we sniff another title until our defense gets into the Top 8 or thereabouts. I believe the vets know how to ramp it up in the playoffs. But defense is about 5 guys, its about getting after, its about trust. Can the Warriors regain that defensive identity with this cast of characters this season? Well, Santa? I'll be expecting and answer if you are expecting any cookies.

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Hella OT:

But now the Mets have concerns about Carlos Correa physical.


This guy gonna agree to like 3 deals in one off-season? lol

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Look up Tim Duncan's career stats 50.3% shooting. Now look at Wiseman's: 52% !!!!!

If the offense was a little more geared to his scoring style, He'd have a significantly better scoring average for points. Needs more shots. The defense would be collapsing and 3pt shooters would have practice threes. Duncan plays in the low right block and shoots little turnaround jumpers, many banked shots like mini layouts. On defense he blocks a lot of shots from the weak side. Wise can do that too.

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In all the hubbub of losing and the handwringing over Wiseman, lost in the noise is Kuminga quietly growing into the passer that the coaching staff was trying to develop him into since preseason.

Over the last 8 games, Kuminga has averaged 3 assists in 24 mpg. That's a per 36 of 4.5 assists per game which is a dramatic improvement from last year's 1.9 assists per 36.

If he can continue improving on defense + remain an excellent finisher/cutter, I genuinely think he may be an X Factor for us come playoffs!!

Also shout-out Moody with 3/5 solid games when gifted more minutes! He's now averaging 5.4 ppg on an extremely efficient 61 TS% hitting 40% from downtown!

Our young ones are starting to round into shape, by playoffs they'll hopefully be ready!

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