Don’t you just love the lack of tone in written messages??! Haha can be so brutal sometimes. SoCal & PMC you both had some great points.

Steph taking a discount to assist (pun intended) another signing...is possible I think. He’s that unselfish.

Agree with PMC - IMO only place Steph would likely move to other than GS is Charlotte. But I think it would take someone like Giannis to raise the idea and get him to go in his final couple of years of career. I think it’s more likely he’ll be a warrior for life. He helped build the current culture.

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Thanks! I saw part of the Slater quote re: benching Wiseman on reddit and it made me raise an eyebrow since it seemed like Dray was directly contradicting Kerr's decision... but knowing reddit/twitter, I just decided not to think about it until I saw/read the entire context.

This was conveniently left out of the quote I saw:

> but he missed practice…I 100% understand that, so I don’t think Steve was wrong

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