From Vecenie at the Athletic:

Brandin Podziemski really struggled to score in Las Vegas, and that should be a bit of a concern, as he struggled to separate from his man in any discernible way. But I also want to give him real credit: I’m not sure I saw a smarter, more translatable passer during my time in Las Vegas. He made quick decisions with high-level vision, understanding how to read the second and third levels of the defense. He’s good at playing off two feet and on-balance, allowing him to maintain a live dribble and throw crisp passes within the flow of the offense. Podziemski will struggle to stick if he can’t separate and doesn’t hit 40 percent of his 3s. But his passing and ability to move the ball will fit perfectly within Golden State’s offense.


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[Rubin] Kerr likened the additions of Saric and Joseph to Otto Porter Jr. and Nemanja Bjelica. “We needed guys like Saric and Cory Joseph who have been through the NBA rigors and understand what it means to be a leader from the middle of the roster and how important that is.”


[Rubin] Kerr played it close to the vest when asked if CP3 will come off the bench: “All of that will happen in training camp. Until we get everyone on the floor, we won’t be able to assess whats best for our team & how everything is going to look. But Im very confident that it’s going to work out.”


[Rubin] Kerr: “I feel like I failed last year in connecting the group. I have taken a lot of time this summer to think about last year, things I could have & should have done differently. I really believe that sometimes losing sort of forces you to reassess & Im excited about coming back next year.”



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YouTube algorithm offered me a Usain Bolt retrospective, and I'm glad I bit. That guy was SO GOOD. I know we all know that, I'm just amazed at how for granted we take it, or at least I do.

Hi, I'm faster than everyone, I win gold in every Olympic event I enter, 3 golds per Olympics across three Olympics, I manage to *slow down and showboat in a 100 meter race because I'm so far ahead,* I hold the records in all the events I tried.

Total domination and utterly clutch. He should have gone out for long jump, my amateur understanding is that fast people with long legs do well in long jump if they learn technique. As it is he had to beg his coach to let him run the 100, which he had only been doing for a year before winning his first Olympic gold and world record. What a baller. Name someone as dominant in such pure contests of athleticism. Or in sports in general.

He's like the Usain Bolt of track and field.

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Guard Lester Quinones has agreed to return to the Golden State Warriors on a two-way NBA deal, per sources.

2 Way Lester. Good use of the slot.

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Lost in all the golf and other post-summer league churn is that I haven't heard a peep out of Andre about retirement, nor has there been a hint that he'll be offered a roster spot by the Dubs.

I regard this as a very good sign. It seems either Andre really has decided to retire, or the team/Steph have come to the conclusion he can't help next year.

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I'm a little late to the table here so not much to add, but one thing keeps bugging me. Listening to local radio and reading various reactions/opinions I see/hear media and posters trying to create the narrative that this what Dray does, pick's a target and picks on them until he drives them away.

Now I am firmly of the opinion that regarding the recent Poole situation related comments with Pat Bev Dray should have just kept quiet (regardless of you might think of him or his basketball abilities, Poole's continued avoidance of the topic is admirable) BUT people trying to draw any parallels with the KD situation need to get right with what actually happened (yeah, I'm re-litigating things log past).

Going into that season the vibe was weird there were so many little ramblings about KD leaving and the more we found out the more it seemed like he already knew he didn't like it here. Dray blew up at KD BECAUSE he was leaving! Dray didn't make him leave. You can even hear it in what he says to KD (paraphrasing): fine leave! we won without you ...

Point is that was on KD and his not wanting to be on the Warriors (for whatever reasons) not on Dray.

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First I look here. Then nba.com. No news. Just jawing.

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Sigh. Pretty much 3 more months until Warriors basketball. This sucks. Just like Austin Rivers.

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I am pretty sad that Draymond Green the person is on the team. I am pretty happy that Draymond Green the basketball player is on the team. I think a significant chunk of fans have a fairly similar opinion to that.

Now, other people can value winning and liking their teams differently. As someone who has been fortunate enough to see this core win 4 titles, I would much rather have just traded him (or let him go outright) this summer knowing we'd never win again. Obviously that was never a reasonable option for the FO because Steph would protest it. Still, fans are allowed to have their preferences. And I think that Draymond has guaranteed that he'll never be remembered as fondly as Klay or coach Kerr by most Warriors fans in the future (obviously Steph is in his own echelon).

