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Darren Collison: Emergency Scouting Report

Just in case

  • Goofus (18 ♡):

    Guessing his body is fine. He’s been in the Jehovah’s Witness Protection Program.

  • Eric Apricot (6 ♡):


  • DFiB (3 ♡):

    Hey all, just FYI:

    If Goofus' post get enough ❤️s, Eric will be forced to feature it in the weekly "comments of the week" post.

  • Eric Apricot (5 ♡):


  • Captain Jack (12 ♡):

    He hasn't played in 2 years because he's loyal to Klay. A basketball world without Klay isn't a basketball world DC wants to play in.

  • Sleepy Freud (10 ♡):

    He’s an orthodox Klaytheist.

  • DFiB (5 ♡):

    Fact: Patty Mills has not yet retired from basketball to pursue pious goals.

    Conclusion: The bar is super duper high, but DC is definitely more pious than Patty Mills

Quick watch of Jonathan Kuminga in G-League …

Where is the defensive slacker I was promised??

  • Truckeeman (9 ♡):

    Come on. Let's get (un)real. Kuminga's a kid with the maturity and drive to learn. Myers just hired some GREAT talent developers. I predict HUGE upsides THIS coming season and postseason. For Moody and Wiseman, too, and Poole. Why wait? Wiseman's just got to get healthy and play a lot more. He's smart, too, and eager. But he's got to fill out. Hopefully, he's been able to hit the weight room and dining table while recuperating. He needs an additional 30 pounds of muscle - hey, if DeChambeau can do it, Wiseman can do it, and Wiseman won't look all that different - just a little less fragile.

    So for all you "realists" (pessimists) talking about G-League and development time, it's time to get unreal. Heck, with COVID, fires, smoke, hurricanes, floods, refugee flights from the last dumb war, anti-democratic minorities passing unconstitutional laws, we need a little HOPE.

    Mine's on Klay being better than before and the young ones developing faster. Out of nowhere, I tell you. NBA Champs. 2022. Because if I'm going to live in an unreal world, I might as well make it one I can enjoy.

  • Goofus (7 ♡):

    Did you see the shots of Wiseman hanging around summer league? He definitely looks bigger.

    I keep having to remind myself that he’s nowhere close to his physical maturity. Then I go back and look at the physiques of AD, KG, Duncan, The Admiral and Giannis when they were 19-20 and I wouldn’t trade Wiseman’s for any of them.

  • crusty quips (5 ♡):

    I'm not that bummed we didn't get him ourselves but I am somewhat annoyed at all of these old guys flocking to LA and BKN. Feels like we never had quite this level of shameless ring-chasing even in the KD years (West stands out as someone that could have easily made more elsewhere but guys like Zaza, Javale, and Nick Young don't fit that description as much). Guess the general feeling around the league is that the Nets and Lakers are all but destined for the finals next season; I'll be overjoyed when neither of them make it.

  • Benvolio (5 ♡):

    Obviously, JK developing a wet jumper would be ridiculously useful thing. But if his summer league showing as a precocious bully in the paint and on defense holds up in camp, that’s a really useful player who will certainly justify minutes with the big club. If the warriors deploy him as a slasher on offense as Eric described he’s going to amass a mountain of foul call at the very least. If he makes the shots(and free throws) all the better. And if the defense has to bring help, no reason why Wiseman can’t be on the floor with him and receive those easy dunk looks. I, for one, am stoked to see how it plays out.

  • Peter Hood (4 ♡):

    I am proposing the ultimate "Be careful What You Wish for" Mega-team mega-trade. Steph-Klay-Dray-Wiggs-Moody-J Dub-Kuminga & Poole all going out. Coming in: Lillard, Beale, LaMelo Ball, Simmons, Davion Mitchell and pick up Marc Gasol, Aldridge, Millsap, Patty Mills & Nic Batum with midlevels and minimums. We get everyone we have had to suffer through trade rumors, draft remorse, and FA pick up hopefuls for the last year and a half. We get everyone that everyone has been crying for that would obviously help make us a Championship team. If they are all so great, wouldn't they be a Championship team on their own? Hell, I'm sold. Heading to Trade Checker now. If I'm not back in 3 days, someone call 911. LOL

‘21 Season Review: The unfinished tale of Damion…

After a strong season, Lee finds himself with plenty to prove - and an opportunity to do so

  • Five Alarm Freddy (18 ♡):

    DLee has grown on me like a rash. At first I was perturbed and I wanted to get rid of it, then it grew on me and now I kind of like it... well, not the rash. This was a bad analogy.

