Chriss waived now too.

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Kris Dunn waived. Thoughts on him?

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In case yoy wanna know, Blazers waived Chriss:

[Trail Blazers] The Portland Trail Blazers have waived Marquese Chriss, Quinn Cook, and Patrick Patterson.

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Stephen Curry2.5

Draymond Green1.2

Avery Bradley1.2

Kevon Looney1.2

Jordan Poole1.0

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Preseason leaders


Gary Payton II1.0

Draymond Green0.8

Andrew Wiggins0.8

Nemanja Bjelica0.6

Kevon Looney0.6

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Draymond Green3.8

Andre Iguodala3.8

Juan Toscano-Anderson3.4

Jordan Poole3.0

Nemanja Bjelica3.0

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Final preseason stats


Kevon Looney5.4

Otto Porter5.0

Stephen Curry4.5

Draymond Green4.2

Andrew Wiggins4.2

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Final pre-season stats


Stephen Curry24.5

Jordan Poole21.8

Otto Porter13.0

Gary Payton II12.0

Nemanja Bjelica9.6

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Here in my hometown Nico Mannion made his debut in Italian League. 5 pts + 3 ass in 5 minutes on the floor. Easy win

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Oct 16, 2021Liked by Daniel Hardee

Some good work by the DN HQ members in the preseason but as we know, our chat here doesn't count until the regular season. These next few days will be a good time for each of us to ask how we can improve our commentary, what we can say that's more interesting, funnier, odder, more homer-ish. I like much of what I'm seeing from fellow members but it's going to be a long season and then of course there are going to be the inevitable injuries. Still, lots of good sharing of tweets, that went well. Excellent discussion of the intricacies of salary cap implications for 15th guys. Nice work on quoting Anthony Slater a lot.

Highlights: lots of enthusiasm for Poole. Excellent work attempting to spell Bjelica.

Lowlights: I gotta keep it real. I don't think the venom for the opponent was there. Come on, people, we're fans. We are supposed to hate on the opponent for random reasons with great vitriol. E.g. Last night I didn't hear anyone make fun of Lillard for sitting out. That's shoddy work and we need to get better. We only have until Tuesday to iron out some of these issues. Let's get to work.

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Watching these Moody highlights of course but at 44 seconds you can see GP2 there with a mask on? Is there some rule that you have to wear a mask if you are inactive or something? Obviously he's vaccinated because it was a home game and we are past October 13, so I'm curious if he wore it voluntarily or not.

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This game has an interesting arc to it. Early on, the Dubs fell way behind as Portland's Lillard-less starters played tough, physical defense, and the refs were letting a lot of contact go uncalled. (The refs were consistent about calling it on both sides, but it took us longer to adjust to it.) Our offense looked a little scattered and Steph was so off he shot an airball and went 0/2 on FTs.

Then mid-second quarter Curry went off and flipped the game upside down. He got the rest of the roster going, then Bjelica got into it with Chriss, and Portland spiralled out of control. From there it was a demonstration of how much deeper our squad was all the way down to the guys who just got waived like Jordan Bell.

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Oct 16, 2021Liked by Daniel Hardee

I love the GIF -- is that Ip Man?

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Preseason and all, but PorterJr looks good, Poole Looks good, and Draymond, Looney, and Curry all look like themselves. Wiggins even laughed once during the game and shocking outburst of emotion.

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Oct 16, 2021Liked by Daniel Hardee


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Nothing more fun than watching Curry hoop. Two 4 point plays even with the rule changes. 😍

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