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I, for one, am relieved that all the tension and drama of last season will be gone now that JP was traded. </s>

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Who TF would pay Draymond 35 million a year lol

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I voted 'meh.' It wasn't accurate, as I'm actually glad his future with the Ws is secure for now, but I've just got such mixed feelings about this guy, and it seems like every time he opens his mouth, he makes it worse.

Even the story you reported here. From his telling of it -- which I'm not even sure I believe but let's pass it for now -- he seems to be saying that he was pretty open to leaving, especially for more money, and it was his agent that convinced him that loyalty matters. I think that's a pretty savvy take for an agent, but what's disturbing is that /Dray/ needed to be talked into it or at least reminded. WTF?

Between that and his apparent inability or unwillingness to SHUT UP about Jordan Poole, I'm already worn out on him. And it's mid-July.

I do not question Green's ability or his on-court importance to this team. I've cheered for him wholeheartedly and even defended him to critics. But I'm less and less emotionally attached to him. I'll be happy as long as he's helping the team to win. When he slips, I won't be sad if they find a way to part ways early. And that's pretty incredible. For years, I've wanted him, Klay, and Steph to stay and compete together until the end of their careers, even if they didn't win championships. It just seemed right. But I think I'm getting to the place where they need to win to keep it together, because he's too much trouble otherwise.

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No doubt that is true on one level. But do you want a center who needs to be fed, and doesn't screen or move independently in the middle of the Warriors offense? Most big men cannot function in the Warrior system.

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I can admire "Chinatown" as a great movie without thinking well of Roman Polanski as a person. If I can do that, I can admire Draymond's work on the court without approving of the punch or petty feuds.

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Draymond needs to get a grip emotionally. Still. He is too intelligent to believe that the world is a fair place, or that there is any benefit in speaking truth to idiots. His passion and his constant belief in setting things right, are the reason he reacts emotionally even when walking away would be the primo move. There is a great story about Don Bankhead the first Black major league pitcher, and a Jackie Robinson teammate in Brooklyn; telling Robinson as he was trashing the clubhouse after being thrown out in a disputed close play to end a game, that he was wrong. Bankhead is reported to have said, "Robinson. Not only are you wrong, but you are loud wrong." My observation is that Klay and Steph are quiet leaders. And at times the team needs Draymond's restless fury. It seems from anecdotal data that Bob Meyers and some asst coaches like Mike Brown could calm Dray down, or chose to, more than his vet peers. Locker room balance is a tricky thing. I understand why Poole got punched. Even without endorsing player on player violence. After coaching on both the HS and college level, I can say without any doubt that when you have a parent like Poole’s father, demanding an apology from his son's teammate, it illustrates a dynamic where the son is a braying ass. Ironically the tweet serves to explain the punch. Apparently Draymond mentored Poole. In a serious way. I think the punch reflects Dramonds hurt and disappointment at being chirped at, in such a disrespectful way, after investing so much time and emotional effort in helping Poole learn how to be a pro. Anytime a parent is handholding past 9th or 10th grade it is a problem. I was short with parents coaching their kids in HS. At the collegiate level the kid ran. A lot. If their parents bothered me or my assistants. Yeah. I am a grumpy old school guy. Sue me. I wish Draymond would let more of this stuff go. He is a great HOF player. He is an excellent teammate. He is a good husband and father-despite his kids running loose at press conferences. He is loud and vocal and just crazy at times. But he is truly a good human being. He has a good heart. He cares. Which most people don't. This team can't win without him. He needs to chill and just live and play.

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Draymond is highly bimodal, meaning that he is somehow in the running for both the best thing that happened to the warriors in the last decade, and worst.

Best in the sense of a second rounder who anchors your defense and facilitates offense.

(Sure Steph is the best thing but Draymond is in the convo.)

Worst in the sense of continually acting like a child on the court, sabotaging success, and off the court getting into conflicts with Poole, Durant, and I guess Kuminga, (I am just hearing that today. )

Draymond os the opposite of Looney. Looney highs have never been as high, but he doesn’t bring weird lows. He just hoops

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