  • stopnpop (12 ♡):

    Not sure what my top 5 for BBIQ would be... but my top 5 for BBQ would be:

    Jerry Steakhouse, Kalbi Bryant, Grilled Oystertag, John Salmons, and Seth "The Milder" Curry

  • Sleepy Freud (10 ♡):

    My money’s on Otto Porter Jr. getting the starting nod, barring injury setback (knocking wood!) Longtime NBA starter who brings the size, toughness, and rebounding of Oubre, but with better passing and eight zillion times the shooting.

    55% Porter

    40% Poole

    4% Lee

    1% other (Andre, Jonny K, Moody, Beal, Simmons, Durant, Giannis, Monta, e.g.)

    I loooove DLee, tho. Perfect 4th or 5th wing. Brings reliably great energy, movement, shooting, rebounding, and a high ast/tov ratio every time he steps on the floor.

  • mDuo13 (9 ♡):

    I definitely felt like Lee's COVID case was one of the strokes of bad luck that stopped us from getting into the postseason proper. Heck, with how close the play-in games were, he could have tipped either game the other way with his steady, gritty, veteran plays. (Just having another guy who knows what he's doing so the core guys could get another few minutes per game of rest down the stretch would have been nice.)

    And, sure, Damion's a shooter first and foremost, but he also adds a lot of awesome extra sauce. How many times do you remember hearing Fitz call out, "Lee is in the middle of everything good right now!" as he snatches contested rebounds or draws a charge that stops an opponent's transition opportunity flat? Sneakily, steadily as his career has gone on, he's had more and more of those games where the other team was just NOT READY for Lee to tear them apart.

    Plus, I love that he has the guts to take (and make!) the game-winner with the seconds counting down, even when Stephen friggin' Curry is on the court just a few feet away.

    His COVID case sounded pretty bad, so I'm hoping 🤞 that there are no lingering effects on his stamina/wind since that's not unheard of even in otherwise healthy people. Besides that? I'm not worried about this guy's play. He can keep doing the stuff he does and that'll be plenty.

    Sure, he has his cold streaks and his limitations, but Damion Lee continues to be a fantastic guy to have in the rotation and will likely add a few of his own buckets to the Dubs' next championship.

Honorary Warriors For Life? Vote on Eric Paschall…

Relax, this is just for reminiscing.

  • Sleepy Freud (6 ♡):


    In sum: Loon at 25 kicked ass in the Drew League; Wiggs at 26 kicked ass for Team Canada; Dray at 31 kicked ass for Team USA; Otto at 28 feels better than he has in a couple years; and Steph at a ripe old 33 is still eleven years younger than Tom Brady, and was a top 3 NBA player last season.

    Obviously, this is the time of year when hope springs eternal for all hoops fans, but without squinting *too* hard, I can see Curry-Wiggs-Porter-Green-Looney as a top 5 starting five in the league … and that’s *before* Klay returns.

    With Poole lighting it up off the bench and making a strong case for 6MOY.

  • bobbita (6 ♡):

    Looney made some good offensive plays last season. Stuff I don't think we've seen before. If only he could get a 3 point shot

  • Goofus (5 ♡):

    Hey Apricot, did you even tell people about the JTA and Mulder/Dray videos you put on YT.


  • DFiB (5 ♡):

    Hope this is the year for Looney... last year he seemed to be healthier than he's ever been, played his highest MPG too. Always feels like he's got more than he's shown, just because he's "playing his role"...