I like both guys but Moody just strikes me as "literally can't miss". He's going to make shots in this league, and he's going to be a plus defender.

Wagner will probably get his shot going, and probably develop his off hand, but right now Moody wins the "Quien es mas Middleton" contest.

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I posted this on LGW..........

To put some perspective on the draft, let's recall where are our favorite Warriors were drafted and put to rest the idea that super talent is restricted to the top 5.

Klay Thompson-#11

Draymond-2nd round #35




Jason Richardson-#5

Chris Mullin-#7

Tim Hardaway-#14

Mitch Richmond-#5

Latrell Sprewell-#24


2020 Killian Hayes-Pistons

2019 Coby White, North Carolina – Chicago Bulls

2018 Wendell Carter Jr., Duke – Chicago Bulls

2017 Lauri Markkanen, Arizona – Minnesota Timberwolves

2016 Jamal Murray, Kentucky – Denver Nuggets

2015 Emmanuel Mudiay, Guangdong Tigers – Denver Nuggets

2014 Julius Randle, Kentucky – Los Angeles Lakers

2013 Ben McLemore, Kansas – Sacramento Kings

2012 Harrison Barnes, North Carolina – Golden State Warriors

2011 Bismack Biyombo, Congo – Sacramento Kings

2010 Greg Monroe, Georgetown – Detroit Pistons


KD #2

Doncic #3

Jokic 2nd round #11

Booker #13

Giannis #15

Middleton 2nd round #9

P. George #10

Kawhi #15

Myers & Cie will have their hands full trying to pick our future stars in this draft. They could be anywhere as you can see by the above.

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One final piece of Moody propaganda from me for this thread:


> As a senior, averaged 11.6 points 3.3 rebounds and 1.8 assists while shooting 60.1 percent from the field, 46.9 percent from 3-point range and 82.1 percent from the free throw line this season


At Montverde he had Cade Cunningham and Scottie Barnes and Day'Ron Sharpe (and a bunch of talented non-seniors who won another national championship this season) so he was strictly in an off ball, 3 and D role. And in that role he made 47% of his threes according to Arkansas' website. High school threes aren't NBA threes of course, but still. Moody has some nice shooting potential, I wouldn't be too worried about the 36% from three in college.

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I'm really coming around a lot on Moody, especially after seeing some of his passing highlights. I'd be happy to see either of these guys go at 7, and I'll concede that cerebrally Moody might be the "right pick" at 7; that said, I'll stand up for my guy Wagner. I have the same feeling about Wagner that I had about Haliburton, I just believe in this guy. I think he has a super high IQ, he's passionate, and has the drive to be elite -- one of the things that really got me high on him was an article where his brother Moe talked about his work habits

-- He wants to be one of the best two-way players in college basketball. “When he has a goal, he’ll do anything to get there,” his brother said. “When you live with him for three months, you can tell. It’s crazy.”

-- “He literally taught me moves,” Moe said. “It was like a skill trainer. He’d show me moves and I’d try to imitate him.”

-- “Franz would do his ball handling drills, as crazy as he is, all f------ day,”

With his length, mobility, IQ, team defense, passion, and drive to improve, I think this is the guy who deserves Draymond comps, not Barnes/Garuba. Add the potential for above average shooting to that and you've got "win now" with a side of serious upside.

I might be wrong, but I'm sticking with Wagner.

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I almost feel redundant saying it, but I vote Moody. For reasons, see the above and everybody else's arguments below.

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Moody But only because I wanted Isaiah Joe last year with the pick that landed us Mannion. This would be a 'consolation prize' of sorts 🙂

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Holy cow, Moses Mooooody. At this point, Moody is my pick at 7 even if Barnes is available... I think.

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Suns shot 55% fg, 91% from the stripe, and 68% from three at home … and lost. Just mind-blowing. Incredible resiliency and shot-making by the Bucks (FTs aside) to pull that game out.

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Damn, too close for comfort. Is there something fundamental holding all these bigs (Simmons, Giannis, etc.) from making more free throws?

In other news, Middleton really showing his consistency. Also really happy for Jrue.

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PHX forces it into a Random Ending, but MIL with the beautiful close out plays

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Man I have to give Middleton credit. I didn't think he could be a legit #2 behind Giannis when it really matters and he's proven me wrong this year.

The retooled Warriors are destroying this Bucks team next year if they meet up though ;)

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Bucks up 3 games to 2. One more win, and they win the NBA Finals.

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Bucks win in dramatic fadhion

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LETS FUCKING GO suck it Booker

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I think Bucks got this one.

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